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Our goal is to create yoga retreat experiences of a lifetime, and this is what we've been busy with for the past 8 years. To date, we have organised over 85+ brilliant yoga retreats around the globe. We are grateful to over a thousand people who participated, and to press for your words about our work.Our yoga retreats are taking place in hand picked, carefully curated locations that we have visited first.


Move: Morocco Yoga and Meditation Retreat

  • Address : Sparkling Yoga Retreats

  • Starting : 16-February-2019

sparkling yoga retreats - Reviews

Sabrina (US)

This experience exceeded any and all expectations. The mental clarity, energy, friendships, and strength I'm taking home with me are beyond words. Thank you for enriching my life and the lives of so many wonderful individuals. Source: Website   .... Read More

Kristina (Denmark)

Thank you for an absolutely great retreat. Loved it! Elena, you are a good presenter, very skilled, lovable, kind, empathetic. I liked everything abou t it: the kindness and helpfulness of the staff, having a “personal” driver, the view, the surroundings and the food.   Source: Website .... Read More