8 Day Personalized Healthy Food & Yoga Retreat, Spain

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We were able to spend a wonderful yoga retreat with the psychologist and yoga teacher Aleid Warmelink.

Aleid is a very professional and warm person ! With the yoga sessions and deeply relaxing massages of Doby we have reached in a short time a lovely soothing state of relaxation.

The excellent vegetarian food completed the first class quality! Thank you so much for this magical experience !

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Just wanted to say a big thank you again, to you and doby for everything. The hospitality, the love and a good time!

I have taken away with me some great advice and a different perspective on a lot of things.

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Get ready to experience a more personalized experience in the healing process of Yoga at Mallorca, Spain.

If you are looking for ways to increase your practice of Meditation, relaxation or other mental and physical health based instructions, then this retreat is a perfect deal for your growth.

Deepen your yogic experience by improving alignments, concentration, flow of energy, subtle observation, and mental flexibility. This retreat is a therapy for stress, anxiety, fatigue, and other psychological symptoms.

Program Description

The 8 days Yoga Retreat of personalized Meditation and healthy food is a peace-driven retreat, which is looking to accomplish a healthier state of mind, body, and soul.

The program is focused on eliminating the psychological tensions from your life. The aim is to inspire and motivate the inner-yogi which can dominate all the negatives and flourish the positive side of every being. 

This program is open for all age groups whether beginners or professionals. The program includes Meditation sessions, personalized retreat, coaching sessions, Reiki and massage sessions, healthy vegetarian meals, and other transformative yogic techniques.  

Our Teachers


Aleid Warmelink

Core Subject: Yoga, Therapy, Coaching and Meditation Practitioner
Aleid is a qualified Yoga Instructor with her specialization in evidence-based psychology. She encourages people to enhance their perspective and adopt a healing approach. Aleid was born and brought up in Rotterdam, Netherlands and got her Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Amsterdam. She is involved in Yoga, Coaching, Meditation, and Therapy since 2004 after she successfully started her psychological practice called “Personal Radiance”.

Doby Van Den Berg

Core Subject: Chef
Doby is a passionate chef at the center who has been involved in the practice of cooking since his childhood days. He is also a trained cabinet maker and loves to modify the kitchen beautifully. Doby turned his passion into his profession by adopting a much healthier lifestyle after defeating cancer.


This Yoga and Meditation Retreat will be conducted in Cala Figuera, Spain. It is located on the outer ring road of the small fishing harbor.

The location of this Retreat is attached along the coast and into the Mediterranean backlands which incorporates flowers, olive, fruit trees, and forest.

Around the center, this location also has a small boulevard cliff, the llauts, Mallorquin white fishing boats where fishermen work every afternoon. 


Types: Yoga Retreat Date: From 15-November-2019 Duration: 8 Days Area: Mallorca, Spain Food: Vegetarian,Gluten Free,Ayurvedic,Dairy Free Surrounding Area: Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature


Daily Schedule:

  • One 60-minutes Reiki or massage session
  • Two 60-minutes personal coaching classes 
  • Every day 60-minutes morning yoga session
  • Two individual classes of your choice from Massage, Reiki, Relaxation, Meditation, Coaching, and Breath work. 
  • Short trips in free time


Well- furnished rooms with a comfortable homely vibe are provided to the guests. There are three guest rooms in total, which are carefully maintained for enhancing the qualities of a learned yogi with the help of daily Yoga and Meditation sessions.

After the therapeutic sessions, you can enjoy the facilities of the center like Sauna, Yoga deck, and the garden. The retreat is organized at a home and not in a luxury resort, so to keep alive the essence of an authentic Yoga retreat.

The accommodation consists of; one large double room with two single beds, one double room with a queen-size bed, and one single room with one bed along with attached washrooms and with all the essential facilities.

There is no TV to avoid distractions, no AC but the natural process of ventilation and also the central heating technology. 

Food & Accommodation Gallery


Doby- the chef is a world food specialist, who makes healthy vegetarian food for the internal transformation of the guests. All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) with fruits, herbal drinks, and snacks are included in the program.

The food is a combination of home-baked bread, fresh smoothies, tapenade, hummus, marmalades, porridge, oatmeal’s, etc.

The nutritious and protein-rich food at the center helps guests to detoxify and purify their mind and body from the toxins. Also, upon request guests may ask for gluten-free and dairy-free food.

What Makes This Program Special?

This program is special as it keeps the originality and authenticity as the goal of the retreat. In a fun-loving environment that feels like home, the guests can freely manifest their healing methods and flourish in a comfortable space.

The program reforms true yogi by getting mentally and physically trained under specialized professionals.

A personalized Meditation and Yoga retreat focuses more on the healing process than any other fancy Yoga program.

This program is special for various reasons like the vegetarian food diet, Reiki and massage sessions, psychological therapy sessions, Meditation practices, and Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga classes.


  • 6 Meditation and Yoga sessions
  • 2 Therapy coaching sessions
  • 2 Individual sessions
  • 60 Minutes Reiki and Massage session
  • Personalized retreat with psychological benefits
  • A small group setting Yoga practice
  • Beginner and Advanced level Yoga practice
  • All meals including fruits and snacks
  • 7 Nights’ accommodation


  • Airfares
  • Airport transfers to and from the airport 
  • Personal expenses
  • Excursions
  • Donation charge for use of infrared sauna
  • Donation charge for use of bicycles



Sharanam Retreats

The home is an ideal getaway from the materialistic world to encourage internal transformation. The center is not a resort but a running home, to make the experience more accountable.

With the use of therapeutic principles and techniques, the visitors get an inspirational, environment-friendly center that enhances their spiritual side in nature. The center is very close to the beautiful beaches, forests, fishing harbor, and other interesting locations.

Payment And Cancellation Policy

  • If the booking is canceled 17 days before the arrival date, then the deposit is fully refundable.


Advance Payable Percentage- 10%

Why choose Sharanam Retreats


This Yoga Retreat Center is successfully run by a couple who personally looks after all the needs and requirements of the guests.


The Yoga home is carved out perfectly to nurture the yogic study, contemplation, creative inspiration, and Meditation.


Make new friends here and enjoy the friendly company of Aleid and Doby to make your retreat fun. Grow not from the outside but heal from the inside with Sharanam Retreats.

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