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Yoga Holidays is a platform created with the intention of organising retreats focused on your well-being, emphasizing not only the physical part but also the philosophical and meditative part of yoga, where you will see for a week immersed in a connection with yourself and thus be able to disconnect from your usual frenetic pace, allowing you to obtain the peace of mind and the vital energy that your body needs.

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7 Days Himalayan Retreat in Nepal

  • Address : Pokhara,Lakeside

  • Starting : 12-April-2020

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I enjoyed a wonderful, deep experience growth. I recommend it one hundred percent. If you want to find you, if you want to delve into yourself, in yog a, in another culture, meet its people. I've met wonderful people, site, climate, a paradise that you have to know and go.   Source: Website .... Read More


I can not be more grateful for having come to this retreat of meditation and yoga with Yoga Holidays Almudena hand. Has been a wonderful experience, t he facilities are fantastic, the company and our unbeatable teachers. I can only say thank you and keep coming back.   Source: Website .... Read More