Wellness Rangers

After 10 years of sobriety this has now taken a central point in my being, I need to/ have to/ want to repay the debt that I own the people that was loving and caring towards me in my recovery and even more to those who stuck with be in the insanity that preceded my recovery. For those I commit my efforts and love to give back what I had for so long just taken and taken for granted. Thanks to them I now have the opportunity to share with others so that we all can strengthen our recovery and rejoice in sobriety.

Join me and the loving team of Wellness Rangers on this miraculous journey of discovery and rejoicing.


8 Day Celebrating Sobriety Healing Retreat, South Africa

Wellness Rangers

  • Marlo Clase
  • Eastern Cape South Africa
  • Forest,Close To Nature,River
  • Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free

USD 2095

limited availability
  • 8 Days

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Mirajana Tupanjanin

Marlo Clase