8 Day Meditation,Yoga & Soul Adventure,Spain

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Anahat is a very gifted and giving teacher. The daily yoga/meditation classes and healing treatment took me on a journey that was both cleansing and uplifting!
By the end of the week I felt energised and much lighter. The retreat itself is a magical place, set against a backdrop of mountains and brimming with character. The classes, setting, lovely people I met and trips to so many beautiful places were all better than I could have ever expected. So much care and effort was put into making this a gorgeous and exceptional week!

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu.

This yoga retreat has been an absolutely wonderful experience!

I left Hacienda Cristoforo re-energised, full of positive vibes and feeling extremely blessed. Anahat teaches truly from the heart, has so much knowledge he wants to share and gives a lot of himself to the group. There is a broad diversity in his teachings as in the activities. We have visited magnificent places and settings. Not to forget the amazing location where we stayed, Cristoforo, of course. There are so many beautiful things that I took home with me, but what touched me deeply is to go back with ‘brightness in the eyes’!

I am grateful that I have been part of a wonderful group of people and hope to go back again soon!

Thank you again Aday for such an amazing life-changing experience and guiding me along the path from the darkness into the light. I feel very blessed to have met you and it will be my pleasure to spread the word, sharing the details of your Yoga Holidays although it is so much more than that. I hope to send as many of my friends to you as possible so that they too can be embraced by the love and light you so gracefully share with everyone, so that they too are able to blossom.

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This is an Initiatic Journey to the heart of Being. It consists of an 8-day program of coexistance using the tools of Yoga, meditation, dance and other ancestral practices so that you release the emotional and mental burdens and you can connect the inner teacher and healer Connecting well with your talents, virtues and vital purpose.

We do practices and seminars in the morning and afternoon, we visit places of alive nature to recharge ourselves from the elements and we create a sacred space of encounter and intimacy with yourself and with the group. Awakening your dormant power and learning the yogic science for perfect health and happiness.

Open yourself towards your inner wisdom and natural joy.

Program Description

We started the day with the practice of meditation and yoga, followed by a deserved breakfast. After sharing some reflections and insights on the table , we propose the daily plan and prepare for trips, beach or relax according to your convenience.

In the evening we make a smooth and fluid practice or workshop and after dinner we can enjoy a bonfire, the stars or a promenade walk.

During the day you will have a delicious lunch picnic to take away, prepared by our excellent cooks, who will give us freedom to make excursions, spend the day at the beach or whatever you prefer. We will have a delicious vegetarian menu by expert contributors and will always be available fruits, infusiones or tea.

During the retreat you will take a deep contact with your body. With an internal space of peace that provides guidance and encouragement to sort all outstanding issues and explore your potential.

The proposed workshops and practices are:

  • Dynamic meditations
  • Heart chakra Meditation
  • Yogasanas
  • Pranayamas
  • Gestalt psychology and coaching
  • Mantra sound healing
  • Contact Improvistion Dance.
  • Temazcal (native-american sweat-lodge ceremony)
  • And other surprises.


  • Treking in Montaña Pelada natural monument, a lovely landscapae by the beach, to find a hidden swimming spot.
  • Teide national park, volcanic land hiking
  • Exploring the pine forest and valleys in Ifonche
  • Boat trip along the cliffs of Los Gigantes with dolphins and whales
  • A visit to El Medano town and beach (windsurf paradise) and hiking to Montaña Roja (90 min)

Our Teachers


Anahat (Aday Garcia)

Core Subject: Yoga and Philosophy
Anahat (Aday García) studied in Granada a Master degree in clinical psychology the AEPC while attending anthropology classes at Granada University. There he began to practice Yoga and kundalini Tantra at Escuela Vedica with Swami Shankaratilakananda. In 2013, he trained in Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapy with doctor Nayana Rao, Udupi, India and participated in the organization of several detox retreats and teachings of Ayurvedic abhyangam and shirochampi massage. Aiming full Yoga experinence I traveled learning Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Thai-massage and Healing. Lewarnt in Biogestalt therapy, yantra yoga, dzogchen budhism, Toltec teachings and disciple of renoun masters like Dr. Avdhoot Baba Shivanand, Chogyal Namkai Norbu Rimpoche, Don Carlos Castillejos and an ethernal learner.


