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5 Day Exquisite Yoga and Hike Retreat In French Alps, France

Lisa Valentine Yoga

  • Lisa
  • Haute Savoie France
  • Mountain,Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian
  • 2020-August-13
  • 5 Days

7 Day New Year Dance, Hatha Yoga & Cultural Retreat, Cuba

Yalorde Yoga

  • Ludisis Mones Castellanos
  • Havana Habana Cuba
  • Near to Beach,Lake,Sea,Forest,Mountain,Close To Nature,River
  • Vegetarian,Vegan,Organic,Raw,Pescetarian,Include Meat
  • 2020-January-03
  • 7 Days

Experience The Holistic Yoga Sutra Teaching of Patanjali, Portugal

108 House

  • Riccardo
  • Mafra Portugal
  • Near to Beach,Sea
  • Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Organic,Dairy Free
  • 2020-March-10
  • 7 Days

10 Day Affordable Life Changing Yoga Retreat, India

Sadashiva Yogshala

  • Ganesh Sonar
  • Khopoli Maharashtra India
  • Forest,Mountain,Close To Nature,River
  • Vegetarian,Vegan,Ayurvedic
  • 2019-December-31
  • 10 Days

5 Day Self-Development, Meditation & Nature Retreat, Spain


  • Etienne Corish
  • Tortosa Tarragona Spain
  • Forest,Mountain,Close To Nature,River
  • Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free
  • 2020-May-11
  • 5 Days
072725copal retreat11.jpg

7 Day Soulful Yoga Retreat With Ricardo Castro, Mexico

Copal Retreat

  • Janet Willis
  • Tulum Mexico
  • Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian,Pescetarian,Include Meat
  • 2020-January-14
  • 7 Days

3 Day Beginner's Yoga Weekend Retreat, Cambodia

RedForest Retreat

  • Dana
  • Kampot Kampot Cambodia
  • Close To Nature,River
  • Vegetarian,Vegan
  • 2020-January-03
  • 3 Days
121934morocco places11.jpg

7 Day Exiciting Yoga Meets Desert Tour, Morocco

Morocco Places

  • Redouane Issoummer
  • Marrakech Morocco
  • Desert,Forest,Mountain,Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian,Vegan,Pescetarian,Include Meat
  • 2020-February-09
  • 7 Days
074205revivo wellness11.jpg

5 Day Emotional Balance & Mind Training Retreat, Indonesia

Revivo Wellness Resort

  • Rosila
  • Bali Indonesia
  • Near to Beach,Sea,Mountain,Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian
  • 2019-November-15
  • 5 Days

7 Day Men’s Nude Yoga & Tantra Retreat, Bali


  • Franscis Trepels
  • Bali Indonesia
  • Forest,Mountain,Close To Nature,River
  • Vegetarian,Organic,Dairy Free
  • 2020-March-01
  • 7 Days
053706Pathways Country3.jpg

200 Hr Hatha Yoga Teachers Training, South Africa

Pathways Country Yoga Retreat

  • Jennifer Fitzsimmons
  • KwaZulu Natal South Africa
  • Near to Beach,Lake,Forest,Mountain,Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Raw,Pescetarian,Include Meat,Dairy Free
  • 2019-November-03
  • 21 Days
0553346 Day Flexible Yoga Retreat For Couple.jpg

6 Day Flexible Yoga Retreat For Couple, Thailand

Phuket Private Yoga

  • Chalitawan Yaboon
  • Phuket Thailand
  • Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Include Meat
  • 2019-November-15
  • 6 Days
111536nepal yoga.jpg

3 Day Himalayan Pre Trek Yoga Retreat, Nepal

Nepal Yoga Academy

  • Dr. Chintamani
  • Bhaktapur Bagmati Nepal
  • Mountain,Close To Nature,River
  • Vegetarian,Vegan
  • 2019-November-01
  • 3 Days

8 Day Christmas Yoga And Women Retreat, Italy

Federica Clemente

  • Federica Clemente
  • Brindisi Italy
  • Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free
  • 2019-December-19
  • 8 Days

4 Day Ultimate Yoga & Meditation Retreat, Canada

Zen Wellness Retreat

  • Michelle rauckman
  • Calgary Alberta Canada
  • Lake,Forest,Close To Nature,River
  • Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Organic,Dairy Free,Nut Free
  • 2019-November-15
  • 4 Days


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