Experience the Real Touch Of Pannchakarma Treatment, India

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At Ideal Ayurvedic Resort’s Kerala Ayurveda panchakarma centre, each individual is analyzed constitutionally followed by proper ayurvedic disease diagnosis and then therapies are started for the same. We provide the best panchakarma treatment in Kerala that is unique to each individual and their body type (dosha), identifying the underlying factors in the ailment.

Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment in kerala is a set of five therapies designed mainly for cleansing the body of toxins. Ayurveda considers that the purification of the body is important before the commencement of any other therapy. Ayurveda believes that our body needs to be purified before replenishing it with the new colors of health, youthful vigour and vitality.

Program Description

The Three Stages of Kerala Panchakarma Treatment

  • Purva Karma – Pre Purification Procedure
  • Pradhana Karma – Main Purification Procedure
  • Paschat Karma – Post Purification Procedure

Purva Karma – Pre Purification Procedure

Purva Karma procedure is the first Kerala panchakarma treatment procedure which starts with two sets of therapies: Oleation and Fomentation.

Snehana (Oleation) : Snehana involves the application of oil or oily substance on the body. Medicated oils and ghee are particularly used for the internal application. The oils or ghee acts as an effective medium and nourishes the deeper tissues and it also helps in carrying the medicinal ingredients to every cell of the body and loosen up toxins stuck in the cells.

Swedana (Sweating) : Swedana therapies are generally followed by snehana therapies. The tissues made soft by snehana therapies become more flexible by subsequent sweating. The toxins accumulated in the body loosened by snehana liquefy due to swedana and help to flush out of the body.

Pradhana Karma – Main Purification Procedure

Vaman : Vamana is known as therapeutic emesis and is the first panchakarma procedure in Pradhana Karma. The induced vomiting helps to eliminate toxins from the body tissues. Vaman therapy is especially recommended primarily for Kapha – dominated conditions such as obesity, asthma, and hyperacidity.

Virechan (purgation) : Virechana refers to removing the toxins by means of purgation. In this treatment, the patient is given an herbal laxative to facilitate the evacuation of bowels that helps in cleansing the body of toxins. Virechana therapy is recommended for Pitta aggravated conditions.

Basti : Basti is known as a medicated enema. Basti is especially recommended for aggravated Vata. Anus and urinary tract are used as a medium for injecting the medicine. This therapy has enormous effects, especially in complicated and chronic diseases.

Nasya : Nasya is known as nasal administration of the drug. The therapy is effective in clearing and cleansing the head region. The nasal drops are administered in both the nostrils. Nasya treatment is usually prescribed for diseases of ear, nose, throat, and headache etc.

Raktha mokshana : Raktha Mokshana is known as therapeutic bloodletting. It is used in curing diseases caused by vitiation of blood. Raktha Mokshana although less practiced but is the highly efficacious procedure. medicinal leeches are best employed for this procedure. This sums up the entire Pradhana Karma Procedure.

Paschat Karma – Post Purification Procedure

Diet : After the elimination of toxins a special diet regimen is planned which reestablishes the normal digestive capacity of the person who underwent Pradhana Karma. The diet is so structured that it starts with more liquid preparations to gradually increase to solid food.

Rejuvenation / Rasayana Therapy: We also recommend for a Rasayana therapy to nourishes the tissues, build up the immune system and rejuvenate the body and mind.


Our Teachers


Vaidyar J.Christudas

Core Subject: Traditional Ayurvedic Physician
Vaidyar.J.Christudas was interested in natural medicine and he also learned about making ayurvedic medicines with the local herbs available in nature. He is also an expert in treating incurable diseases through ayurvedic and panchakarma treatments.Vaidyar.J.Christudas uses his knowledge of medical paths to diagnose and understand the patient so that he can offer the most appropriate treatment. His deep knowledge, innate sincerity, humanity and capacity of untiring hard work won him deep affection and trust of all those came into contact with him.


Welcome to Ideal Ayurvedic Resorts, The Best Ayurvedic Resorts in Trivandrum, Kerala. Situated amidst the natural beauty of rich green gardens, aromatic plantations, and shimmering water bodies. 

Ideal Ayurvedic Resorts in Trivandrum is approximately 20 kilometers from the Trivandrum International Airport, Trivandrum Central Railway Station and the Bus Station. 


Types: Ayurveda Date: From 01-December-2019 To 27-December-2019 Duration: 26 Days Area: Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India Food: Ayurvedic,Vegetarian,Organic,Vegan Surrounding Area: Near to Beach,Sea,Forest,Close To Nature


  • Suitable Ayurveda Treatments-(Almost 2.30 to 3 hrs Every Day) 
  • Full board Ayurveda vegetarian meals 
  • Daily consultation with Doctors 
  • Internal & External Medicines during the treatment period 
  • Complimentary yoga classes


Built around an open courtyard, the Ideal Ayurvedic Resort consists of the main guesthouse, 4 traditional Keralan cottages, and a treatment center. With a maximum capacity of 50 Guests, the resort offers an unequaled level of friendly individual attention. Three types of rooms we offer:

Standard Non A/C : The highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene are kept throughout the whole compound. The grounds and the communal parts of the buildings are washed down, cleaned and swept every morning, and individual rooms are cleaned every day. Clean bed linen, towels, soaps and shampoo sachets are also supplied daily. The water supplied throughout the compound is sterilized.

