7 Day Meditation, Yoga & Pilates Retreat, Greece

  • Organizer: Sky Pilates And Yoga Retreats
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 16-May-2020
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Area: Santorini, South Aegean, Greece
  • Food: Vegetarian
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature


Fantasize yourself practicing Pilates and Yoga at the beautiful island that erupted over 3600 years ago, which reveals the most beautiful sunset in the Mediterranean. With white bungalows cascading down through the cliffs into the Aegean Sea, the blue skies energetically hugging the turquoise waters and the sun rays are elegantly glowing over the white bungalows the city is beyond beautiful. 

Enjoy a full week of Pilates and Yoga session at the perfect destination to rekindle that fire within. The retreat will surely leave you enlightened, captivated, and elevated to a different realm. You won't want to miss this chance to transform your Pilates and Yoga practice and experience a vibrant view of the richness of life.


Santorini Love What an amazing week it was in Santorini, Greece with Sky Pilates and Yoga. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this retreat. It was absolutely perfect. I feel completely rejuvenated and relaxed.

Alex did a great job with mixing up the classes as well as adding in optional excursions and a little R&R by the pool.

I definitely will be back again! You don’t want to miss this fun group of loving, caring and motivating people. Alex, Frauke and Ashley have truly touched me and inspired me in many ways!

Until next time see you all again soon!

 Source: Tripadvisor

Fantastic retreat Excellent week.

What a result! I am back home for two weeks now and it feels like I have been ‘reset’. I feel healthy, flexible, strong and happy. Every aspect was beyond expectations. Very good and fun classes, open to all levels. Beautiful environment.

Delicious food and above all: a fantastic staff. New friendships with retreaters from all over the world. I highly recommend this and I will be back. You will not regret a Sky retreat!

Source: Tripadvisor

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  • 071916alex2.jpg

    Alex Estornel

    Core Subject: Pilates Teacher

    Alex is certified by the well-known Equinox Pilates teacher that is Carrie Macy and is also qualified in the fitness industry by the International Sports and Science Association. He is a passionate Pilates instructor who began his first Pilates in 1998 while also training for his professional dance career in Los Angeles. His method of teaching is a classic combination of Progressive methods and classical Pilates. His sessions are what you need to remodel your life and body that you fancied.

  • 071916sylvia1.jpg

    Sylvia Garcia

    Core Subject: Yoga Instructor

    Sylvia first started her career in 2001 by studying Sivananda Yoga. But her interest increased and then she explored many other styles, and went on to a daily practice of Ashtanga yoga. Over the years, she examined diverse styles such as Rocket, Acroyoga, Iyengar, Shadow, Yin, Vinyasa flow, Bikram, Jivamukti, and Kundalini. She also teaches her students what she learns. Her classes are more detailed and also fun.


The program will be held at the Pelagos Hotel in Santorini, a beautiful island where you can capture the most beautiful sunset. The town seems as if you are looking at a beautiful portrait.

The view starts from its cascading white bungalows scattered over the entire cliff to its endless blue sky making its shadow over the massive ocean - the city is beyond beautiful. The resort is built just 3 km away from the town Oia and just 200 meters away from the most beautiful beach.

Your program will involve powerful yoga sessions that will consist of challenging workouts. The on-site yoga experts will make sure that you get the most out of your practice. The yoga classes are for everyone, as there is no certain level required. Here you will get to practice the detailed Hatha yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and Vinyasa Yoga, which will help you in strengthening your core, making the immune system healthy, fresh and glowing skin, and much more.

The daily intensive Pilates sessions are also part of your schedule. These sessions will help you in lengthening and strengthening of the mental and physical core as well as it will help in the realignment of the backbone. Learn and experience the movements with classical Pilates sessions, led by the expert Alex Estornel. 

