Yoga With Perumal Maroc

Yoga with Perumal retreat method are sequences developed from simple to complex for all level participants. Yoga sessions are not too light which voids benefits of increased circulation, improved digestion, and detoxification. Yet sessions are not too strong to avoid becoming adrenalized and non-meditative.


7 Day Marrakech Oasis Retreat,Morocco

Yoga With Perumal Maroc

  • Perumal Koshy or Ines Stephan
  • Marrakech Morocco
  • Desert,Mountain,Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, Gluten Free

EUR 1075

limited availability
  • 7 Days

yoga with perumal maroc - Teachers

Ines Stephan

Yoga With Perumal Maroc - Reviews

Kerstine Rencourt

Having Never Been On A Yoga Retreat (Or A Holiday On My Own!) before I wasn¹t quite sure what to expect. I also booked this last minute and witho ut my usual research and was incredibly lucky to find such an amazing place. My apartment was perfect close to the pool with an open fire that the lovely staff made for me each night. The Hammam and massage fantastic and of course the yoga was the main event... Inès our yoga instructor was great very welcoming and obviously focused on ensuring we all got the maximum out of the learning experience I have to say yoga in the desert was a highlight and one I won¹t forget. Heartily recommend. Source: Website .... Read More

Nathalie Arnal

Perfect Teacher In A Marvellous Place! I'm just back from a three days yoga retreat in Marrakech Oasis. I was looking for a place where I could relax and do yoga without belonging to a group. I am fully satisfied by my stay. The Riad is just perfect in terms of set up, as it is quite little, everything is easy! The rooms are pretty, big and nothing miss, they are situated around the pool, the atmosphere is very quiet, everybody is really respectful and all is really calm. The food is absolutely fantastic, Stéphanie is great, like a real mom she looks after you during all your stay, I've done two sessions of yoga per day with the great Inès, so devoted and attentive, her yoga method is absolutely great, very different from what I've experienced so far, she teaches hatha yoga by making us learn the asanas but also pranayama and all the philosophy and pillars of yoga (that are too often forgotten). I've loved her behavior, she is a fantastic teacher and I recommend her to all people who need to have a break and enjoy the peacefulness of yoga. Source: Website .... Read More