8 Day Affordable Surf & Yoga Package,Spain

  • Organizer: Twin Fin Surf Camp
  • Type: Surf
  • Starting From: 01-November-2019
  • Duration: 8 Days
  • Area: Tenerife, Spain
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan
  • Surrounding area:


Learn to ride a wave at the largest Canary Islands of Tenerife in Spain, and discover a lot more things about shores and sea with Twin Fin Surf Camp’s eight-day yoga package. Be a wave rider and experience the thrill while calming yourself down with yoga.

Reconnect with self and satiate the thrill addict in you under the esteemed guidance of qualified instructors, and have fun with the waves. Join Twin Fin Surf Camp and have the best week of surfing and yoga practice in Spain.


After a pretty long experience at twinfin, being a volunteer, I have been trough a lot.

Many people coming and going, a lot of fun, amazing sunsets, lovely food and most importantly the space for myself to relax and get away from the noise of the world; to silence my mind a bit and come to my senses.

I can also tell that during my stay many guests left crying, because they had a lifechanging experience. Nice little, friendly place.


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This place is an incredible spot to disconnect and relax in a mindful way, away from all the stress of modern life.

Expect colourful sunsets, great sea views, contact with nature, birds singing, good food, good music, great activities, positive energies and the most important thing: an international bunch of people creating community and good vibes around, making you feel at home.

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Amazing, peaceful place with great vibes, food & surf. Friendly people from all over the world.

A little piece of paradise you have to visit !

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    Nicolas Abad

    Core Subject: Surf Instructor

    Nicolas Abad is a surfing enthusiast and has been practicing and teaching for years. She thinks surfing is relaxing and want others to have a replenishing experience, hence she found Twin Fin Surf Camp.


The program takes place at Tenerife that is the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, off West Africa. This island of beautiful natural embellishment is home to Mt. Teide, a dormant volcano and Spain’s tallest peak.

Tenerife has scenic yellow and black sand beaches, beatific resorts, and is known for its Carnaval de Santa Cruz, huge festivals with a parade, and a lot of celebration. The place is apt for water sport activities among which surfing is most popular. 

The package is perfectly suited for the beginners, and the program has been officially recognized by the Canarian Surf Federation. The program is a merger of both yoga and surf sessions, making a soothing experience for a yogi who loves the waves.

Along with the best surfing and yoga sessions, the package offers cozy accommodation and great service to make you feel at home and guarantees an unforgettable vacation.

The program schedule is designed for both beginners and experienced surfers and has a lot to offer. The regular day starts with a yoga session followed by surfing lessons at the beach. The session durations are for one hour, and surf of four hours respectively. During the course, you’ll be given both practical and theoretical knowledge of yoga and surfing. Additionally, you can also engage with other activities. 


  • Paragliding 
  • Hiking in the Highest Volcano in Europe
  • Hippie Beaches
  • 15 min of Private Yoga Lessons
  • 25 min of Pranayama Yoga every morning 

Enjoy every bit of your week-long vacation in Tenerife with Twin Fin Surf Camp that offers great services, and comforting staying facility. During the program, you’ll be accommodated at their Camp Hour or Glamping tent, and both the properties are designed uniquely.

Twin Fin Surf Camp House : It is a beautiful comfortable house that offers a great quality of sleep, amazing indoor facilities to relax, after a fun long day on the beach. The house has four spacious rooms with garden view and is fully furnished. The living room is large and embodied with comfortable couches and other modern facilities. The outdoor area gives a beautiful view of the ocean, swimming pool, garden, and barbeque. The house also has a fully equipped kitchen and two luxury bathrooms with required toiletries. 

Twin Fin Surf Camo Glamping Tent : The tent is spacious, comfy, and is ideal for a family or group of friends. The tents are designed for the professional users, and are provided with a free mesh door, guy ropes, heavier pegs, and is made of highly mold-resistant cotton canvas. 

The package is inclusive of breakfast that is prepared freshly using organic products in the Camp House. Rest of the meals you can cook in the kitchen which is fully equipped and open 24 hours. The island is loaded with amazing cafes that offers both local and international cuisine. 

The eight-day yoga package is something everyone requires to recharge and replenish them amidst the hustled up modern world.

The package is an amalgamation of leisure, adventure, and relaxation activities, and provides complete rejuvenation and holistic healing to the mind, body, and soul.

Taking break at the picturesque land of Tenerife, add to the credentials of the program and provide a close to nature vacation.

  • Transfer to the beach
  • Transfer to Airport (after 7am and before 10pm)
  • 4 Yoga Sessions (1 hour per lesson)
  • 5 Surf Sessions (4 hours per lesson)
  • 7 Nights Accommodation
  • Daily Breakfast 
  • Equipment
  • Qualified and Experienced Instructors
  • Insurance
  • Activities: SUP, Snorkeling, Long Skate, Slackline, Ping Pong

Exclusion: Airfare, Visa Fee, Airport Transfer between 10pm t0 7am

Twin Fin Surf Camp


If you want to cook while you travel or have some me-time under the clearest skies, then Twin Fin Surf Camp is for you. Do it at their Kitchen or have a lit barbeque night with fellow yogis or surfers.

The center is beautifully designed, making you feel closer to Nature. With well-furnished spacious rooms with garden view and tents with ocean view, two bathrooms, beatific ocean, garden and swimming pool facing outdoor setting, the center has everything one requires.

The living space is loaded with modern amenities, and campfire scenes are the best. The center is located amidst the green setting and is built in cottage style, making you feel at home away from home.

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 14% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable if you cancel the booking. 
  • Rest of the payment needs to be made on arrival.