Yoga Retreats In mexico

In a world where social media paints a wrong picture of everything, would you love to take a plunge for peace and retreat? If you connect the dots by saying that Mexico is all about Tacos al Pastor, Guacamole, and beaches, then you need to get your feet on the ground. Mexico holds a special place in the hearts of people who seek to have a quite time away from the discord of this chaotic world.

We at Retreat Kula understand how important it is to disconnect from the stressful Modus Vivendi and go back to the serene basics. Knowing that one cannot fathom the good things a place has to offer without taking a plunge, Retreat Kula has a slew of hand-picked health based holidays like Yoga Retreats, Women Retreats and affordable detox retreats that suits every need. These retreats are meant to open doors to your higher self, and clear your mind space, for good.

Here is a glimpse of what you can expect from the amazing Yoga Retreats in Mexico.

Find the Best Yoga Retreats in Mexico 2019

Mexico is a dreamy place that conjures up fantasies of an amorous heart. The palm lined beaches, scrumptious cuisine, deep jungles, and a bustling city life shall keep you on a hook. So, all you will do here is sit and yearn for more. But, how do you pin down the best destinations for Mexico Yoga vacations? How to search for the best yoga retreats in Mexico 2019? Finding the best amongst a wide array of options is a daunting task but luckily you have a trustworthy buddy Retreat Kula by your side to offer you the best of advice.

Our team comprises of travelers and Yogis, who have been to places, and therefore, brings in the options that suit one and all. Mexico has a huge part of its land dedicated to surfers and audacious souls and this is why you have the chance to explore attractive yet affordable Surf and Yoga Retreats Mexico.

If your mind wants to dig in more then walk through the lanes of Mexico with us now:

Popular Destination for Mexico Yoga Retreat

Your Mexico Yoga Retreat plan is incomplete without visiting some exclusive places that have many things to offer. When in Mexico, it would be downright unfair if you miss onto the beaches of Tulum. Why are Yoga Retreats in Tulum, Mexico touted as an experience of a lifetime? When you meditate on the popular beaches in Tulum and later get an opportunity to walk through the golden history of the forgotten ruins and demolished architectural treasure, your soul feels relaxed and settled down. What else to look forward?

The beautiful peninsula in the Northwestern Mexico called Baja is another most loved choice for Yoga vacationers. Counted amongst the most exciting destinations to relax, Yoga Retreats in Baja, Mexico shall offer a complete package in terms of sunny days at the beach and some history surfing through its cave paintings. No doubt, when choosing an adventure destination North America, Baja tops the list.

If you wish to spend a part of your spiritual holiday in a countryside setup and experience the stillness of life, go for Yoga Retreats in Sayulita, Mexico. Are you wondering what is so special about retreat in Sayulita? Amongst many affordable Yoga Retreats in Mexico, Sayulita is one destination that will capture your heart instantly with its unpretentious aura and a unique cultural mix of Americans and Europeans. We believe that real connections are made from the depths of one’s heart and this is why we have poured in our soul to collaborate with Yogis and Gurus who shall help you beat the negative spiral that bogs you down and rise high in life. Retreat Kula has a sole mission and that is to put you in a serene cycle of life through its best line of Yoga Retreats in Mexico and even in different parts of the world.

A Yoga Retreat without gastronomical pleasure is certainly a loss and Mexican food is famous all over the world. We have for you a slew of restaurants and eat-outs for that authentic food experience.  

Right Time to Go for Yoga Holidays in Mexico

Mexico is like that one mysterious lover who has many shades to their personality and every facet is irresistible. This is no different when it comes to questioning the best time to go for Yoga Retreats in Mexico and make the best use of it for your spiritual journey. Here is a glimpse of what you can expect in different season, so brace yourself because every season has different color to it:


  • What is the Climate like? : Warm and Dry Air
  • What is so Special about Spring in Mexico? : Spring Equinox and Break Travelers are in High Number


  • What is the Climate like?: Hot and Extremely Humid
  • What is so Special about Summer in Mexico? : Guelaguetza Festival


  • What is the Climate like? : Hurricane Season Comes to an End. The Places at a Height may have Lower Temperatures
  • What is so Special about Fall in Mexico? : Day of the Dead Celebration and Cultural Celebrations


  • What is the Climate like? : Extremely Dry
  • What is so Special about Winters in Mexico? : Monarch Butterfly Migration, Peak Season for Beach Activities

Are you ready to head onto a journey of a lifetime?