Veronica Avondale

We are all put on this earth to live out our life's purpose, our soul is here to learn lessons specifically crafted just for each of us as individuals, yet we are all truly one collective consciousness.   Do you see the same 'lessons' being presented to you over and over?  That means you haven't quite learned the lesson yet.   

On this journey we will work to clear your current and past life traumas, bring awareness to your life's challenges and move you thru a deliberate series of exercises to bring you into the light of your life.   We call this process Metamorphosis.  Like a caterpillar waiting to blossom, our mission is to help you find your wings.  To soar through life with ease and grace and love for yourself and all those around you.  


4 Day Transformational Women's Empowerment Journey

Veronica Avondale

  • The Butterfly Effect Retreat
  • Sonoma California United States
  • Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature
  • Vegan

USD 1899

limited availability
  • 4 Days

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Danielle Parker

Aymee Coget