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Focusing on life long changes instead of quick fix wins, we believe that the best results don’t come instantly from fast treatments, such as clay shakes and colonic’s, but through a combination of exercise, massage, herbal detox & nutrition with positive vibes around the resort.Visit Natural Resort promotes a holistic approach to lasting change.If you’re looking for a life changing experience to refocus your mind, find your motivation and empower your body to succeed through life’s challenges, then you’ve come to the right place.

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8 Day Reset Package in Thailand

  • Address : 129/1 Moo 3 Amphoe Koh Sa-Mui

  • Starting : 01-September-2019

15 Day Revitalize Package in Thailand

  • Address : 129/1 Moo 3 Amphoe Koh Sa-Mui

  • Starting : 01-September-2019

Revitalize Your Energy 15 Day All Inclusive Package Thailand

  • Address : 129/1 Moo 3 Amphoe Koh Sa-Mui

  • Starting : 01-September-2019
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Full Body Reset 8 Day All Inclusive Package Thailand

  • Address : 129/1 Moo 3 Amphoe Koh Sa-Mui

  • Starting : 01-September-2019

visit natural detox - Teacher

Anastasia Khmelovets
  • Core Subject : Certified Nutritionist and Food Alchemist
  • Core Subject : Yoga Instructor
Ann Thongtod
  • Core Subject : Yoga Instructor
Dloris Chew
  • Core Subject : TRX, Body Pump and Crossfit
Marco Van Doilder
  • Core Subject : Personal Trainer
Carla Heffernan
  • Core Subject : Spa and Beauty Center

visit natural detox - Reviews

Giby17 Bern, Switzerland

Great Stay in a Lovely Environment! I spent 8 days in the resort and did the detox programme. I loved the combination of outdoor cardio in the morn ings, yoga sessions before lunch and then strength & conditioning training in the late afternoon. All of the trainers were good and very friendly. I really liked the variety of different cardio classes, from hiking to biking to Thai boxing and running. The staff are lovely too. When I had an injury, they even offered to get me a physiotherapist to treat me in my room. The resort itself is also nice, with a pool, greenery, central location, clean rooms, and a great café with tasty food. I'd definitely go back to Visit Natural Detox Resort and recommend it to anyone who wants to focus on their health and fitness in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.   Source: .... Read More

Quixotic_Marie Sydney, Australia

Perfect Balance! I loved the exercise variety this resort offered in their retreat program so I joined for 2 weeks. I Initially enrolled in their exercise / accommodation program but ended trying the 1 week vegan detox which helped with my digestion and forming healthier eating habits. Mornings started with cardio sessions outdoors (hiking, cycling, beach run) followed with yoga sessions mid morning and CrossFits in the afternoon. There was ample time to get to the beach and wander around in between. The instructors were great, yogas with Annette and Anne were the best I’ve been to as they are very attentive and knowledgeable. Also thanks to Lander and Dloris for their encouragements. Their Wild Tribe Cafe served mainly vegan, served generously with delicious menu. The hummus is a must try as well as the roasted vegetable in Israeli pita bread. Next time I go back, I’ll definitely eat here more often. Their staff were friendly and very welcoming. The resort is located conveniently in Lamai and the beach is just a short 5 mins walk. The spa session was great too. My 2 weeks have helped to kick-start my fitness and I’m more conscious of what I eat now. I would definitely return again.   Source: .... Read More

Andy E

We Spent a Lovely Week at Visit NDR. The room was comfortable without any frills. The diner area is great and the perfect spot to chat and make fr iends. The food is very good and very healthy (although pricey, relative to local fare). The staff are absolutely wonderful and made us feel so welcome. There's a nice clean pool, yoga every day. Wifi connection wasn't too bad. Lander (the boss) helped us by finding a cot for our son. Altogether very happy experience. Thankyou guys!!!   Source: .... Read More

