Todays Rituals


Today’s Rituals creates & organizes retreat journeys & experiences for women to connect worldwide.Our retreat journeys are an exploration through the alchemy and elements of nature: source, earth, water, fire, air, ether and light. Today's Rituals retreats are a beautiful blend of journaling, yoga, embodiment dance, meditation, breath, vocal and sound practices combined with sacred site visits, sun, swims, massages, rest and recharge time. 


8 Day Return To Temple Womens Retreat, Bali

Todays Rituals

  • Lynn
  • Ubud Bali Indonesia
  • Near to Beach,Sea,Mountain,Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Organic,Raw,Dairy Free,Nut Free

EUR 1450

limited availability
  • 8 days

todays rituals - Teachers

Lynn Vullings

Eva Aourah

Todays Rituals - Reviews

Inge Hendriks

My highlight of the week was our trip to the waterfall valley, sitting by the fire, taking a morning bath in the river and standing in the waterfall. It was magic! All the food we had that entire week was amazingly good! Super healthy vegan and varied. After this week I felt much more grounded and at ease. I could let go of control more and was less tense. Actually, I can say that I feel more free and that was exactly what I needed to start my journey in Indonesia. Source: Website .... Read More

Lena Light

What a truly powerful and transformative experience at the Return to the temple retreat on the magical island of Bali. Connecting with sisters from around the world diving into connection with ourselves and one another. Embracing our shadows, honoring them, sitting with them, dancing with them and moving through them. Illuminating our truth, our power and our potential. We can truly learn so much from the reflections of our sisters and one another. Feeling seen, heard and held to express our deepest fears and emotions. Source: Website .... Read More