Teacher Details

Anat Feingold

  • Experience : 15 Years
  • Core Sub. : Hatha yoga
  • Language. : English
  • Location :Hessisch Lichtenau Hessen, Germany

About Anat Feingold

Anat is a yoga and meditation teacher, therapist and spiritual guide since 2004. She teaches body and life energy flow reading through body posture and foots and love nature science, cooking purifying food, using wild herbs and creating space for people to re-member their true nature.

In 2017, she moved to Germany with her family and created Gaia House.


A yoga and meditation teacher, health coach and spiritual guide, certified in Yoga Vidya Germany after learning the deep meditative approach of Vijnana Yoga and Yoga Therapy in Israel


  • 07512119.jpg

    6 Day Meditation Foundation Training Retreat In Germany

    Am Jägerhof 7
    • EUR 580
    • 2020-02-23 - 2020-02-28
  • 05132532.jpg

    4 Day Fall Into Balance Yoga and Wellness Retreat In Germany

    Am Jägerhof 7
    • EUR 360
    • 2019-12-12 - 2019-12-15