8 Day Surf And Yoga Retreat,Morocco

  • Organizer: Barrel Flavor Surf Camp
  • Type: Surf
  • Starting From: 01-November-2019
  • Duration: 8 Days
  • Area: Morocco
  • Food: Vegetarian,Gluten Free,Include Meat
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Desert,Mountain


Learn surfing for the first time or  improve your skills on the surfboard with BarrelFlavor Surf Morocco. No matter your surf level, you will be diving into moroccan waves and having fun surfing.

Our surf school is the perfect spot for beginners, intermediates and confirmed. We offer surf & yoga lessons for beginners, surf guides for real experts and a wide variety of activities around in the Moroccan Mecca of surf.

You will not be surfing only at Taghazout but also in the other surfer villages around like Imsouane.


It’s like you came to your another home but in Morocco.

Everybody just taking care of you. You are sharing house, waves and ocean with really nice people here. Highly recommend to stay here.

One of the best vacation i have ever had thanks to this guys.

Thanks a lot

Source: Facebook

Such a great experience. You can mix, in a cozzy surfer house, the moroccan cuisine, welcoming teachers and culture with an international athmosphere and making friends from all over the world.

I totally recomend it if you are planning to surf in Morocco any moment in the year.

Source: Facebook

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  • 073939Nabil Coach barrelflavor surf morocco.jpg

    Nabil Bergui

    Core Subject: Surf Instructor

    Nabil is a profesionnal certified surfer who's coaching our guests everyday. He is not only explaining the basics but he is going in the water with you and watching your moves on the board to make sure identifying what needs to be improved. 


Surfer village located in the South of Morocco at 45 minutes from Agadir. Thanks to his location, there is a wide range of activities to enjoy (surfing, yoga, hikes above the ocean, dune sand excursion, old market visits, travelling to the other surfer village in the south).

We can organize several activities and plan them with our guests according to their wishes:

  • Excursion to other surfer villages like Imsouane.
  • Hikes: hiking in Taghazout above the ocean / Paradise Valley / Banana village.
  • Horseback riding. 
  • Skate session.
  • Agadir's Old market visit.
  • Visit of the Moroccan women's cooperative of argan oil: visitors can see how these morocan women create argan oil, and other natrual cosmetics products based on the usage of plants. Visitors get a tour while a woman from the cooperative explains each of the plants there.
  • Hamam and massage.
  • Yoga lessons (if the guest did not choose the ''surf & yoga'' package, he can nevertheless ask us to set up a yoga class (sunrise or sunset)).
  • Taghazout village visit on the evening or going out for a drink.

Yoga & Surf Package :

5 Nights :

  • 450€ : 1 Person
  • 720€ : 2 Person

7 Nights:

  • 610€ : 1 Person
  • 1120€ : 2 Person

Surf Coaching Package :

5 Nights :

  • 370€ : 1 Person
  • 720€ : 2 Person

7 Nights:

  • 510€ : 1 Person
  • 900€ : 2 Person

Advanced Surf Guiding Package :

5 Nights:

  • 325€ : 1 Person

7 Nights :

  • 450€ : 1 Person

Every day:

  • Healthy breakfast at the villa: we take into account if our guests are vegetarian or have any dietary restrictions.
  • Morning Surf lesson: Explanation and demonstration, for beginners, then practice take-off on the sand. Expert surfers: review of technic and avice. 
  • Lunch time: We bring lunch to our guest on the beach.
  • Then guest can chillout before the second surf session.
  • Afternoon surf session: Guests can go back to the waves under our coach supervision.
  • End of day: We drive back our guest to the villa and offer a tea time with Moroccan pastry.

*Guests are free to get some rest at the villa then we have dinner all together. 

*If a yoga class is included in the package chosen, it will either happen before breakfast or at the sunset, once back from surfing. We can also organize yoga glass on the beach in quiet areas on the sand.

All our rooms are equipped with Wifi and air conditionner.

Towels are provided and our BarrelFlavor team is available 24/7

Our chef cooks healty meals using local and fresh products. Our menu is made with seasonal products as we use products available on the market daily (fresh caught fish, fresh fruits, seasonal vegetables. 

All meals are homemade. 

We also have occidental meals included in our menu.

*Guests are invited to inform us about their dietary restrictions so that we take them into account by our chef.

If you are a confirmed surfer, our instructor will evaluate your level before bringing you to the appropriate surf spots. He'll be surfing with you to have a close view of your technic and give you concrete tips to progress. 

  • Min. 1 to Max. 14 persons / group
  •  24/7 service by BARREL flavor team
  •  Luxury accommodation in a charming villa
  •  6 Days yoga sessions
  •  2 Yoga sessions per day, Sunrise and Sunset
  •  Massage & Hammam session extra
  •  7 Nights accomodation
  •  Healthy breakfast
  •  Packed lunch
  •  Dinner
  •  Unlimited surfing during 6 days
  •  Surfboard, Wetsuit & All other equipment included
  •  Surf lessons with qualified surf instructor
  •  Surfspot transport
  •  Airport / bus station transfer (Agadir)
  •  Unlimited Wifi access

Barrel Flavor Surf Camp


Our surf school is the perfect spot for beginners, intermediates and confirmed. We offer surf & yoga lessons for beginners, surf guides for real experts and a wide variety of activities around in the Moroccan Mecca of surf.