21 Day Holistic Prevention & Cure,Sri Lanka

  • Organizer: Villa Velmarie
  • Type: Ayurveda
  • Starting From: 01-September-2019
  • Duration: 21 Days
  • Area: Beruwala, Kalatura, Sri Lanka
  • Food: Vegetarian,Organic,Ayurvedic
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Sea,Forest,Close To Nature


Step into a world of wellness on this 21 days journey in Sri Lanka’s Beruwala, of understanding your body and being with all its machinations, adapting to measures that help you keep fit, strong, and sparkling full of inner joy! Holistic healing, as it is central in this retreat program, refers to a wide array of alternative practices outside purely pharmaceutical or surgical treatments.

To root out a particular health and wellness disorder on this healing procedure, non-invasive and more sustainable, chemical side-effects free techniques like -- massage or acupuncture, mindfulness enhancing practices like meditation or yogic exercise, and several diet and lifestyle modifications are employed to bring about a whole change. 

While symptom-specific treatment of modern medicine can only achieve in fixing malfunctions but temporarily, sometimes by putting the patient on long-term chemical drug dependence, the ayurvedic healing treatment on this retreat cures completely by improving the various functions of the body and mind through their interconnectedness.

Learn the various interesting usages of-- traditional oriental medicine, manipulative body-based deep-tissue massage or chiropractic, mind-body interventions including behavioral, psychological, social and spiritual approaches with yoga, biologically-based therapies including herbal ayurvedic medicines and aromatherapy, energy therapies using ultrasonic, thermal, or subtle energy with healing touch and Reiki. 

 It’s time you give alternative medicine a chance and also unwind and let your hair down a bit in the unspoiled golden shores of Beruwala!


100% come here!

There is not enough I can say to do justice to this great place! Meals are fresh, varied and tasty. The yoga and treatments are special. The rooms are clean and comfortable. The staff are super helpfull. 100% value for money.

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Ayurverda Paradise!

We visited this place after a round trip. Its a paradise. Its so a peaceful and silent place. Food is so delicious. Perfect for yoga, relax and find yourself! We had only two nights, to less! At the last day, they let us stay in the room until evening without to charge more! Perfect service! Thank you very much!

Source: Tripadvisor

Peaceful & healing getaway!

Really lovely little villa with a charming staff. Charith is an awesome host/manager and took great care of us. The cook did an excellent job creating a fun variety of healthy dishes and we were in heaven with our two Ayurvedic treatments per day. Definitely recommend a stay here if you are looking to cleanse and reboot your health!

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  • 132854Dr.JanakaSamaraweera.jpg

    Dr.Janaka Samaraweera

    Core Subject: Ayurvedic Consultant

    Doctor Janaka Samaraweera hails for a family of ayurvedic doctors. He has his local ayurvedic center in kaluthara which is about fifteen minutes drive from the villa. Here he treats hundreds of patients as well as making is own ayurvedic oils and medicines. Doctor janaka Samaraweera is a member of the srilankan ayurveda association.He has done work for the srilankan government as an expert in the field of ayurveda.


Sri Lanka is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful destinations in the East for yoga and soul search. You can meet authentic teachers of true Indic yoga lineage in this country, stay at beautiful locations surrounded by pristine seas and tropical greenery, and find exposure to authentic Ayurveda.

The retreat takes place in Beruwala of Sri Lanka, endowed with the brilliantly scenic Golden Mile Beach, unspoiled palm tree verdure lining the shores, and the sparkling blue ocean.

Beruwala is historically the first port in this side of the subcontinent, set up as a base by the Arab traders of the 8th century. The ancient port town offers something for everyone, of varying choices, tastes, and passions.

There are numerous water sports to enjoy-- from water scooting to windsurfing and parasailing, fishing villages to explore, and enjoy deep sea diving, and coral reefs. Today, Beruwala is one of the best-known hubs of Ayurveda in the East.

Oriental medicinal practices are time-tested and widely relied upon for minimal side-effects and disease eradication from the core. Today, as many healthcare providers are recommending integrative therapy with the goodness of both modern drugs and holistic means of cure, more and more people are choosing Prevention and Cure with retreats as this 21 day program. 

In Sri Lanka’s Beruwala- a well known hub for ayurvedic treatments, Villa Velmarie facilitates the best ayurvedic professionals charting out for you a detoxifying discipline of yogic exercise, a purifying food plan, oleation and therapeutic massage, and water treatment. In your everyday care, included will be: 

  • Consultation with an ayurvedic health specialist to outline a treatment and follow-up plan 
  • Ayurvedic massages everyday using aromatic, herbalized oils
  • 3 dosha-neutral meals designed to balance and purify the body
  • Yoga and meditation for achieving a relaxed demeanor and good sleep
  • Comfortable and pleasant deluxe accommodation 

By utilizing the interconnectedness of following a healthy diet, exercise, and dosha-rebalancing  for optimum good health, the disorders and malfunctions that are targeted for treatment are-- neurological complexities, arthritis, Parkinson’s, spondylitis, anemia, common cold, hemorrhoids, back pain, ulcers, insomnia, and obesity.

Yogic Exercise:Yoga is globally recognized as a mode of fitness and spiritual clarity, however, it is not easy to get started or continue long-term without proper guidance. On this retreat, you will be introduced to Hatha yoga basics, facilitating fluid movement, good circulation, improved bone health, ease in deep breathing, and enhanced concentration. 

