Yoga Retreats In thailand

We at Retreat Kula believe in handcrafting health vacations from stem to stern in order to offer you a unique assortment of retreats and wellness programs at different destinations. Our skilled professionals and ingenious health experts amalgamate precious lessons from Yogis, wellness Gurus, and new-age fitness mentors with not just the archaic forms of retreats but also with the culture, food, and traditions followed by the chosen destinations. Knowing that the modern-life is spent in redundant exasperation, we have exclusive Yoga retreats to create an outlet for travelers and their pain. Each retreat goes down at one of the off-the-beaten places that we have meticulously hand-picked that sets the stage for a calm disconnect in the lap of Mother Nature.

We have an affordable gamut of Yoga Retreats in Thailand for your solo travel aspirations or long awaited Family vacations. Hold our hands and come see the beauty of this destination through our eyes.

Find the Best Yoga Retreats in Thailand 2019

Retreat Kula is on a mission to redefine the way a traveler experiences Yoga retreats and wellness vacations. The core value that lays the foundation of each retreat is to inculcate millennial choices without compromising on the ethics and old Yoga scriptures. Walking on the same path, our exclusive Yoga & meditation Retreats in Thailand and wellness programs along the same line are as diverse as the new-age travel needs and ambitious travel trends that are taking the market by storm. The price range, chosen places within Thailand, and adventure activities are some of the spices we have added to our retreats recipe.

Interested in knowing more about our specially designed Thailand Yoga Retreats and what place to choose? Hop on with us for this crazy enjoyable ride.

Popular Destinations for Thailand Yoga Retreats

A huge Southeast Asian Indochinese peninsula, Thailand has a number of places to choose from, when it comes to planning a Yoga Retreat here. We have chosen destinations within this island that are popular amongst travelers and most importantly abode to Gurus and Yoga masters from all over the world. Our selection of popular yet affordable Yoga Retreat Thailand shall offer a combination of experiences that comes drenched in tranquility, amazing city life and some good food to stimulate your soul.

Start the Yogic journey by stomping on the cobbled lands in Chiang Mai, which is touted as the cultural city of Thailand. What is so special about Yoga retreats in Chiang Mai? This city has incredulously designed age-old temples, Museums of World Insects & Natural Wonders, and gorgeous waterfalls.

The icing on the cake is the Huay Tung Tao Lake, where Yogis and travelers enjoy slow-paced nature walks and sightseeing. Yoga Retreats in this city offers a combination of exclusive Yoga sessions, meditation in the silence of the woods, and trek adventures past the natural pathways.

We know that travelling to an Island destination has no meaning to it if there is no dash of beach love to it. Move to the east coast of the Chumphon Archipelago and you have one of the most popular Yoga destinations called Koh Samui. Our Yoga travel packages for this beautiful beach destination comprise a range of some of the most popular and accredited Thailand Yoga Retreats, meditation sessions on different beaches, Reiki classes, and delicious vegan food. The Yoga retreat packages at Retreat Kula are planned in such a way that they proffer a wholesome opportunity to not just visit a part of Thailand but soak in its culture, ways of life, and much more.

Another most frequently flocked beach destination is Phuket. The country’s largest island and also counted amongst economically powerful southern provinces of Thailand, Yoga retreats dons a different look here. For those who seek to have a larger-than-life picture of a travel experience in their heads, we offer lucrative luxury Yoga retreat Thailand, which delivers ultimate health vacation experience on both physical and emotional level.

What is so special about Yoga in Phuket? If you love a blend of both esoteric and popular forms of Yoga, then go with Phuket. Retreat Kula has ideal programs like Ashtanga Yoga Retreat Thailand for experienced practitioners as well as programs that can suit the needs of novices. Phuket is a popular destination to go for Ashtanga Yoga programs and meditation sessions that also include prayers, and discussions on best practices pertinent to the art of Yoga.

Travelling through the southern part of Thailand, you have two major island groups, Krabi and Koh Phangan. Both of these islands top the list of Yogis and travelers who want some serious dose of beach in their lives, quietness that soothes their soul and island yoga retreat Thailand at world-class resorts and villas.

Right Time to Go for Yoga Holidays in the Thailand

There is always a right time to visit a place so that a traveler can have the last bit of his happy experience with ease. It is best to plan Yoga Retreats in Thailand in 2019, during the pre winter times, which is between December and end of February.