Poolside Non A/C : The highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene are kept throughout the whole compound. The grounds and the communal parts of the buildings are washed down, cleaned and swept every morning, and individual rooms are cleaned every day. Clean bed linen, towels, soaps and shampoo sachets are also supplied daily. The water supplied throughout the compound is sterilized.

Pool Side A/C :The Main Guest House contains 10 tastefully decorated double rooms with a large ceiling fan, Telephone and ensuited toilet / shower and a 15 pool view rooms are featured with Spacious interiors, air-conditioned (limited rooms), fan, ensuited toilet/shower room with hot water, balcony overlooking the pool which ensures your privacy. The highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene are kept throughout the whole compound. The grounds and the communal parts of the buildings are washed down, cleaned and swept every morning, and individual rooms are cleaned every day. Clean bed linen, towels, soaps and shampoo sachets are also supplied daily. The water supplied throughout the compound is sterilized.

Food & Accommodation Gallery


Enjoy World cuisine At our Traditionally built Multi cuisine restaurant

Ayurveda meals will be provided according to Doctor’s consultation and instructions. All meal schedules are prepared by the chief doctor.

Enjoy Ayurvedic meals on full board basis for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner in Nature lanka resort. All the meals served are vegetarian, vegan and dairy free.

* You can choose to follow a diet recommended by the doctors

What Makes This Program Special?

To ensure incessant availability of the healing opportunity, our Ideal ayurvedic resort boasts an ashram-like setup amidst the luxurious amenities and tranquil ambiance to facilitate with solitude and cool state of mind. Further, our Ayurveda packages are also an integral part of the availability of the opportunity, as each is planned after discovering the unique needs and possibilities through complete patient assessment.

Each customer as our Ayurveda patient is dealt uniquely because we believe that each human in this world is unique with diverse specific needs. Such treatment has its own magical impact on your body, mind, and soul when done at a naturally rejuvenating resort like ours! Relish divinely in the varying hues of the coast: Golden dunes, azure water, green foliage, and multicolored flowers while admiring.


  • Accommodation as per the category of booking.
  • Daily Ayurvedic treatments.
  • Ayurvedic vegetarian full board meal.
  • Intial, daily and final consultation by the doctor.
  • Free medicines during the treatment period.
  • Composition of an individual Ayurveda diet menu.
  • Airport Transfer from Trivandrum.
  • Duration of the treatments may vary according to the direction of the doctor and process may change depending upon the patient’s body condition.
  • Wi-fi & Swimming Pool access 



Ideal Yoga Centre

Ideal Ayurvedic Resort is an affordable and reliable opportunity provider to all those who wish to pamper themselves with a divine experience after a long spell of work stress and fatigue. Stepping in our Ideal ayurvedic resort means entering into a customized paradise of effective holistic healing through Ayurveda to reinstate the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual stability as well as harmony.  The Ideal Ayurvedic Resorts in Trivandrum is a serene and luxuriant oasis of pure relaxation, comfort, and pampering. This is an excellent place to experience the joy of living with nature in a heavenly feel. ”

We have everything you need for your family vacation at Ideal Ayurvedic Resorts in Trivandrum. Our Ayurvedic resort in trivandrum is the perfect place to relax and wind. Stringing together a spectacular selection of 50 rooms furnished elegantly to match up your royal comfort, Ideal Ayurvedic Resorts in Trivandrum takes the stage as an iconic Traditional Kerala Ayurvedic Resort in one of the most beautiful serene destination in Kerala focused to make the best place of comfort, wellness, and happiness for all category of guest.

Payment And Cancellation Policy

  • Up to 15 days of arrival-free cancellation, within 7 days of arrival : No Refund.
  • If canceled or modified later,100 percent of the first night will be charged.
  • In case of No shows, the total price of the reservation will be charged.


Advance Payable Percentage- 10%

Why choose idealresort

The healing is effectively possible when one experiences the bliss of soul by harmonizing it with the body and mind, which is the ultimate goal of Ayurveda. Holistic inner healing is only possible by full exposure to inner powers, which requires a trustworthy bond between the doctor and the patient. Therefore, our customers have a distinct opportunity to discover the innate powers to heal and balance the sustained state of life.

You can experience the most rejuvenating Kerala holidays in South India. With us, you can benefit from traditional Ayurvedic cures, yoga, and meditation – the trinity that ensures maximum positive influence on your body, mind, and soul amidst our blissfully calm ambiance upon the green carpet of foliage all around.

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