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  • 0719061.jpg

    Yoga with Horses & Personal Healing,Costa Rica

    : Terry Newton

    : Cahuita Limon Costa Rica

    : Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Organic,Dairy Free

    : USD 1495

    : 8 Days

    : 2019-October-12
    To 2019-October-19

  • 121832Yoga Retreat.jpg

    Uniquely Crafted 21 Days Yoga Retreat In Costa Rica

    : Kevin Mcquillan

    : Guanacaste Costa Rica

    : Near to Beach

    : Vegetarian

    : USD 1999

    : 21 Days

    : 2019-October-15

  • 1057398.jpg

    7 Day Premium “Divine Body" Yoga & Healing Nutrition Retreat, Indonesia

    : Bliss Body

    : Ubud Bali Indonesia

    : Forest,Mountain,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Organic,Raw,Ayurvedic,Dairy Free,Nut Free

    : USD 2790

    : 7 Days

    : 2019-November-17
    To 2019-November-23

  • 1100263.jpg

    8 Day Yoga & Reiki Program In Tropics of Mexico

    : Ryan

    : Zihuatanejo Guerrero Mexico

    : Mountain,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian

    : USD 2455

    : 8 Days

    : 2019-October-01

  • 0807380529176.jpg

    3 Day Yoga Mini Break,Cambodia

    : Phira Long

    : Siem Reab Cambodia

    : Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Organic,Dairy Free,Nut Free

    : USD 518

    : 3 Days

    : 2019-October-01

  • 052827Yoga Bale.JPG

    8 Day Yoga, Wellness & Detox Vacation,Indonesia

    : Deni

    : Ubud Bali Indonesia

    : Near to Beach,Sea,Mountain,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian

    : USD 2227

    : 8 Days

    : 2019-October-01

  • 0756355.jpg

    8 Day Burnout Prevention Yoga Retreat, Thailand

    : Sascha Wondruschka

    : Phuket Thailand

    : Near to Beach,Sea,Forest,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan

    : USD 1841

    : 8 Days

    : 2019-October-01

  • 0942192.jpg

    4 Day Mangosteen's Pure Yoga Retreat,Thailand

    : Sascha Wondruschka

    : Phuket Thailand

    : Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan

    : USD 383

    : 4 Days

    : 2019-October-01

  • 1114532.jpg

    8 Day Life Changing Yoga Retreat,Ecuador

    : Tito

    : La Libertad Guayas Ecuador

    : Forest,Mountain,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian

    : USD 1290

    : 8 Days

    : 2019-November-12
    To 2019-November-19

  • 07571214.jpeg

    7 Day Rediscover Yourself Program With Chris Mcclellan & Erin Ward,Peru

    : Kori

    : Cusco Peru

    : Mountain,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan

    : USD 2600

    : 7 Days

    : 2019-December-01
    To 2019-December-07

  • 0735519.jpg

    2 Days Affordable Solo Yoga Retreat,Indonesia

    : Fika

    : Ubud Bali Indonesia

    : Forest

    : Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Raw

    : USD 40

    : 2 Days

    : 2019-September-02

  • 07572610.jpg

    20 Day Yoga Therapy & Wellness Tour, India

    : Jaime Blakely

    : Rishikesh Uttarakhand India

    : Desert,Mountain,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Organic,Ayurvedic

    : USD 3320

    : 20 Days

    : 2019-November-11
    To 2019-November-30

  • 1125018.jpg

    7 Day Yoga & Reiki Program In Tropics Of Mexico

    : Andrea

    : Bucerias Nayarit Mexico

    : Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Include Meat,Dairy Free,Nut Free

    : USD 1200

    : 7 Days

    : 2019-November-03
    To 2019-November-09

  • 1036088.jpg

    8 Day Reconnect Yourself With Detox & Yoga Package,Thailand

    : Luca Sonzogni

    : Koh Samui Thailand

    : Near to Beach,Sea,Mountain,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan

    : USD 1098

    : 8 Days

    : 2019-December-13
    To 2019-December-20

  • 10314711.jpeg

    8 Day Detox &Yoga Stress Free Retreat,Thailand

    : Luca Sonzogni

    : Koh Phangan Thailand

    : Near to Beach,Mountain,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free

    : THB 29150

    : 8 Days

    : 2020-February-02
    To 2020-February-09

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Close to nature

Replenish your body and mind with the goodness of nature and yoga. Spend time amidst the serene beauty of nature. Be surrounded by the most breathtaking views and replenish the body and heart.

Luxury and leisure

Featured yoga retreat 2019 showcases a selection of the most demanded yoga retreats for the peace seekers and yoga lovers. With us, you garner the opportunity to attend an astounding featured retreat that is designed keeping all the comfort, leisure, and luxury in mind.

Delve deep into yoga practice

Yoga and meditation practice fill your body and mind with solace and ecstasy so that you come back with a fresh outlook towards the Self and Life both. The top featured retreats offer the best to their students to transform their lives and health.

Rejuvenating Ayurveda therapies

The 2018 yoga retreats are the ones to go to for taking a completely relaxing and reviving vacation. Quite unique from a traditional vacation, at a featured yoga retreat, prepare yourself to rejuvenate and heal through the traditional Ayurveda and Spa therapies and customized treatments.

Comfy accommodation

Serene Atmosphere, calm environment, best services, and a comfy stay create the perfect ambiance for a yogic practice. During your featured yoga retreat program, you get best of the facilities, and an ideal accommodation is one of these.

Delectable nutritious food

Food is one of the major aspects that makes a yoga retreat worth attending and during a featured yoga retreat, a wholesome spread of palatable food choices ranging from traditional yogic to continental is one of the major components.