The retreat takes place in Adeje, the west coast of Tenerife Island. One of the 7 Canary Islands of Spain

We are staying at Hacienda Cristoforo, a place that makes you enter a different pace. Out of mass tourism and a 15-minute walk from the sea and 2 beaches.

A natural environment and care to detail work of the greek architect Denise Devaris. Palm trees, turtles, organic garden, farm, exotic pool, wooden yoga hall and magical corners.

This jewel of ecotourism is located at the sunny west of Tenerife, in a paradise of eternal spring for the excellence of its climate all year round.


Types: Yoga Retreat Date: From 24-August-2019 To 31-August-2019 Duration: 8 Days Area: Tenerife, Spain Food: Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Organic Surrounding Area: Near to Beach,Close To Nature


You will have the oportunity to experience healing, joy and expansion during our many workshops. Coming gradualy at your own rythm into the practices with the power of Yoga giving strength, flexibility and lightness to your body, clarity for the mind and peace in your heart.

  •  Detox program with the knowledge of Ayurveda (Vedic science of Life)
  •  Healing with the power of the sound (Mantra)
  •  Experience with different kinds of massages
  •  Learning breathing and relaxation exercices
  •  Guided meditations learning the chakra system and the elements
  •  Therapeutic dance and spiritual singing (Sankirtan)


The  Hacienda Cristoforo is datio designed highlighting the detail-work of the Greek architect Deenise Devaris - has a natural-environment set-up. Hacienda Cristoforo features palm trees, turtles, organic garden, farm, exotic pool, gardens, and magical corners.

The accommodation will be in beautiful rustic houses sharing a double or triple room with its own bathroom. It is also possibile a private room with an extra cost.

Food & Accommodation Gallery


Three daily meals are included in the price. Yoga en Tenerife offers a nutritious ovo-lacto-vegetarian diet with fresh local produce.

The meals are mainly organic vegetarian food, including eggs and dairy products.

A full picnic to take away will be selected for the excursions and there will be fruits, nuts, and herbal tea always available on the retreat.This diet helps to invigorate the body and regenerate vitality.

Should you have some specific dietary requirements, such as gluten- or lactose-intolerance, Yoga in Tenerife will do their best to satisfy your needs.  

What Makes This Program Special?

This program is designed for you to connect with your inner-self. For this, there are multiple yoga and meditation sessions, various workshops, and excursions as a part of the retreat. Come, be a part of the pristine beaches of Tenerife Islands that offer you the opportunity to discover your true-self and set on a path to enlightenment.


  • Feeling lighter
  • Perfect health and vitality
  • Increase of energy
  • Increased flexibility of body and mind


  • All yoga classes, lessons and workshops scheduled.
  • All meals (3 per day, breakfast, lunch pic-nic for tours and dinner)
  • Fruit and teas available 24 hours.
  • Accommodation in a double room.
  • Use of pool, internet facilities, gardens and common areas.
  • Programmed excursions
  • Transfer to and from Tenerife South airport in the first and last day of the event (Between 10:00 am and 18:00. Flights landing at another time or day must pay the transfer for 30 € extra)



Hacienda Cristoforo

We stay on the west side where the best sunsets in Costa Adeje. Enjoying the stunning surroundings, comfortable weather, and the pristine beaches of Tenerife Island.A natural environment and care to detail work of the greek architect Denise Devaris. Palm trees, turtles, organic garden, farm, exotic pool, wooden yoga hall and magical corners.

This jewel of ecotourism is located at the sunny west of Tenerife, in a paradise of eternal spring for the excellence of its climate all year round. 


Advance Payable Percentage- 10%

Why choose YogaEnTenerife


  • Ancient yogic meditations for awakening
  • Clearing past blockages and emotional purification
  • Initiation into the science of mantra and pranayama
  • Daily yoga sessions from Kriya, Kundalini, Hatha, and Radja yoga
  • Excursions to Natural Reserves and National Park
  • Inspirational talks to expand your consciousness
  • Healthy and nutritional vegetarian meals 
  • Temazcall (sweat-lodge) ceremony

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