7 Day HappyFish Yoga Retreat, Bali

  • Organizer: Happyfish Bali
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 01-November-2019
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Area: Bali, Indonesia
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Close To Nature


Our yoga retreat will allow you to stop, contemplate, and reset your mind. With our thoughtfully curated yoga retreat, we give you an opportunity to practice mindfulness and become active and take advantage of the amazing benefits of yoga. This retreat will serve as an inspiration to gain strength, raise your energy levels and achieve inner peace. Guided by our expert practitioners, you will be able to perfect your asanas meticulously and the same time being at peace with yourself.


That was great. I stayed at this place for a week and had a yoga retreat. Every day I did yoga in the morning and at sunset. There is a wonderful yoga area where you can watch the sunset. This retreat also included a trip to Ubud, the temple of Holy water and a walk along the rice terraces. The hosts also organized one day of surfing. It's unforgettable. The place is brand new, everything is clean and fresh, I was impressed by the interior, everything is very stylish. I had a very good week and was satisfied. Recommend

We stayed at HappyFish for one week in December. It just opened their doors and it looked absolutely amazing. The location itself got all the facilities you need and it was located at the perfect spot, close to Canggu but in a quiet neighborhood (so, no scooter noise :). the Yoga classes were great and we really liked the fact there were more activities included, like boot camp for example. I want to end this message to thank all the staff, you guys were amazing and gave us a great week!

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    Core Subject: Yoga Teacher

    Neus journey began with a desire to connect with her mind and body, understand her thoughts, and find the perfect balance to create inner peace. Along with perfecting the yoga poses, Neus helps our guests to be kind and compassionate towards one’s own self and find peace within. Her passion for yoga and traveling encouraged her to join us here and guide people towards a journey inward and find gratitude and perfect harmony through yoga.

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    Core Subject: Bootcamp / Boxing / Personal trainer

    Gede is a talented and expert trainer and has years of experience in personal training. Besides personal training, Gede is trained in Muay Thai, boxing, and is a BOSU® trainer as well as a certified functional trainer. With a dream of a more healthier and fitter future, Gede established his own fitness company in Bali and is successfully bringing positive change is people’s lives.


With a quiet and peaceful neighborhood, Happyfish is located close to Pererenan beach, Canggu. What makes our location best is that we are close to the beach, the small surf village, and all the amazing restaurants in Canggu. This gives you ample opportunities to stroll outside and experience the true culture of Bali.

Our yoga shala is on the rooftop terrace of the villa. We have carefully designed it to give our guests an amazing view of the rice paddy area and a glimpse of the sea. Also, the view of the sunset from here is a treat to the eye.

Built with a modern touch yet keeping the essence of Bali intact, our property will make you feel like home where you can find your spot and just relax while reading a book, hanging out with others, or enjoying lip-smacking meals!

At Happyfish, we try to make yoga approachable to everyone and for that, we introduce you to different styles of yoga. With this, you will be able to find the perfect style to practice yoga, even if you are just a beginner. Our teachers have exhaustive knowledge of their respective fields; hence even if you are stuck in any activity they will always be available to help you find an alternate way. Set in the idyllic Bali, Happyfish welcome you to take a break from your busy life and experience this one of a kind retreat!


Shared Room

  • €249 Last minute offer
  • For bookings January – February
  • €499 forbookings March
  • €799 for bookings April – November

Private Room

  • €349 Last minute offer
  • For bookings January – February
  • €749 for bookings March
  • €1049 For bookings April – November

Experience the authentic culture with our Bali inspired pillows, wall paintings, and decor. Surrounded by the beautiful rice fields, we are located in the greenest and quietest area next to the village Canggu. The yoga shala allows you to spend some alone time while perfecting your asanas.

Our infinity pool with sun beds allows you to truly unwind and relax while sunbathing. In case you want to spend some time in shades, we have got you covered by creating a quiet corner with cozy pillows.

You can share a room or book a private room with a double bed from our 6 rooms. With own en-suite bathrooms equipped with toilet, sink, and shower, our rooms have air conditioners and are furnished with the artwork of local handcrafters.  Also, our second-floor rooms have a balcony.

Our chef prepares lip-smacking meals for breakfast with options like poached eggs with avocado on sourdough toast, smoothie bowls, vegan pancakes, and nasigoreng which literally means ‘fried rice’.

Kitchen staff is available from 8:30 am till 11:30 am and can serve 12 people at a time. You can explore the amazing restaurants outside or can request for a meal at our villa.

Become the center of your own life with our 6-day yoga retreat. Practice yoga to become healthier and manage your stress while taking a break from the bustling, ever-demanding city life and experience inner peace and relaxation. Along with our yoga sessions, you will also enjoy a healthy BBQ on Friday and experience the magic of relaxing massage.

Also, ourBootcamp will make you push yourself and exceed your limits to become a better, fitter version of yourself. Join us on a trip to Ubud, the temple of Holy water and take a walk along the rice fields. Every Tuesday is a Surfday and we have a surf session at around 10 in the morning. This is an unforgettable experience you will cherish for a long time.

The team with their expertise will make sure that you have the time of your life while on this retreat. We have poured our hearts out in designing this villa to make it welcoming for you! With professional experience in areas such as yoga, training, surfing, and a lot more, we make sure to help you reconnect with your inner self while becoming healthier and physically fit.

  • 11 sessions of yoga
  • 6 nights of sleeping
  • 6 times breakfast
  • Friday Healthy BBQ
  • 1 relaxing massage
  • Bootcamp!
  • Pilates class
  • Surfday! (Tuesday 10:00am, surf session)
  • Welcome HAPPYFISH goodies
  • Scooter for six days or if you are not comfortable you have the option to get a bicycle. 
  • One-day trip to Ubud
  • Pickup from the airport



Our founders, Sjors van Leeuwen and Lieke van Hulsbergen, strongly feel that every one of us need to take a break from our busy life and step back for a while so that we can go ahead in a much better way.  At Happyfish, we guide you to take a journey inward and understand your thought process, without letting your thoughts overwhelm or control you. Sjors and Lieke help people to focus on themselves and feel completely refreshed at the end of the retreat.

Space is designed in such a manner that it allows you to be comfortable in your own company and come out as an even stronger person.