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Total Number of Active Yoga Courses : 3


Yoga multimedia is a digital content generation studio and media consulting agency for yoga and wellness retreat centres. Yoga multimedia is an accredited Yoga School, who producers and organizers yoga retreat, they also provides Yoga teacher training faculty and Wellness providers to the retreat centres.

075531Valentines Retreat In Holbox Mexico (2).jpg

Valentines Retreat in Holbox Mexico

  • Address : Zona Hotelera Tulum, Km 7

  • Starting : 14-February-2019
075632Bird Of Paradise Yoga Multimedia Retreat In Holbox.jpg

Bird of Paradise Yoga Multimedia Retreat in Holbox

  • Address : Zona Hotelera Tulum, Km 7

  • Starting : 21-February-2019
0825543 DAY YOGA RETREAT AT SCHOOL OF ROCKS - Yoga Multimedia 4.png

3 Day Yoga Retreat At School Of Rocks in Hancock, NY

  • Address : Delaware

  • Starting : 16-August-2019

Our Teacher

071957113523Victor Varana.png

Victor Varana

  • Core Subject : ERYT500

071957Michael Brooks.png

Michael Brooks

  • Core Subject : 200hr certified yoga teacher


RunCatchKiss(Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Judith Labrozzi,(Georgia, US)

I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to do yoga three times a week with Victor. He knows how to make yoga not only challenging, but fun too. He is always such a happy person that it wears off on others around him. To know him is to love him. .... Read More

Eva Kaczor, Chief Editor & Yoga Teacher(Berlin, Germany)

Monica D'Antonio (Princeton, NJ)

1 year and 300 hours of teacher training later. I can't believe how much I've changed as a teacher and grown as a yogi. There's always mor e to work on, always space to grow into but at the same time so many reasons why the present moment is already perfect. Thank you Victor Varana and Caroline Fowler for an incredible training. Thanks to Maria Parrella Turco, Cathy Madeo and Marlene Holland for being amazing and inspiring... in retrospect I should have done pencil pose in this photo. .... Read More