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Yoga on desert islands, sailing in one of the world's best sailing environments, crawling on a sailboat and swims, stand-up paddle, snorkeling around breathtaking waterscapes are some of the selected ingredients that make our retreat perfect.Steering the boat, adjusting the sails, doing exercises for the body, breathing and meditation bring us back to the future. Disconnect from the digital world and yourself in stunning natural landscapes reachable by boat only.

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8 Days Organic Vegetarian Yoga and Sailing Retreat, Italy & France

  • Address : Pontile dei Fiori, Cannigione, Olbia-Tempio, Sardinia

  • Starting : 31-August-2019

yoga and sailing - Teacher

  • Core Subject : Iyengar Yoga, Awareness, Ayurvedic Massage, Bodywork Therapy, Voice Training
Ghego (Skipper)
  • Core Subject : Sailing Instructor