Twin Fin Surf Camp

Rest and relax during the yoga and surf retreat is the motive of the Twin Fin Surf Camp, who want their guests to have the best time. The right organized camps enhance the experience of fun-filled days on the beach in the waves.Twin Fin Surf Camp takes great care of your comfort hence offer comfortable and good quality accommodation, food, and other facilities that are essential for a complete and happy vacation.


8 Day Affordable Surf & Yoga Package,Spain

Twin Fin Surf Camp

  • Nicolas Abad
  • Tenerife Spain
  • Vegetarian,Vegan

EUR 385

limited availability
  • 8 Days

twin fin surf camp - Teachers

Nicolas Abad

Twin Fin Surf Camp - Reviews

Albert Attila

After a pretty long experience at twinfin, being a volunteer, I have been trough a lot. Many people coming and going, a lot of fun, amazing sunsets , lovely food and most importantly the space for myself to relax and get away from the noise of the world; to silence my mind a bit and come to my senses. I can also tell that during my stay many guests left crying, because they had a lifechanging experience. Nice little, friendly place. Recommend! Source: Facebook .... Read More

Ana Maria

This place is an incredible spot to disconnect and relax in a mindful way, away from all the stress of modern life. Expect colourful sunsets, great sea views, contact with nature, birds singing, good food, good music, great activities, positive energies and the most important thing: an international bunch of people creating community and good vibes around, making you feel at home.  Source: Facebook .... Read More

Sandrine D'hondt

Amazing, peaceful place with great vibes, food & surf. Friendly people from all over the world. A little piece of paradise you have to visit ! Source: Facebook .... Read More