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HEAD TEACHER: Perumal Koshy
Perumal Koshy, an American citizen, born in New Delhi of South Indian parents from the state of Kerala, began teaching under a Kung-Fu master while living in Los Angeles. A ten-year martial arts life through his teens and early twenties was followed by yoga. This began a yoga journey returning to his ancestral roots of Kerala, India and then England, Italy, and Morocco. These experiences lead Perumal to capture the heart and values of the world’s yoga styles. His method is a practical and easily comprehensible form of Yoga.

Teaching 5 years of London yoga weekly group classes through dozens of clubs began the first sequences of Yoga with Perumal. Up to 15 group classes per week were taught over a 5 year period from the London center in Covent Garden through South, Kensington. Covering other teachers of varying styles from Shivananda, to Iyengar and Ashtanga with the Yoga with Perumal method was well received. The method began here learning to adapt to soft and hard styles of yoga. Following was 5 years in Milan, Italy which was an experience in intensive private lessons with up to 25 students at a time contrasting with large groups of cosmopolitan London. Numerous publications with Yoga Journal Italy and Italian seminars were established providing recognition of the Yoga with Perumal method. These Journals were syndicated through France and Holland. From the end of 2010, after 10 years of teaching yoga in 2 countries, pursuing a full-time yoga retreat schedule became an endeavour as the next step in the growth of Perumal. This led to Marrakech, Morocco with the year-round good weather as the ideal place for Yoga with Perumal retreats. Fortunately Ines Stephan, a film producer with over 100 Moroccan commercials spanning 25 years from BMW to Omega, partnered to produce the Yoga with Perumal retreats and online video courses. Seven year of teaching intensive retreats in Morocco honed the method of Yoga with Perumal for daily twice a day classes with retreat students and fitness camps along with specialty tours such as a 7 day Fat E Bike and Desert Retreats.

Your Morocco yoga teacher is Ines Stephan. For over 25 years, while as a devoted yoga student, Ines Johanna Stephan ran her own production company specialized in TV commercials. 

Ines began a yoga practice with her father as a teenager while competing in sports. She was a former downhill skier, hockey player and top two in Germany for badminton in the division under 14. After the spark of her father she continued studying through books such as André van Lysebeth, Gabriella Cella Al-Chamali and the Bihar School of Yoga from Swami Satyananda Saraswati. Hers was a multi-discipline solo yoga practice spanning twenty five years throughout a dynamic film career. Colleagues always observed Ines with yoga books and magazine cutouts for personal study. This was a yoga path paralleling a stressful film production career. As the first female film producer in Italy yoga was her strength to face challenges that one can only imagine. 

Her late father Dr. Rudolph Stephan was an architect and engineer balancing a career with sport and family life. He inspired the first yoga lesson by challenging Ines to practice pranayama breathing while watching sunsets. The real discovery on healing benefits of yoga was through curing a kidney issue by simply repeating two yoga postures prescribed by an Iranian medical doctor. Her kidneys began functioning again without medications or the  predicted future dialysis. This healing experience seeded a passion for yoga.

After 20 years of practice Ines went to India to learn from Anto Anthony a traditional Hatha Yoga teacher in Kerala. Anto Anthony invited her to his guru's house deep within the forest. Here her practice deepened with the instructions from a traditional master. The relationship not only improved her yoga but it also opened her to experience something more spiritual. 

In 2008 Ines began practicing Yoga with Perumal. 2009 she produced 30 Yoga with Perumal online video courses. This is how a 10 year Yoga with Perumal partnership with the head teacher Perumal Koshy began. 2010 Ines created the Morocco Yoga with Perumal retreats. These Morocco retreats were with friends that collaborated with her in film production over a course of 25 years. Beyond stationary fixed retreats her well honed network created Desert Yoga Retreats and the Fat E Bike Travel. After practicing and teaching the retreat method student reviews of her enabled Mr. Koshy to release her into a solo teaching position while remaining in liasons with him. This had to come as no surprise considering 10 years practicing with Perumal and working with a positive and highly energetic approach. She is concentrated, concerned with her duties towards Yoga with Perumal retreats and shows great perseverance.

While teaching the Yoga with Perumal method in Morocco agencies dedicated to women only female empowerment retreats took notice. Students describe her as soft hearted, mature and sympathetic. Yet she is serious due to a film production career that is unforgiving demanding precision management of world class professionals. As one colleague described her she is, "The toughest yet the nicest." Certainly she is reliable as a Morocco teacher and local expert.


7 Day Marrakech Oasis Retreat,Morocco

Yoga With Perumal Maroc

  • Perumal Koshy or Ines Stephan
  • Marrakech Morocco
  • Desert,Mountain,Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, Gluten Free
  • 2019-December-20
  • 7 Days

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Ines Stephan

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Kerstine Rencourt

Having Never Been On A Yoga Retreat (Or A Holiday On My Own!) before I wasn¹t quite sure what to expect. I also booked this last minute and witho ut my usual research and was incredibly lucky to find such an amazing place. My apartment was perfect close to the pool with an open fire that the lovely staff made for me each night. The Hammam and massage fantastic and of course the yoga was the main event... Inès our yoga instructor was great very welcoming and obviously focused on ensuring we all got the maximum out of the learning experience I have to say yoga in the desert was a highlight and one I won¹t forget. Heartily recommend. Source: Website .... Read More

Nathalie Arnal

Perfect Teacher In A Marvellous Place! I'm just back from a three days yoga retreat in Marrakech Oasis. I was looking for a place where I could relax and do yoga without belonging to a group. I am fully satisfied by my stay. The Riad is just perfect in terms of set up, as it is quite little, everything is easy! The rooms are pretty, big and nothing miss, they are situated around the pool, the atmosphere is very quiet, everybody is really respectful and all is really calm. The food is absolutely fantastic, Stéphanie is great, like a real mom she looks after you during all your stay, I've done two sessions of yoga per day with the great Inès, so devoted and attentive, her yoga method is absolutely great, very different from what I've experienced so far, she teaches hatha yoga by making us learn the asanas but also pranayama and all the philosophy and pillars of yoga (that are too often forgotten). I've loved her behavior, she is a fantastic teacher and I recommend her to all people who need to have a break and enjoy the peacefulness of yoga. Source: Website .... Read More