40 Hours Online Pranayama Teacher Training, India

  • Organizer: Yogic Concepts
  • Type: Yoga TTC
  • Starting From: 12-April-2021
  • Duration: 10 Days
  • Area: Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh, India
  • Food: Vegetarian
  • Surrounding area: Close To Nature


If you always wanted to become an effective and complete Yoga Teacher but could not find the time because of your work, family affeirs or the inability to travel for long course?

Then this is the perfect opportunity for you! You will gain same amount of knowledge, practice, certificate accreditation and expertise from the comfort of your home. You can use this knowledge and training for your own better health, your teaching or just to dive deeper into ocean of yoga practice.  


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    Anil Singh

    Core Subject: Pranayam, Yoga Nidra and Yoga Philosophy

    Master Anil will be lead lead teacher in this course. He is a qualified Yoga teacher who holds Masters Degree and Post Graduation Diploma in Yoga education. He is ERYT-500 from Yoga Alliance as well. He has 19 years of Yoga teaching experience internationally. Anil has taught Yoga in India and many countries of Africa, Middle East, and Asia. He has mastery in teaching Pranayam, Yoga Nidra and Yoga Philosophy. Currently Anil is working with Yoga Ananda Chiang Mai and staying in Thailand.


All Pandemics often result in people staying home for long periods of time, so this coronavirus pandemic too has stopped learning and work. Keeping all this in mind here we are going to offer Online Teacher Training while maintaining social distancing.

This course is designed to all levels of practitioners and especially for those who are already teachers . We will ensure the proper and step-by-step learning with a strong foundation upon which you build your teaching and personal practice. Even if you are a beginner and want to take challenge and work harder on deeper aspect of yoga practices you are welcome to join this Pranayama e-Teacher Training course.

Practice Teaching, Training and teaching practice:

All the practices of Pranayama will be given as per the Traditional Text. Three texts will be used as reference: 

  • Vasishtha Samhita, 
  • Hathayogapradipika
  • Gheranda Samhita

Practice Sessions will be divided in three practices:

  • Kapalabhati 
  • OM recitation 
  • Pranayama

Pranayama will be practiced :

  • Various types of breathing- thoracic, abdominal etc. in normal breathing.
  • Know your optimum capacity of exhalation
  • Suryabhedana
  • Ujjayi
  • Sitkari
  • Sheetali
  • Bhramari
  • Bhastrika (As per traditional texts)
  • Nadishodhana Pranayama

Other add on in course:

  • Pranayama/Breath Work for therapeutic use

  • Asanas related to Pranayama Practice.

  • Learn how to be confident in Yoga/Pranayama class Management.

Course Syllabus (40 Hours) Theory and Philosophy:

  • What is Yoga and What is pranayama, its history and gradual development.
  • Pranayama in Hatha yoga tradition, number of pranayama/ kumbhakas described in the text.
  • Practical introduction to pranayama in Hathayoga 
  • Physiological considerations of pranayama
  • Mula Bandha, Jalandhar Bandha and Uddiyana Bandha as described in the text and their use in Pranayama Practice.
  • Relation with nadis and vayus and three bandhas 
  • How to do kumbhaka properly and can it be done without these bandhas? 
  • Concept of kundalini arousal by proper Pranayama Practice.
  • Kapalabhati and its different methods. 
  • Methods of Om Recitation
  • Highly effective learning by highly qualified teachers.
  • No Recorded video to watch, teacher will always be present there to guide and see your progress.

  • Available in any location, with an internet connection; students can attend using their devices (e.g., computers, tablets, etc.)

  • Use of instruction time only (e.g., no time and money-consuming travels, stays and jet-legs)

  • Direct teacher feedback like regular courses.

  • Real-time monitoring and feedbacks

  • Yoga Alliance certification
  • Online Classes

Yogic Concepts


Those who follow our teaching and have completed Yoga Teacher Training with us, know that we always emphasise on quality learning and teaching. This COVID-19 pandemic have stoped physical reach and have forced us to look for an alternative option to keep moving forward by learning new things.