Hatha, Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course,Spain

  • Organizer: Yoga Sutra Shala
  • Type: Yoga TTC
  • Starting From: 06-January-2020
  • Duration: 26 Days
  • Area: Benissiva, Valencia, Spain
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Organic,Dairy Free
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Mountain,Close To Nature


This course will suit you if you have you been practising yoga regularly for a while and feel that you are ready to deepen your practice and to develop yourself, by delving in to the philosophy of the East and the science of the West, embracing a modern, holistic approach to yoga.

It would also be suited to you if you would like to teach what you have learnt, so that you can share the benefits of this wonderful union of body, mind and spirit with others.

This 4 week training course gives you the opportunity to study Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga to a level that you can then confidently teach these styles to your students.

You will learn from not only the course leader,Namit Kathoria, but also from other experienced teachers, sharing your training with a small group of like-minded people, together in a beautiful rural setting in Valencia country, Spain.

Courses are offered to a maximum of 8 students to allow us to focus our attention on you and to nurture the family and loving environment that Yoga Sutra Shala respects and enjoys.

*Depending on which room you choose to stay in, the total cost of the 26-day intensive course ranges from 3,600€ to 4,400€ *



I cant believe its nearly a year since I was lucky enough to experience this wonderful place...excellent classes, food, accommodation and magic company. You are so well looked after, I would highly recommend!

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Such a wonderful place. I loved every single second at the Shala. I immediately felt like I was at home thanks to the amazing people I met. Food was delicious the activities during the day very well organised. A magic place for those who are looking for some peace.

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Yoga Sutra Shala changed my life! I visited for a retreat in September 2018 without knowing what to expect. It opened my eyes to a whole new world. Namit, the volunteers and friends made are such beautiful people, the food and accommodation was fantastic and the experience one I will never forget. Highly recommend it to anyone who needs to take a bit of time away from “normal life”, to re-focus and learn to love and appreciate ones self again. Thank you Yoga Sutra Shala - I will definitely be back.

Source: Facebook

What a wonderful place! If you are looking for a peaceful place to recharge batteries, Sutra Shala is perfect place to visit. Friendly atmosphere, yummy food, caring staff, top yoga classes and workshops and more.This place is a magic and I highly recommend to visit.

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  • 190110Namit.jpg

    Namit Kathoria

    Core Subject: Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga

    Namit is a registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals and an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. These accreditations demonstrate excellent standards as set by the organisations and recognise that he has been teaching for more than 8 years (over 4000 hours).Namit's teaching style is designed to help each student gain what he or she individually wants to achieve from their yoga. Namit has a strong family tradition of yoga and has studied yoga all over the world including in his native India. He has also travelled throughout North and South America and Europe learning from recognised teachers and constantly developing his teaching style. His background as a leading health professional allows him to apply and explain the health benefits of yoga at every level. As a result, his yoga retreats are some of the most respected, traditional and original yoga retreats in the world.


Our retreat centre is a beautifully restored historic building in a lovely, peaceful hamlet in the countryside of Valencia.

All rooms have central heating, aircon and en suite bathroom. Some rooms also have a balcony with inspiring views of the surrounding mountains and countryside.
We have eight bedrooms that -for courses- are all for single occupancy:
Three rooms with a single bed; Five rooms with double beds.

There is a communal guest kitchen for preparing snacks between mealtimes and classes and there are areas for sitting and for dinning both inside and outside.

The large swimming pool is solar heated and can be enjoyed throughout the year. 

Our extensive gardens and communal areas provide a space for deep relaxation, contemplation and enjoyment of the surrounding nature and stunning views.

We aim to give you the best of both an Eastern and Western approach to Yoga Teacher Training, with a holistic focus on pranayama; asana; chanting and meditation and an exploration in to the philosophy that forms the solid foundation of these practices, so that you can grow, develop and gain confidence in your practice and bring yoga fully in to your life, on and off the mat.

Through supported teaching practice you will benefit from continuous opportunities to apply what you are learning and to realise your potential in sharing it with others, teaching up to 3 classes to your fellow students with the help of your mentor.

We offer each course to a maximum of 8 students, allowing us to give our full attention to your development and giving you the space to grow.

Our intention is to share with you the true spirit of yoga, with its depth of knowledge, wisdom and discipline. In addition to this we would like to explain Western developments in the path of yoga - such as the science behind yoga and the anatomy behind the asanas - in order to help you to develop your own yoga practice and to help you to develop yourself as the best practitioner and teacher that you can be: In balance, in harmony, in good health and in peace.

In terms of the physical side of yoga, you will learn about:

  • Alignment and how to adjust correctly and sensitively
  • Using different asanas for opening and strengthening different muscle groups
  • How to sequence vinyasa flows as well as hatha yoga classes.
  • The fundamentals of yin yoga
  • How to develop your own practice

In terms of meditation and philosophy we will cover:

  • Metta (loving kindness)
  • Being present
  • Connection to the earth
  • Being an observer of the thoughts and feelings
  • Many other interesting topics.

The course is intensive - and is ideal if you are wanting the spend the 4 weeks putting your heart and soul into learning. If you want a holiday then a retreat would be much more fun for you.

