Shivatree Yoga

Shivatree Yoga Retreats offer perfect opportunities to explore the full realm of yoga: asana, pranayama, mantra, and meditation, and to then bridge the gap between your practice and your life for greater harmony, mindfulness, and contentment.Amanda has an intuitive, down-to-earth approach to teaching, practicing, counseling, and exemplifying yoga through her lifestyle and is known for her ability to establish a strong community.


Walk Lightly: Montana Yoga Retreat 2020

Shivatree Yoga

  • Amanda Webster
  • Whitefish Montana United States
  • Lake,Forest,Mountain,Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian,Vegan

USD 1900

limited availability
  • 6 Days

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Amanda Webster

Shivatree Yoga - Reviews

Lisa Arnsdorf

Amanda takes the time to listen, and encourages you to do the same to your own body, mind and spirit. Truly the best yoga teacher and mentor I’v e ever had! Source: Facebook .... Read More

Suzy Buckley Gavin

Amanda is the best!!! I love Shivatree Yoga School, I'm learning so much and Amanda is so knowledgeable! I highly recommend this for anybody wanti ng to know more about yoga, Ayurveda, philosophy, anatomy, and asanas (poses) even if you aren't planning on teaching yoga, she will inspire you in your own life practice! And it's fun!!!   Source: Facebook .... Read More