Vennetta's first profession was as a psychiatric nurse.  It was through many years of practice that she first appreciated the powerful therapeutic effects of being outdoors for tackling anxiety and stress. However, the summers in the UK are not very long, and not always very sunny! It was not until she started to travel and experienced being outdoors in the Caribbean that she truly understood the therapeutic benefits of a tropical climate for health, fitness and wellbeing. Throughout her career Vennetta has always been passionate about improving people's health. Naturally Wild Wellness retreats is Vennetta's way of continuing to make a difference.


Nature Therapy and Beach Yoga Glamping Retreat


  • Chloe Johnston
  • Saint Mary Antigua And Barbuda
  • Near to Beach,Sea,Forest,Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian,Organic,Pescetarian

USD 1885

limited availability
  • 4 nights

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Chloe Johnston

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