Teacher Details

Omar Belmamoune

  • Experience : 6 Years
  • Core Sub. : Hatha yoga
  • Language. : Arabic, French, English
  • Location : Marrakech Tensift Al Haouz, Morocco

About Omar Belmamoune

As a passionate of health and wellbeing, My vision is to mix styles, to create the balance, my courses are adapted to different levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. A session is for me a moment of sharing and abunement, the notion here is now is respected, but we must also let go and discover new sensations.

During his 6 years of teaching yoga classes to several students from different nationalities, he was able to develop a unique methodology to adapt the practice according to the the level and needs of his student, which is exceeding their expectations.

Today he is offering a variety of yoga classes and meditations, from Hatha Yoga alignment, passing by Vinyasa Flow practice to increase energy, strenghten and flexibility of the body and mind, and Meditation to connect with the inner self and know awareness, blissfulness and integrity of body and mind.

Namaste !

Classes Description

First of all, let's start at the beginning ... Yoga originates from Hindu philosophy, and its existence goes back more than 3000 years. The first writings on Yoga were written by Patanjali (200 BC) they were transmitted, orally, from master to disciple. Etymologically, "yoga" comes from the Sanskrit root "yuj" which means to unite, attach, direct and focus one's attention. It also means union or communion: the union of the individual consciousness or the soul with the universal consciousness or spirit. There are different ways of yoga, we invite you to discover some of them, each one as its onwn rythm because after all "Yoga is not about touching your toes, it's about what you learn on the way down"



Omar belmamoune, took his yoga training in the Sadhana centre in Casablanca, between 2011 to 2014, during this 3 years yoga training, he joined some weekend workshop, with some of the biggest yoga teachers around the world, and has a chance to be a part of the Moroccan yoga association.  Some workshops were leadedby teachers like Peter Chnak from Denmark, François Lorin from Paris, Walter Tirack Ruta from India and many more.

Today he continues practicing, teaching and learning, and he is developing his own way of teaching, , from beginners to advanced.


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    8 Day Yoga Body Soul Purification Retreat In Morocco

    Résidence Amira 1 - Duplex 1A - Groupe Ali Belhaj
    • EUR 565
    • 2019-09-30 - 2019-10-07