6 Day Beach Ultimate And Yoga Retreat In Granada,Spain

  • Organizer: Lucia Yoga
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 05-September-2019
  • Duration: 6 Days
  • Area: Andalucia, Spain
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature


Granada in Spain unleashes fantasies of a quaint old Andalusian town nestling in the mountains, the Alhambra palace-- brooding red stone walled fortresses against the violet slopes of dusk, tangerine trees by the avenues, and quaint tapas bistros to check in at the nightly solitude.

Come home to yourself in the majesty and celebration here in the city of arabesque walls, old fortresses, grand citadels, colorful Andalusian art and culture, Arab tea houses, and flamenco dance music on this yoga retreat. There will be much to explore outside and within, ultimately converging in the joyous, ever pulsating beat of life in these parts of ancient Andalusia.

From the spectacular Alhambra to the mystical mountains of Alpujarras, from the orange slopes of Sierra Nevada down to the Costa Tropical comarca of Salobrena where skiing is popular, from the olden souks brimming with laughter and color to the flamenco dance bars and warm little tapas bistros -- it’s a celebration of life everywhere you go in Granada.

Take your sweet time, collecting old lores and fables from the ever buzzing streets and lose your heart in the gorgeous warm climate and the wide mountainous stretches, with one step taken everyday in learning a variety of yoga styles at the retreat. Make this journey about living the glamorous fantasies of the fabled Andalusia and revitalizing with yoga and the good life!


Lucia Yoga Retreats far exceeded any of my expectations. I hosted my first retreat in June 2018, and needless to say I was nervous. Antonio and Patricia were there for my partner and me every step of the way. We spoke with Antonio via video messenger and text for an entire year before the retreat. All of our participant information was well organized, and he was incredibly responsive with any questions.


My name is Angela and I went to Lucia yoga retreat in June 2019. I can honestly say it was truly amazing, Antonio and Molly are just adorable and there staff were lovely. We went tours long walks beautiful place. Accommodation beautiful clean, food out of this world. I cannot of wished for any more. I found it a life changing experience which I would recommend to anyone and if you have never been to a yoga retreat which I hadn't that was my first. Then please try it amazing amazing amazing that's all I can say and a big massive thank you to Antonio , Molly and staff for making it relaxing, fun and I would defiantly go back again love you guys thank you for the experience.

Source: Facebook

Lucia yoga is an amazing place, with an incredible staff! Antonio went above and beyond to organize every detail for my group. We stayed at the Grazalema location and it was truly perfect!!! The location is beyond belief and stunningly beautiful and peaceful. There is so many fun things to do nearby as well as at the venue. The rooms are unique, comfortable and beautiful. I would highly recommend Lucia to anyone interested in hosting or attending a retreat in Spain. You will not be disappointed!

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  • 125028patricia-villegas.jpg

    Patricia Villegas

    Core Subject: Co-Founder And Head Yoga Instructor

    Spanish Vegetarian Yoga Lover and Psychologist specialized in Sivananda Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (Mysore) and Saraswati's student, the daughter of Pattabhi Jois.She mixes eastern yoga practices and western psychology around the world.


Spain is intoxicating with her diverse cultures and histories, stunning landscape, and great food. The Andalusian region where the retreat program is centered is known in the world for spectacular snow-capped mountain ranges including the Sierra Nevada, many a fabled historical monuments, and warm hospitality of an exuberant people. An exotic and awe-inspiring, perceived mysterious blend of influences of Arabic, Persian, Jewish, Moor, African, and European strains intermix in this compelling atmosphere.

In Granada, you may have a taste of it all-- from the beautiful spanish countryside to sunny mediterranean beaches, the turkish bath, the buzzing moroccan souks, flamenco, and tapas! The days off on this retreat get super colorful with-- Granada old city tours, the palace of Alhambra, flamenco performances at the gypsy caves, and relaxing times at the tropical Salobrena Beach.

The retreat schedule seamlessly integrates yoga of many styles and dynamism, core mindfulness practices, induction in necessary dietary and lifestyle modifications, recreational activities, and workshops. 

Extending a week-long, and combined with times for some greatly interesting excursions round town, self-practice, and recreation, this is a retreat designed for beginning yogis and wanderlusting traveling hearts alike. 

The asana discipline is divided between highly dynamic and energizing routines -- comprising Hatha flow and Ashtanga vinyasa, which is fairly counterbalanced with gentle and restorative sessions, mainly elucidating the peace inducing style of Yin yoga. The instructors are adept at expertly modifying and sequencing asanas to the ease of practitioners of all levels and ages. 

At the concluding phase of each level of training, workshops will be held for everyone to showcase their skills, personal experiences of learning, and insights into practice, motivational talks, effective sequencing of asanas, etc.

