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Ludisis Mones

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  • Experience : 5 Years
  • Core Sub. : Hatha yoga
  • Language. : English
  • Location :Havana Habana, Cuba

About Ludisis Mones

Ludisis trained as a dancer in her native country, Cuba. From an early age, she felt a great passion for the spiritual world.

She is passionate about spirituality and offers wisdom, guidance, and persistence to her students. Teachers who worked with her in Bali found her to be a kind, strong, and powerful individual, and she can be relied upon to act as the calm in the middle of a storm.

In the asanas she found her dances, in meditation, she found her spirituality and in pranayama her awakening.When she gives a Yoga class she does not feel like a teacher, at that moment she is a faithful witness of the awakening of the consciousness of her students.


Ludisis is a Cuban certified yoga teacher who is passionate about yoga and the spiritual world.Her training as a yoga teacher took place in Indonesia exactly in Bali, the island of the Gods. Her goal is to share her practice with her students and help them to know more about themselves and yoga.

Ludisis is educated as a dance instructor, tourist guide, and yoga teacher.She understands the subtle difference between making you a plain tourist and making you a partaker of the real, local Cuban culture.


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    7 Day New Year Dance Hatha Yoga and Cultural Retreat in Cuba

    Calle Serafines 158
    • EUR 1399
    • 2020-01-03 - 2020-01-09