Yorkshire Wellbeing Center

The Yorkshire Wellbeing Centre is recognised as one of the premier Pilates and Yoga studios and Retreat Centres in North Yorkshire in England, run by Anne-Marie and James Burford.James and Anne-Marie are dedicated to the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing of all those who are exposed to their teachings, treatments and classes.


3 Day New Year Ayurveda And Yoga Retreat, UK

Yorkshire Wellbeing Center

  • Anne Marie
  • North Yorkshire United Kingdom
  • Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian,Vegan,Ayurvedic

GBP 285

limited availability
  • 3 Days

yorkshire wellbeing center - Teachers

Anne-Marie Burford

James Burford

Chris Burford

Yorkshire Wellbeing Center - Reviews

E.R. Green

Love this place ! You won't meet a friendlier bunch of people. I attended my first social evening last night and felt very at home. The retr eat i attended back in August was very relaxing, Anne-Marie and James were very welcoming and I very much enjoyed the food and garden. Thank you Source: Google .... Read More

Claire Chellew

Anne Marie and James are two of the most influential people I've met ! Before attending their Auyvedic retreat I had somewhat little interest i n this subject, however once I'd attended they inspired my to look further into the knowledge of auyveda which has resulted in me visiting India myself to look deeper. Their retreats are wonderful, their yoga wisdom and knowledge is profound and they are simply two beautiful souls! I intend to attend many more retreats with them! Thank you Anne Marie and James! See you soon Source: Google .... Read More