laurameyerre Tampa, Florida

Excellent! Best Place I stayed in Thailand! I came for the yoga detox weight loss program & loved it. I saw immediate results & left feeli ng prepared to continue exercising & eating clean. The cafe has the best food I ate in all my travels, which blew my mind. The detox was easier than I expected, and was the proper way to cleanse your body and mind of bad habits. The staff, owner & trainers all exceeded my expectations. They made me feel right at home, and only saw the best in me which helped me perform better. The hotel was very nice and had large rooms, toiletries, AC, free water and tea daily. The pool is lovely but the beach is only 3 minutes away. The massage places close by were awesome. I also met great people while I was there and made new friends. It's like a getaway with friends you didn't know you had. The cardio morning sessions are lead by Lander, a former tour guide who shows you the island and takes you to overlooks, pretty small market areas, plus he includes beach work outs and aqua fit classes. The daily schedule was always different and fun. Evening strength classes were tough but got results. I went to 4 Muay Thai camps in Thailand for weight loss and while this place did not focus on Muay Thai, there is a training facility just a few doors up the road if you want to give it a try. No doubt, this place has it all- a chill vibe, serious training, delicious food, amazing people, lovely staff, the best location and white sand beaches, there is no stress at all when you come here. Do not hesitate to stay here- I only wish I had found it sooner and I would have stayed longer. Oh yeah and the yoga was so nice, almost put me in a meditative state. There were 2 types of yoga weekly, but classes are available 6 days a week. And there is a night market up the street that has gifts and fun things to see. I just wish they had a place like this in the United States! I'll be back for sure!   Source: .... Read More

HappyHawker15 Ringwood, Australia

Fantastic Experience Doing Reset Package (Weight Loss & Fitness Program) Did the reset package with a friend to get away from our everyday str esses, poor eating habits and sedentary habits. Absolutely no regrets, it was an amazing experience and hopefully the kickstart needed to make real life changes. Each day we started with morning cardio (biking/hiking/aquafit/etc), then yoga and then strength & conditioning classes in afternoon with the coaches working with whatever level of fitness you had. We ate very healthy meals at the cafe from the detox menu with the herbal shakes and enjoyed the daily massages which were greatly needed with all the exercising. It was quite an adjustment and tough at times but the friendly & caring staff, beautiful surroundings & treking experiences in the countryside made it all worthwhile. We left feeling completely refreshed, healthier and stronger in body and mind, plus we both achieved significant weight loss in the 8 days! As an added bonus we met many friendly international travellers who were staying at the resort or just regular diners at the superfood cafe.   Source: .... Read More

VM_Bonde Stockholm, Sweden

Excellent training, delicious food and a magical experience! I stayed for four weeks as I wanted to conduct a behavioral experiment as to how my body would react to four weeks with training, nutritious food without sugar/alcohol. The results were amazing. With the excellent help of Caroline and Billy I feel stronger, more energized and at peace with myself. Upon returning home everybody asked: What have you done? Where have you been? You look so glowing and energized! The place is located very central with a short walk to the beach. The premises are a 2* hotel but it is clean and good aircon. The gym is outdoors. The yoga sessions are very good and a good complement to the hard training. The food in the restaurant is very fresh and indeed healthy, I have to recommend the blueberry bowl, so good! :-) Best of all is all the wonderful people that I met on my stay there. The compassion and support have been wonderful. I miss you guys! It is no wonder that most people prolongued their stay or returned. As will I. Next trip already booked! If you look for a place that pushes your limites, makes you exercise harder than you thought was possible this is a good option. Enjoy, I sure did!   Source: .... Read More

Jake C Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Re-Energised! Had a super week staying at Visit and working out on their training programmes. The Wild Cafe on site serves great food and the staf f are amazing! The location is good in Lami, very close the beach and the pool very relaxing after hard days training!   Source: .... Read More

JudithP158 Breda, The Netherlands

Relaxing Experience! I visited this resort with 3 other friends. We stayed there for 3 nights and we had an amazing time. The swimming pool in the hotel was nice and cool. The garden was very clean and it gave the resort a relaxing atmosphere. The trainers are very good and helpful and they really give you your personal guidance during the programs. With a gym and boxing ring close to the resort you can make use of it everyday. And the program includes also some day trips to the other parts of the island and even a Barbeque! Billy the owner is a very friendly and intelligent man. All the staffmembers and trainers are very friendly and always there to keep you motivated :). Thank you for this amazing experience and keep doing what you do!   Source: .... Read More

Peteusa33 Seminyak, Indonesia

Fantastic! Life-Changing!!! I arrived late at night, but was still greeted warmly and shown to my very nice and clean room. I stayed for 3 weeks, and did not want to leave. This is a great hotel to visit, but the fitness program is phenomenal. I haven't felt this great in years! Billy, Jason Caroline and the rest of the team are wonderful and become great friends during your stay. It is a great place to meet other travelers from all over the world. Great location and Great Value!   Source: .... Read More