In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn”

During your course we will cover various techniques and postures, and you will be taught their Sanskrit and their English names. You will practice for yourself and learn to teach:

  • Pranayama
  • Warm ups
  • Hip openers
  • Twists
  • Back bends
  • Shoulder openers
  • Strength building: Standing balances (with Ashtanga-style jump-through and jump-backs)
  • Strength building: Seated arm-balances (with Ashtanga-style jump-through and jump-backs)
  • Core development
  • Applying the Golgi Body reflex to asana practice
  • Flexibility development
  • Strong Hatha
  • Working with the entire length of the breath
  • Alignment
  • Adjustments: Safe and sensitive methods, including teaching for injuries and limitations
  • Using drishti (vision points) to lengthen the spine
  • Yin yoga sequencing
  • Guided Meditations:
  • Metta, Karuna, Mudita and Uppeksha and the philosophy behind them.
  • Connection to the 4 elements and maintaining a state of meditation
  • Being in the Now
  • Gratitude
  • 7 Chakras

These will take place on some of the evenings and will be led by yoga teachers, sharing what helped them when they first became teachers: Such as helping students to focus on the breath; alignment, building confidence and so on.

Further workshops will be run on Sundays, with subjects such as: Vipassana meditation; creative writing; making raw energy balls; Non-Violent Communication; stress relief; head massage; emotional relief and so on...

Accommodation is offered as single occupancy of beautiful rooms with comfortable beds, each with central heating, aircon and en suite bathroom. Some rooms also have a balcony with inspiring views of the surrounding mountains and countryside.

  • L'Umbria : This large, luxury room has a comfortable king size bed; a sitting area; mezzanine floor; and an ensuite bathroom with a bath and a shower.
    It has its own balcony and lovely views of the surrounding Valencian mountains and unspoilt countryside.
    To book this room costs 4,400€.
  • El Misserat : This room has a single bed, a shared balcony and an ensuite bathroom. It has lovely views of the surrounding mountains.
    To book this room costs 3,850€.
  • La Forada : This room is named after the impressive arch-topped mountain visible from the balcony.
    It has a double bed and a shared balcony-terrace with lovely views of the Valencian mountains. It also has an ensuite bathroom.
    To book this room costs 4,200€.
  • La Solana : This room has a single bed and has lovely views of the beautiful hamlet of Benissiva.
    The room has a lovely ensuite bathroom as well.
    To book this room costs 3,600€.
  • L'Albureca : This room has a single bed, a shared balcony and amazing views of the mountains. It also has an ensuite bathroom.
    To book this room costs 3,850€.
  • El Llimaner : This room has a double bed and lovely views of the village. It also has an ensuite bathroom.   It is on the ground floor.
    To book this room costs 3,600€.
  • Tossal Gros : This cosy room is named after one of the mountains seen from it's balcony.  It has a comfortable double bed, beautiful views looking out to the mountains and an ensuite bathroom.
    To book this room costs 3,950€.
  • El Colomer ("The Dove House") : This quiet room has a lovely double bed and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. It also has a nice ensuite bathroom.  It is situated on the second floor.
    To book this room costs 3,850€.

All meals are plant-based and are freshly prepared with love by our fantastic chefs, using organic whole-foods and organic local produce.

Spring water, organic coffee and a selection of organic teas & infusions, fruits and snacks are also included and available to you throughout your stay.

With all the choices on offer these days, we thought it would be helpful for us to give you some reasons that we think make our courses so special:

Our courses offer our students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the ancient wisdom of yoga practices while at the same time appreciating the more modern science that helps consolidate these ideas, to give an holistic understanding of this wonderful way of living.

Each course is offered to a maximum of 8 students, an optimum number for shared learning and group cohesion, whilst also ensuring that everyone has enough space to enjoy.

  • 25 nights single occupancy en suite accommodation
  • All course tuition and printed material
  • Free private yoga classes (upon request)
  • Delicious organic, plant-based food & drinks
  • Full use of the facilities: Yoga equipment, swimming pool (solar heated, so in winter it’s enjoyed by the brave!), library and extensive gardens.
  • Your comfortable, single occupancy bedroom with private en suite bathroom;

**Flights, transfers and massage treatments are not included by the way.

At the weekends we offer you optional, complimentary guided hikes/walks and workshops to build on what you have learned.


In order that you can enjoy and get the most out of your investment in this course,
we recommend that you have:

  • A good level of general fitness
  • At least 1 to 2 years of regular yoga practice
  • The motivation to learn and the determination to carry you through both the physical and the emotional challenges that will come up
  • An understanding that yoga is a lifelong journey and that doing the course is just the beginning of your learning as a yoga teacher
  • the desire to share knowledge with others and to teach with compassion and kindness
  • Absorbed as much as you can from the reading list

Yoga Sutra Shala


A home away from home.We are open for yoga retreats and teacher training courses all year round and we hope that you can make it here to the beautiful mountains in the Valencian countryside, Spain.We would love to meet you and to teach you.At the beginning of your stay you will set yourself an intention for the week which will help you to decide on what you want to focus on while staying with us. Our wonderful and experienced yoga teachers will support you in all possible ways throughout your stay here and be your personal guides. 

All your teachers have travelled the world learning from the most experienced yogis in order to give you the best in yoga knowledge that the world has to offer.


We ask for a deposit of 399€ (paid by credit or debit card) at the time of your booking to secure your place on the course.
Our preference is for you to pay your remaining balance in cash, in 4 instalments each Monday of your course (there is a cashwithdrawal machine close by).


If you are unable to come on the course you have booked, please notify us at least a month before you are due to arrive and we can either:

Refund your deposit payment minus a 50€ administration fee.
Allocate your 399€ deposit to another course date that you specify at the time of your cancellation.

If you cancel your course within a month of your arrival date, your deposit payment will be kept by us to cover administration and contribute towards the costs for filling your place.