Upcoming Retreat Dates:

  • 23 May 2020 - 30 May 2020
  • 11 July 2020 - 18 July 2020
  • 18 July 2020 - 25 July 2020 
  • 25 July 2020 - 1 August 2020
  • 12 Sept 2020 - 19 Sept 2020
  • 19 Sept 2020 - 26 Sept 2020


Day 1 :

  • 17:30 PM - Yoga de-stress class (90 minutes)
  • 19:30 PM - Welcome dinner

Day 2:

  • 08:00 AM - Welcome chat
  • 09:00 AM - Classical Pilates (60 minutes)
  • 10:00 AM - Brunch, followed by free time
  • 17:30 PM - Pilates Secondary Powerhouse (60 minutes)
  • 19:00 PM - Dinner

Day 3 :

  • 08:30 AM - Vinyasa flow yoga
  • 10:00 AM - Brunch, followed by free time
  • 17:30 PM - Classical Pilates
  • 19:00 PM - Dinner

Day 4:

  • 08:00 AM - Pilates Secondary Powerhouse Part 2 (60 minutes)
  • 09:00 AM - Classical Pilates flow
  • 10:00 AM - Brunch, followed by free time
  • 17:30 PM - Hatha yoga
  • 19:00 PM - Dinner

Day 5 :

  • 08:30 AM - Yoga flow and meditation
  • 10:00 AM - Brunch
  • 14:00 PM - Catamaran excursion with dinner onboard (optional)

Day 6 :

  • 08:30 AM - Vinyasa flow
  • 10:00 AM - Brunch, followed by free time
  • 17:00 PM - Pilates with props
  • 18:00 PM - Pilates with elastic bands
  • 19:30 PM - Dinner

Day 7 :

  • 08:00 AM - Pilates flow
  • 09:00 AM - Lengthening and strengthening Pilates
  • 10:00 AM - Brunch, followed by free time
  • 17:30 PM - Yoga and meditation
  • 19:30 PM - Departure dinner

The Pelagos hotel is located in the beautiful town Oia, Santorini. The villa is well designed and offers both double and single rooms, which are fully equipped with all the modern facilities and also have attached bathrooms. The accommodation offers a fully outfitted kitchen and also an on-site fruit and vegetable garden. 

It is built in a perfect setting where one can fully relax and have fun while enjoying the daily yoga and Pilates sessions. The villa also offers a beautiful spacious yoga shala where all the classes take place. 

The villa's central focus is to provide the best-nourished food to its guests. The freshly cooked food by the on-site chefs is healthy in nutritional values and also the best in quality.

Your program will include brunch and dinner served along with juices, tea, and coffee. The food prepared is vegetarian, but the resort also offers non-vegetarian dishes upon request.

The special thing about this program is the location and the practices, if combined, will make a perfect holiday.

This retreat will reconnect you with love for nature and health and also to the warmth of the Mediterranean Sea.

The highly skilled teachers will combine the perfect balance between Pilates, yoga, and healthy fitness.

The classes are designed on an open format so that the resort at their own level so that they can challenge themselves as them wish.

  • 16+ Classes in one week 
  • 2-3 Sessions a day of meditation, yoga, and Pilates 
  • Yoga equipment will be provided by the villa
  • Every day brunch such as Coffee, tea, juice, and mineral water
  • 7 Four-course vegetarian dinners
  • Transportation service to and from the Santorini airport
  • Guided hike to the beautiful town of Oia
  • Pool and beach towels


  • Extra tours 
  • Air fares 

Pelagos Hotel

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The center hosts the most fun and memorable retreat full of workouts and knowledge. The comfortable accommodation, on-site fresh vegetables, intense workout sessions, breath-taking landscapes, and lovely time spent will like-minded people will make your retreat beyond imagination. The center also has a yoga shala and a swimming pool. In-short it has everything one can imagine.

  • To book a spot, a deposit of 23% of the total amount is to be paid, which is non-refundable. 
  • The remaining amount should also be cleared 40 days before the arrival date.