Yoga Retreats Ireland


You will thrive on continuous learning and growth by gaining so much of  awareness and knowledge from our teachers over the year. We want to give back to our community by sharing our knowledge and passion with others. This is a responsibility we take to heart. We truly believe in the energy we create and that anything is possible!


Yoga And The Neuroscience Connection with Kristine Weber, Ireland

Yoga Retreats Ireland

  • Caroline Holmes
  • Ireland
  • Close To Nature
  • Veg
  • 2019-October-09
  • 7 Days

7 Day Answering The Call Yoga Retreat, Ireland

Yoga Retreats Ireland

  • Caroline Holmes
  • Limerick Ireland
  • Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian,Organic
  • 2019-September-28
  • 7 Days

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Caroline Holmes

Kristine Weber

Dr. Nadia

Yoga Retreats Ireland - Reviews


The 2016 Ireland trip with Love It Yoga was life changing. I would highly recommend traveling with this crew. Everyone was so supportive, relaxed and inspiring. Caroline held the fort down and kept us on schedule so we could make the most of our time in Ireland. And Ena held the space for us to relax and expand. She's consistently open-hearted and loving, a great inspiration. Together they are the dynamic duo yoga travel guides. Thank you Love It Yoga! Can't wait to see where we are going next! Source:Website .... Read More


The atmosphere and rooms were wonderful, couldn't ask for anything more. Great connections and conversations. Loved every moment! Source: Web site .... Read More


I certainly feel lucky to have joined you on our trip to Ireland in July. It was a once in a lifetime great experience with amazing people, amazing fo od and unbelievable touring. I kind of pinch ourselves and say did that really happen. I love looking at the pics and cherishing the memories. Source : Website .... Read More


Amazing trip. Seeing Ireland for the first time, a dream come true. Small intimate conversations with others. Food was out of this world. Source: Website .... Read More