YOGAmar offers yoga trips, yoga holidays, yoga vacations and retreats for yogis, meditators, seekers, active vacationers and groups in beautiful locations on the island of Rügen. Selected location, attractive accommodations, vegetarian cuisine (yogic light cuisine) with mostly local organic products. Ayurveda massages, Shiatsu and other services available on request. Individual yoga retreats with different topics for beginners and advanced in Hatha, Kriya, Asthanga, Kundalini, Yin and Relax Yoga.


8 Day Affordable Yoga And Adventure Holiday, Egypt


  • Frithjof Bluhm
  • Dahab Egypt
  • Near to Beach,Mountain,Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian

EUR 1060

limited availability
  • 8 Days

yogamar - Teachers

Frithjof Bluhm

Adam Yoos

Yogamar - Reviews

Carolin Z.

To put it briefly, the YOGAmar-Rügen trip (meditation & silence) was balm for the soul! I can not remember a vacation that had such a relaxin g effect. In addition to the beautiful hotel and the delicious meals, I really enjoyed the individual yoga and meditation sessions. I thought it was great that both health issues and the difficulties with yoga were dealt with and not to forget how we can integrate them into everyday life. I will definitely not have been with you for the last time! Thank you for this unforgettable trip! Source: Website .... Read More


The last week was MY yoga week. I enjoyed the tranquility at the beach hotel, the team is great! Many thanks to Frithjof and Dr. med. Shetty for the p recise instructions and your patience during the yoga sessions! Happy and with the world in the clean I arrived back home. The sun salutation belongs from now on to my start in the day =) I would love to come back! Source: Website .... Read More