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After serving in the Israeli army for 4 years, Yair felt a deep need to change, like an inner voice whispering: ‘that’s not it, you need to continue and explore - your destiny is calling’. That voice was so strong and he couldn’t ignore it. So he packed up and embarked on a spiritual quest which led him to India where he discovered yoga, meditation, and a deep urge to unite with the divine. As the magic continued to evolve, Yair was guided in a way that allowed him, through teaching yoga, Qi Gong and the practice of acupuncture, to help his fellow brothers and sisters to heal and transform, as well as support his family.


Yair has created a diagnosis method based on reading people’s Energy Auras and Chakras. Along with his wife Ziza, who has developed her own style of Foot Reading, they both practice many unique healing systems to support clients, on their journey towards healing and well-being. Since realizing their vision 'Creating a Healing Retreat Centre in Spain', they both now have over 25 years experience. Their work continues to evolve. Yair and Ziza feel truly blessed to have found Armonia Alpujarra, a truly magical place that supports in nurturing mind, body & soul and, where they can bring people together, to help them along their own journey of inner personal growth.


6 Day Family Yoga Retreat Lanjaron, Spain

  • Address : Armonia Alpujarra, Apt.40,
  • Lanjaron

  • Starting : 25-August-2019
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Yoga and Art Therapy Retreat Lanjaron, Spain

  • Address : Armonia Alpujarra, Apt.40.
  • Lanjaron

  • Starting : 08-August-2019

Our Teacher

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Yair Sagy

  • Core Subject : Yoga, Energy Aura and Chakra Reading, Acupunture and Qi-Gong

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Ziza Fernandes Sagy

  • Core Subject : Vegetarian Cooking Classes