Yoga Retreats In spain

Yoga Retreats is one great way to enjoy some sunshine, experience culture, and center your energy, all at the same time. If you are someone who likes visiting far-off lands, engage in a lot of Yoga practices, and share keen interest in different traditions then you are at the right place. Spain is one country that very few know about, when it comes to Yoga & healing sessions. The beaches, untouched sands, beautiful sunsets, and cultural influences are some of the highlights that will sweep you off your feet.

Retreat Kula understands how important it is to disconnect with the fuss of your daily lives. Therefore, we have puts forth some of the best Yoga Retreats options while you douse in the beauty of this country. You can find information on every single entity pertinent to your Yoga Holidays in Spain and get an opportunity to choose from a wide price bracket. Your well-being is our mission and your transformation paints our vision. Keeping this in mind, we have carefully examined your needs and have listed retreats that not only satiate your soulful needs but also go well with your financial constraints. Taking a leap of faith and traveling to a different country like Spain can be challenging, therefore, put your best foot forward.

Find the Best Yoga Retreats and Holidays in Spain 2019

Why is it even worth mentioning? Almost all countries qualify for a Yoga Retreat, right? So, what makes Spain Yoga Retreats so special? Here’s a look.

1. Mesmerizing Islands & Beaches

Spain owns some of the most enticing islands and beaches in the world. This makes Spain a perfect destination for Yoga Retreats that welcomes people from all over the world. Your best choice is Yoga Retreats Ibiza, Spain the most loved place in the country. The hippie vibes and most sought-after Yoga and women retreats, makes Ibiza a place, worthy of exploration. Aside stretching your muscles for hours on beautiful beaches, you will also get a chance to taste vegetarian/vegan versions of famous Spanish foods. The vastness of beaches shall encapsulate you in its beauty while you inhale the goodness and exhale the bad.

2. Stretch in the Countryside

While in Spain, do not forget to go for a Yoga Retreat in its beautiful countryside. Southern Spain boasts of traditional villages like Moraira and Alacante which offers a number of cheap Yoga Retreats in Spain that lets you sink in the ocean of peace & serenity. The cobbled pathways, chic restaurants in close proximity, and boutiques make these countryside areas a perfect place for Yoga and vacation. What else is in store? Well, you can take on a road trip through the beautiful cities of Northern Spain, such as San Sebastian, Oviedo, and Santiago de Compostela. The thermal baths, stunning beaches, and ancient cathedrals will break down the impenetrable walls that stop your soul from living.  Yoga Retreats in Northern Spain shall give you an experience to enjoy the perfect blend of new and old.

3. Fragile Language Barriers

There is a misconception that only British and American speak English the most. There is nothing to worry about as your stay in Spain is going to be a no-clumsy experience. The teachers who conduct the Yoga Retreats in different parts of Spain come from different parts of the world and chances are you will most likely come in contact with trainers from India, America, or even Greece. Moreover, you will enjoy every part of this cultural shock experience.

4. Affordability & Feasibility

Not every country is going to offer you both. When it comes to measuring the pocket size, you can safely claim Spain as one of the affordable Yoga Retreats in Europe. Firstly, there a number of cheap flights from Europe and India, and secondly, travelling within the country is also affordable. Moving on to feasibility, Spain shall fulfill all your demands and dreams. If a part of this country is alcohol fueled and loves to party, then there is another face of Spain where you will find guest houses amidst the greenery with outdoor Yoga practice setup, and a constant supply of organic produce to prepare scrumptious vegan food.

Popular Destinations for Spain Yoga Retreats

Yoga Holidays in Spain is like turning the pages of history while you hold hands with its modern sides. If doing that perfect Wheel Pose on a beautiful beach is your cup of tea, then come to eastern coastal regions of Ibiza, Spain for yoga retreats in the beach. Hold your breath, because there is more to it. Sail through the waters and you have Moraira and Alacante to offer you Yoga Retreats amidst the beauty of its villages. Add excitement to your spiritual holiday and go on a road trip in the Northern Spain and further explore San Sebastian, Oviedo, and Santiago de Compostela. Going down to southern Spain, comes Andalucía and the islands, the oldest city of Cadiz, Marbella, city of oldest Spanish culture Jerez de la Frontera and architectural splendor Cordoba.

Right Time to Go For Yoga Holidays in Spain

Spain is amongst the Cheap Yoga Retreats in Europe but this is possible if you go in the right season. Summers are the hottest in Spain so flexing that Yogic pose on a beach is near to impossible. The most opportune time to go for Yoga & Wellness holidays in Spain is at the start of spring season till the onset of the winters, i.e. April till October. Some of the popular food and music festivals are also organized during that period.

Now that you are aware of why Spain is such a special destination when it comes to yoga retreats, why not pack your bags and head to a yoga retreat Spain in 2019?