200 Hours Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Training, Thailand

  • Organizer: Yogeshwara Yoga and Ayurveda School
  • Type: Yoga TTC
  • Starting From: 02-February-2020
  • Duration: 28 Days
  • Area: Surat Thani, Thailand
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Organic,Raw,Ayurvedic
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Sea


Yoga is the science of obliterating the boundaries of individuality to know the universality of one’s existence, from boundaries to boundlessness.We offer courses based on Traditional knowledges of Ayurveda, Tantra Hatha, Ashtanga vinyasa, restorative and kundalini yoga practices. Knowledges and techniques shared within this school deeply change the way we are experiencing life itself.

Upon successful completion of the training, you will receive the RYT200 Yoga Alliance certification which is recognized globally and will open many doors for you if you wish to teach internationally. The course will give you confidence in teaching and a strong self-practice.


I was Mika's 200-hr student last year. He taught me and my classmates not only the contents within text books, the guided self-practice, and teaching practice, but also about life (to be more specific "the yogi's way of life").

We all saw him as a living example of how to live a simple life yet to the fullest. I highly recommend taking TTC with Mika, and you will not regret.

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    Michael Albacete

    Core Subject: Lead Teacher

    He becames a certified 500 RYE UK, USA and Australia international yoga alliance in India and went to spread over 4000 hours Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Restorative and Kundalini practices and Ayurveda teacher training courses, retreats, workshops and drop-in classes in India, Thailand, Bali, France, United Arabs Emirates, French Polynesia. He also became a certified Thai Yoga Massage practitioner and kids yoga teacher.


This course attracts those who wants the adventure and the magic of travelling to a Paradise jungle beaches quartz island of Thailand and a solid traditional and authentique Yoga foundation.

Part 1: Yoga Techniques, Training And Practice

  • Asanas – 72 yoga postures and variations from beginners to advanced, with its physical,  mental, emotional, energetical effects.
  • Kriyas – creasing technique. Shatkarmas, the classical purification.
  • Pranayama 
  • Mudras and Bandhas
  • Mantras and Yantras
  • Relaxation and concentration techniques
  • Meditation – still and active
  • How to teach and practice the techniques

Part 2: Yoga Anatomy

  • Physical Anatomy (Human skeleton, Joint-segments with movement and functions, Muscle tissue and Fascia theory), Endocrine system, Respiratory system and the Nervous System, all the major systems 
  • Functional Anatomy (Main Muscle groups and their functions, Skeletal variation and the influence on Yoga Asana practice, Spinal health and most common injuries, injuries prevention) 
  • Subtle Anatomy (Chakras, Nadis, Subtle Energy bodies & Kundalini)

Part 3: Yoga Philosophy,  Lifestyle And Ethics

  • What is Yoga?
  • The 8 limbs of Yoga
  • History of Yoga
  • The 4 paths of yoga
  • The Consciousness of Oneness (Advaita Vedanta Principles)
  • Patanjali sutras
  • Asanas
  • Shatkarma Kriyas (Purification techniques)
  • Pranayama
  • Ayurveda and gunas 
  • Ayurvedic vs yogic diet
  • Tantric Principles
  • Kundalini
  • Mantra, Yantra, Mudras, Bandha
  • Meditation
  • Modern world and yoga
  • Lifestyle and ethics of yoga teacher 
  • Marketing and Business
  • How to create workshops and retreats 

Part 4: Teaching Methodology

  • Teaching methodology includes demonstration, adjusting and assisting students with and without props
  • Teaching styles, qualities of a teacher and the student’s process of learning
  • Art of sequencing 3 styles, Hatha, Ashtanga and Restorative Asanas practice
  • Meeting the individual needs of students
  • Principles of teaching different asanas sequences; standing, balancing, crouching, seated, core, inversions, back bends, restorative/cool down poses etc.

Part 5: Practicum

  • Practice teaching 3 times, one of each: hatha, vinyasa and restorative style. During last week.
  • Teaching 3 times 45, 60 and 75 minutes including surya namaskar, kriyas, pranayamas, mantras. 
  • Receiving feedback
  • Observing others teaching and listening/giving feedback

Schedule Day:

  • 06:30 AM – 07:30 AM Kriyas, pranayama & Meditation
  • 07.30 AM – 9:30 AM Hatha/Vinyasa Asanas Practice
  • 09:00 AM – 10:30 AM Breakfast
  • 10:30 AM – 12.30 PM Anatomy, philosophy
  • 12:30 PM – 14:30 PM Lunch
  • 14:30 PM – 16:00 PM Ayurveda and/or Philosophy etc
  • 16:00 PM – 17:00 PM  Postures Asanas, alignements and adjustments.  Ethics for yoga teacher lifestyle,   art of sequencing, teaching methodogy, marketing and business etc
  • 17:00 PM – 18:00 PM Yin Restorative asanas practice

Sea Garden Resort offers Thai massage, free Wi-Fi and free parking. Air-conditioned rooms are equipped with a satellite TV. Some rooms have a large balcony with a hammock. Bathrooms come with hot-water showers.

Superior Room: Room is located in low rise building with beautiful and quiet area. Room is spacious enough to enjoy your time in room.

Deluxe Villa: Spacious modern room design. Relaxing with ocean view on extenxciveness terrace.

We do include breakfast (amazing fruits salad, Juices, Smoothies, Coconut water & Yogurt etc. – but not lunch or dinner, why?Students love the flexibility to do their own thing, meals, dealing with their own ayurvedic constitution. Food is a major aspect of your training, so be wise on it.

Enjoy in surrounding restaurants are only a few dollars each. Students enjoy dining with friends without spending much money!!

Often students find a nice nearby cafe/restaurant to do some study and enjoy a smoothie, salad or go for a swim. Feedback and happiness of the students have been consistent. And if you are happy, we are happy!

Our trainings are all about conscious self-love and how to help our student to help them to empower and enhance their love, consciousness, trust, joy, faith, confidence, breath, clarity, creativity, light, devotion, playfulness, passion, awareness, celebration, movement, transformation, expansion, evolution, and magic.

Everything is gathered to start here and now a life changing experience, detoxifying body, mind and soul and rebalancing the 5 elements within in order to start a journey towards a meeting with the self, a self-transformation experience on a paradise jungle beaches quartz island where the 5 elements lives harmoniously in balance.

Sea Garden Resort


Sea Garden Resort Haad Chao Phao is an attractive resort with spacious beachfront views. The beach is shaded by coconut palms as are the 13 bungalows set around wooden walkways and lush green gardens.

A reservation deposit is required to guarantee your spot in our retreats.  The rest of the course fee is due 2 weeks before the course start date, where we will charge your credit card for any remaining balance due.