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  • 061911main.jpg

    7 Day Revitalizing Wellness Cure Program, Sri Lanka

    : Shawn Peterson

    : Hambantota Sri Lanka

    : Lake,Forest,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Organic,Ayurvedic

    : EUR € 894

    : 6 Nights

    : 2019-August-15
    To 2019-December-31

  • 064634main.jpeg

    3 Days ReConnect Retreat in the Blue Mountains, Australia

    : Amber Gouzy

    : New South Wales Australia

    : Forest,Mountain,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan,Organic

    : AUD $ 500

    : 3 Days

    : 2019-August-16
    To 2019-August-18

  • 175615BWR1.jpg

    14 Days Rejuvenating Bali Wander Yoga Retreat in Indonesia

    : Jules Seaman

    : Canggu Bali Indonesia

    : Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Organic,Pescetarian,Include Meat,Dairy Free,Nut Free

    : USD $ 1999

    : 14 Days

    : 2019-October-21
    To 2019-November-03

  • 0927271732292018-03-12 12.55.21.jpg

    7 Day Yoga Body Zen Mind Retreat at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

    : Samantha

    : Atitlan Solola Guatemala

    : Lake,Mountain,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Dairy Free

    : USD $ 847

    : 6 Nights

    : 2019-December-01
    To 2019-December-07

  • 102733people.jpg

    Yoga And The Neuroscience Connection with Kristine Weber, Ireland

    : Caroline Holmes

    : Ireland

    : Close To Nature

    : Veg

    : USD $ 2125

    : 7 Days

    : 2019-October-09
    To 2019-October-16

  • 091211food46.png

    Plant Based Cooking & Yoga Retreat, Romania

    : Mena

    : Moeciu Brasov Romania

    : Forest,Mountain,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Raw

    : EUR € 738

    : 6 Days

    : 2019-August-23
    To 2019-August-28

  • 121922outdoor.jpg

    Re-Ignite yourself with Stephanie Acosta, Costa Rica

    : Corey Miller

    : San Jose Alajuela Costa Rica

    : Mountain,Close To Nature

    : Vegan

    : USD $ 3500

    : 6 Days

    : 2019-July-20
    To 2019-July-25

  • 124941gallary 2.PNG

    8 Day Open Heart Meditation & Yoga Retreat, Greece

    : Despina Kouraki

    : Chania Greece

    : Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan,Organic,Pescetarian,Ayurvedic,Include Meat

    : EUR € 990

    : 8 Days

    : 2019-September-12
    To 2019-September-19

  • 060653yoga2.jpg

    Eupepsia Personal Yoga & Wellness Retreat In Virginia,USA

    : Joana

    : Bland Virginia United States

    : Forest,Mountain,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Organic,Ayurvedic,Dairy Free

    : USD $ 769

    : 4 Days

    : 2019-August-20
    To 2019-September-30

  • 102649gallery_yoga_circle_candles.jpg

    8 Day Conscious Wellness & Yoga Retreat, Mexico

    : Erik

    : La Paz Baja California Sur Mexico

    : Near to Beach,Desert,Sea,Mountain,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Organic,Pescetarian

    : USD $ 2500

    : 8 Days

    : 2019-October-12
    To 2019-October-19

  • 093402my soul trips.jpg

    6 Day Inspired & Refresh Your Motivation, Costa Rica

    : Celi Baker

    : Jaco Puntarenas Costa Rica

    : Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian

    : USD $ 749

    : 6 Days,5 Nights

    : 2019-October-15
    To 2019-October-20

  • 064823Zen Yoga.png

    Zen Yoga, Meditation, Deep Relaxation & Guided Walks in France

    : Valerie McDonald

    : Dordogne France

    : Forest,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian, Organic, Raw

    : GBP £ 655

    : 7 Nights

    : 2019-September-23
    To 2019-September-30

  • 114354yoga.jpeg

    7 Day Organic Juice Fast With Beginners Yoga, Portugal

    : Annabel Ellen Street

    : Portugal

    : Sea,Close To Nature

    : Vegan

    : EUR € 350

    : 7 Days

    : 2019-August-31
    To 2019-September-07

  • 05355727657794_783265851857418_757633801280110514_n.jpg

    Walk Lightly: Montana Yoga Retreat 2020

    : Amanda Webster

    : Whitefish Montana United States

    : Lake,Forest,Mountain,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan

    : USD $ 1600

    : 6 Days/5 Nights

    : 2020-July-07
    To 2020-July-12

  • 052556DSC_2130.jpg

    4 Days Kitesurf, SUP & Yoga Holiday, Ragusa Italy

    : Giada Savino

    : Ispica Sicilia Italy

    : Near to Beach,Sea,Forest,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Organic

    : USD $ 386

    : 3 Nights/4 Days

    : 2019-August-01
    To 2019-October-31

Revive your mind, body, spirit, and restore your health in the midst of nature far away from the maddening crowd of an urban city with Wellness Yoga Retreats. Escape the stresses of life, immerse in the tranquility of the place, and reflect on your inner self and wellbeing. More than just a rejuvenating break, Retreat Kula brings to you the most ideal Wellness Retreats that are designed for self-care, inner welfare, and holistic wellness. Dive deeper into the yoga asanas and welcome inner peace into your life. Enjoy moments of health and pampering at these Wellness Retreats.

At Retreat Kula, you can select your favorite from a broad range of carefully crafted Wellness retreats that are singled out after considering a number of factors such as location, worth, retreat center’s reputation, etc.

Best Places for Pocket-Friendly Retreats

Thailand: Thailand and wellness retreats have a long-lasting relation since the beautiful Asian nation is home to some of the world’s best Yoga and Spa centers. A huge number of fitness programs are available from the affordable to the lavish ones. Additionally, you can avail discounts and offers from many Yoga Schools and centers.

Bali: In addition to stunning beaches, Indonesia is famous for its cost-effective lifestyle. Bali, the spiritual hub introduces you to various authentic Wellness Yoga retreats at quite economical prices. Top-class restaurants with awesome food and ambiance are what this location offers other than solace and health. The best part is that retreat programs are accessible for as little as three days to a couple of months.

India: Any discussion of Yoga, wellness, and wholesomeness is incomplete without the inclusion of India in them. Yoga’s birth land is the source of the most ancient healing systems, is pocket-friendly, and just as delightful. Retreat Kula has a collection of the best wellness retreats in India from yogic towns such as Kerala, Rishikesh, Dharamshala, etc.

Why Go to Wellness Yoga Retreat?

Wellness Yoga Retreats are the source of immense refreshment and soulful vitality. If you are feeling the heat of the stressed lifestyle of the 21st century, welcome yourself to the wellness programs:

Overall Wellness: Of course, the primary purpose of a Wellness retreat is to bring you back on the track of healthy living. Through Yoga practice, Meditation, Ayurvedic massage, etc., the retreat intends to remove all the harmful substances present in the body. The asanas teach you to maintain the physical health; while the mindful training helps you regulate your mind to become a mentally strong person.

Mental Peace: Retreat Kula have handpicked only those Wellness Yoga Retreats that work significantly for attaining mental calmness, physical health, and stability. During the program, you are in direct contact with nature, in the association of which the retreat becomes utterly fruitful for those seeking self-composure.

Holistic revitalization: One of the best reasons for going to a Wellness retreat is its focus on the complete rejuvenation of the mind, body, and spirit. The body gets energized while undergoing various kinds of therapies and treatments offered at these. The mind fills with energy and begins to revive and heal.

Put your first step on the path of soulful bliss by checking out our Wellness programs and add the zest of wellness to life.