Mindfulness Training As a Disease Coping Mechanism: Depleting willpower and lack of self-acceptance and sufficient motivation often causes the progress of a therapy to go downhill. Patients suffering from chronic illnesses require a life-affirming conviction and the courage to embrace themselves and the situation. Mindfulness - which is integral to the yogic practice, lets one regain her inner peace. Induct to a positive-attitude, string disease coping mechanism. 

“Ahara” or Ayurvedic Dietary Regulations:The 21 days retreat helps you adopt a vegetarian food plan with low-oil, low-spice richness but delectable preparations from the Indian-Asian kitchen. Reducing unwholesome cravings and culturing balanced consumption, the 21 days dietary plan will put you on track for a life-long course of nourishment.

Herbal Medicine:Herbal decoctions, ayurvedic spices, and various plant-based components easily available from your regular kitchen can be ingredients for many a potent medicines from the Ayurveda catalogue. Know how to make home remedies for seasonal flu, aches and pains, fatigue, skin rash, hair loss, digestive upsets, and more in this interesting segment.

Recommended Preventive Measures:Wise up under the tutelage of ayurvedic therapists on how to be careful and raise your immunity level. These measures can be easily implemented in everyday life with a little awareness and stringency. 

Massage for Dosha Rebalance:Ayurveda advocates the tri-doshic principle of attaining a perfectly healthy body and psychical stability. The three doshic components-- vata, pitta, and kapha present in everyone characterize the dominant and recessive traits of one’s physiology. To regulate the doshic balance, massage is used as an effective tool. The excesses of a certain humor can be flushed out with deep and strong massage, administered by experienced ayurvedic abhyanga practitioners on the course of this retreat program.

Reiki or Subtle Energy Healing: Reiki advocates de-stagnation of energy from parts of the body where energy blocks have been formed as a result of physical injury or psychical shock and depression. Stagnated energy causing blockages are identified as the root of certain disorders in the body and being, and Reiki masters in this retreat will attempt to alter the energy courses and energy fields around the body in order to cure you. Commonly, energy is transferred from the master’s palms to the patient. Despite skepticism, Reiki is growing in popularity around the world.

Villa Velmarie is a sprawling colonial property offering six grand rooms. Built originally during the Dutch colonization of Sri Lanka, the villa is quite a sight, featuring beautiful European architecture, a soothing green carpeting of velveteen grass, palm trees, and a clear watered swimming pool lined with deck chairs.

The villa was carved into a premier yoga and Ayurveda resort in Sri Lanka in the year 2014. The living quarters for the retreaters are fitted with modern furniture and provided with amenities like-- air conditioning, lights, Wi-Fi, cable TV, bath towels, bottled water, housekeeping, room service, and running hot and cold water in attached baths. The emphasis is solely on the comfort of the guests, so they can deeply engage in the retreat curriculum.

Delectable preparations from Sri Lankan, Indian, continental, and Asian cuisines are expertly plated up every day with three main meals allotted a day. Traditional Sri Lankan cuisine is an attractive authentic feature of these meals.

Fresh produce from the local farms, flavorful herbs and spices, invigorating salads, warm and satisfying soups, and that typical island-style curry make every meal memorable. The warm hospitality of the Sri Lankan kitchen staff is worth a separate mention, which makes the meals at the retreat home, a big pleasure.

Students interested in taking a few recipes home and implement the ayurvedic-style healthy cooking in their everyday life, are coached with care and guided to finding the best of fresh ingredients in the local mart. In this culinary experience, careful attention to detox is thoroughly maintained.

  • Luxuriant beaches and coastal atmosphere of one of Sri Lanka’s best known seaside destinations.
  • The opportunity to induct in the healthy yoga-ayurvedic way of life at one of Asia’s recognized ayurvedic hubs in Beruwala, Sri Lanka.
  • Learning about simple, homespun recipes for detox food, home cures, precautionary measures for seasonal illnesses, home remedies for chronic pain etc.
  • Introduction to yoga in a systematic and beginner-friendly way.
  • Memorable stay at Villa Velmarie deluxe accommodation, in a Dutch colonial villa close to the sea.
  • Transport to the center (conditions applied)
  • Half hour private health consultation
  • One hour Body Harmonizing massage - Thai, Tui Na, Indonesian, Ayurveda and/or Acupuncture
  • Excursions
  • Additional treatments available from our therapists at discounted rate

Villa Velmarie


Villa Velmarie in Sri Lanka’s Beruwala is located within an hour’s drive from Colombo- the country capital. The beautiful colonial style bungalow from the times of Dutch colonies in Sri Lanka has been renovated to suit the needs of peace seeking retreaters and yoga-Ayurveda enthusiasts.

The villa seats on a sprawling property surrounded with green grass beds, coconut palm tree line, and the sea close by. The rejuvenating tropical air of the coast has a healing quality here, inviting retreaters outdoors for sprightly bouts o yogic exercises.

Villa Velmarie ayurvedic retreats are steeped into the legacy of Beruwala as a rich venue for ayurvedic lifestyles and experiences. You will find the best of teachers and great hospitality at Velmarie.

There are a number of retreat packages here to choose from, emphasizing on Prevention and Cure, De-stress, Detoxification and Rejuvenation, Beauty Enhancement, and Weight Loss.

If you can’t come on appointed time, a partial balance refund will be facilitated. The 150 € advance deposit can be used in any other Villa Velmarie retreat, that year or the next.