Beach day trips scheduled with outdoor yoga, mindfulness, self-practice, adventure water activities, and more shall make your days in Spain sufficiently fun-filled.

Another day is reserved for city tour, exploring local cultures and histories.

Detoxifying healthy meals and naturopathic spa for better health will complete the learning program.

Introducing retreaters to the basics of Hatha, Ashtaga, and restorative Yin yoga, this retreat touches upon the following subjects:

  • Vinyasa-based movement
  • Alignment principles
  • Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Restorative sequences
  • Modification and prop usage
  • Bhakti Yoga- chanting and sound
  • Ethics of yogic life and yoga philosophy

Stay at the queenly mansion of Lucia Yoga’s Granada retreat home. This is a majestic looking hexagonal upscale yogashala with swimming pool, an open-air lounge, ensuite deluxe rooms, spacious yoga rooms and meditation halls, an in-house restaurant availing special diet menu and fingerlicking-good Mediterranean food, and also a bar! The retreat home is near a 15 minutes drive away from Granada main city, an hour from Malaga city, and 45mins from the nearest coast at the Salobrena beach.

Accommodation stipulations:

  • Share with a Stranger: Get some company living if you are travelling, also this reduces your expenses effectively. You can have a gender preference which the retreat administration will take into note. Email the team with details on your preference.
  • Rooms are available on a first come first serve basis. Requested shared occupancy can be arranged on the same basis.

Yogic food is essentially vegetarian. A plant-based diet is believed to be more balanced in nutrients, full of essential components for good digestion, light in quality to keep you active and ethically good as vegetarianism complies with yogic ethos of ahimsa or non-violence. At the retreat home, you will be treated with a 3 main meals a day diet plan, full of flavorsome Mediterranean preparations.

The secret ingredients for these great tasting meals are fresh produced greens, fresh feta cheese and parmesan, and pure, golden-hued olive oil! From simple vegetarian gyros and burritos to tahini sauce stuffed veggies -- it’s a burst of flavors in your mouth with every bite of these wholesome meals at the retreat. Also, let the team know if you are vegan, kosher vegan can be arranged too!

An exotic holiday for summer is something we all want, and the program offers a complete package to make our vacation both rejuvenating and luxurious.

From attaining spiritual awareness to staying at grandeur center to relishing organic delicious meals to enjoy yoga, the program is crafted well adding all hues of wellness and luxury together.

Fly to Spain and settle down in here where nature lies in abundance. The program makes you feel close to nature and divinity. With an array of facilities and traditional holistic healing session feel great with Lucia Yoga’s beach Yoga getaway.

  • 5 Night Accommodation at Granada Venue
  • 4 Yoga Session Per Day for all level: Energizing and gentle/yin yoga
  • 3 Daily Healthy Meals
  • 2 Yoga Workshops
  • Hexagonal Yoga Shala
  • Excursion: Beach Day Trip, Picnic to Motril or Salobrena Beach, Local Historic Site, etc.
  • Transportation: Pick-up from Bus Station to the Venue, and for all included activities
  • Sightseeing Tour: Granada City Center, Arab Tea Shops, Albayzin neighborhood, Miradors, and Traditional Meal

Lucia's Retreat Home


Lucia Yoga is a collaborative effort by a happy-go-lucky folk of digital nomads and professional yoga teachers on a footloose and fancy free journey of spreading love and healthy living with the holistic art of yoga. The eponymous name ‘lucia’ means-- the first light of dawn-- a lyrical rendition of the dawning of true self-knowledge that takes place with dedicated practice of yoga for the body and mind.

Lucia Yoga, in its well planned retreat curriculum, elucidates a slow-paced but steadily the growing practice of asanas, a healthy encouragement to exploring different dynamic and peaceful styles of yogic movement, mindfulness, and the whole nine yards of yogic life!

The journey unfolds in Andalucia in South of Spain-- a mystical landmark territory in the Andalusian and Sierra Nevada mountains. Eclectic cultural components from the times of the Spanish conquistadors to the era of Arab invasions, a vast Mediterranean food fare, Tapas and Spanish cafes, the palaces- most notably the Alhambra, and the serene beaches of Granada’s Costa Tropical make up an array of different attractions for off-day getaways, included in the retreat plans of Lucia Yoga. Lucia Yoga is here to make a change, and it’s a change that matters!

The charge for cancellation is 100 euros. Cancellation within less than 60 days before the yoga retreat will mean losing your deposit completely. However, you can cede your place to another person who needs to contact us and end the payment of the yoga retreat as soon as possible to reserve his place.

Returns and refunds are usually performed within 15 working days after you receive our message of confirmation of the cancellation. Once the yoga retreat has begun, you cannot return any partial retirement. If you have to leave earlier for some reason, Lucia Yoga cannot repay any compensation.