7 Day Meditation and Yoga Retreat In Rishikesh, India

  • Organizer: Om Sampoorn Yoga
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 01-April-2021
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Area: Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India
  • Food: Vegetarian,Organic
  • Surrounding area: Mountain,Close To Nature,River


Join this seven days of immersion in yoga on and off the mat. Our focus is on showing you the full spectrum of yoga on and off the mat, not just asana.During your time with us you live like a local yogi and experience the yogic life in its fullness.We take you on memorable excursions in breathtaking locations - some of which knows only by very few locals.

This is surely an experince you will never forget!


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  • 170138vimal.jpg


    Core Subject: Yoga Instructor

    Vimal has been teaching yoga and meditation in India and other parts of Asia to improve one’s physical health as well as one’s spiritual life. He now shares his experience through daily classes, workshops, and retreats in Rishikesh and abroad. His energetic yet approachable teachings reflect a genuine understanding of the classical path of yoga with a modern outlook. His authentic classes are spiritually charged with life changing teachings; these can be incorporated into daily routines to ultimately live a more joyful and purposeful life.

  • 170138Elena.jpg


    Core Subject: Yoga Instructor

    Elena is a compassionate yogini and a spiritual counselor. She holds a B.A. in creative writing and is passionate about merging her love for the traditions of Eastern Philosophies with Western practice of yoga. Elena inspires students by sharing her devotion throughout the world and offers classes, retreats, and workshops in English, Italian, and French. She believes everything is always in Divine order and that the best approach to life is to be fully present at any moment.


Rishikesh is the world's capital of yoga and is situated by the sacred river Ganga, surrounded by majestic himalayas. With its ancient temples and holy caves, sadhus and gurus, it is the perfect place to experience daily spiritual ceremonies and rituals; it also offers the ideal environment to deepen your personal awareness and immerse yourself in yoga, on and off the mat.

Enjoy a wide array of different styles; Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Bhakti, Kriya, Yin, and Restorative. Practice pranayama (breathing techniques), and familiarize yourself with different methods of meditation.Experience the totality of yoga in the world's capital of this ancient practice!

Please note that on excursion days the schedule will be changed. We will inform you of such changes the day before. 

Silence will be observed at the Ashram premises every Thursday.

Enjoy excursions in the Himalayas such as sunrise meditation, visits to temples, and sacred caves. Meet babas and sadhus who live in the forest. Participate in Indian traditional ceremonies such as puja and aarti by the holy river Ganga. Enjoy mantra chant and if you come during a festival we will make sure you are part of it.

Daily Schedule:

  • 06:30 AM Yoga/ pranayama/meditation class
  • 08:15 AM Yogic breakfast
  • 09:00 AM Library time/ self-study
  • 12:00 PM Yogic lunch
  • 13:00 PM Mantra chant/excursion
  • 16:00 PM Ayurvedic tea served in the dining hall
  • 16:30 PM Yoga/ yogic philosophy/meditation class
  • 18:00 PM Indian traditional ceremony
  • 19:15 PM Yogic dinner
  • 21:00 PM Goodnight

During your retreat, you are accommodated at the Yoga Niketan Ashram in an Ashram style single, clean, and safe room with private bathroom.

Double room available upon request. During the hot season, A/C rooms are offered. You will also find a desk, chair, and an armoire, a little porch or balcony to relax or read your favorite book. Towels, soap, and toilet paper are provided. 

All rooms are simple, yet quaint and immersed in lush greenery. The yoga studio is fully equipped with mats, block, straps, and bolsters. This studio is within walking distance of each accommodation. 

Afternoon Ayurvedic tea is offered daily at 4:00 p.m and the library, open most of the day and evening, offers a wide selection of yogic texts also in English. Wi-Fi available at the library during specific hours.

All meals are lovingly prepared in the Ashram's kitchen. They are organic, yogic, and vegetarian. Enjoy a variety of Indian meals that will leave you feeling nourished and ready for your practice. Afternoon Ayurvedic tea offered daily.

After your retreat with Om Sampoorn Yoga you will gain a new perspective on life, you will feel more connected to yourself, and you will attain tools applicable to your daily life to help you connect to a more purposeful existence.

  • 2Daily yoga/meditation sessions 
  • 1 Ayurvedic massage 
  • Daily yogic philosophy Q&A
  • 3 Daily yogic/vegetarian meals 
  • Ayurvedic afternoon tea 
  • 6 Nights accommodation 
  • Sunrise meditation in the breathtaking Himalayas 
  • Visits to temples and ancient caves 
  • Meditation by the sacred river Ganga 
  • Participation in holy Indian ceremonies 
  • Airport transfer from Dehradhun

Om Sampoorn Yoga


Om Sampoorn Yoga is centrally located at the Yoga Niketan Ashram, one of the most renowned in Rishikesh, the world's capital of yoga. 

Strategically situated on a little hill, with a breathtaking view of the river Ganga, away from crowds and noises. Since the samadhi (tomb) of Guru Yogeshwarananda fills the space with sacred energy, the atmosphere is particularly peaceful and conducive to meditation, yoga, and self-discovery.

  • Please be advised that in case of cancellation only 20% of the booking will be refunded via PayPal. Any PayPal charges will be covered by the customer.
  • 15 days prior to the retreat’s beginning date there will be no refunds.