Personal Re-Start, Mindfulness Intensive Stress Reduction, Portugal

  • Organizer: Molinum
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 01-September-2019
  • Duration: 6 Days
  • Area: Portugal
  • Food: Vegetarian,Pescetarian
  • Surrounding area: Sea,Mountain,Close To Nature


This Stress Reduction and Burnout prevention experience will allow you to build knowledge and skills to empower your life.

This intensive one on one program is based on the content of the famous MBSR program – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. It is design to provide you with simple and effective tools that enable you to identify and assess the decisions that are shaping your reality right now.

By identifying how stress manifests in your life, personal or professional area, you can then act and learn how to respond in a more effective fashion.


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    Renata Cortes

    Core Subject: Mindfulness MBSR Instructor

    Renata is passionate about promoting and improving health and wellbeing, having developed and dedicated her Mindfulness work in the tourism area for the last 3 years, providing more than 1000 hours in intensive retreats and one on one sessions. With a degree on Exercise and Health from the Human Motricity Faculty - Technical University of Lisbon, in 2012 she began a journey of investigation and daily practice through Mindfulness. She is a Mindfulness MBSR Instructor for adults, having a Teacher Development Intensive (TDI) MBSR level Certification by EsMindfulness Institute in Barcelona.


This retreat will take place at Molinum ad Mare in the parish of Boliqueime in Central Algarve between mountain and sea. Within a radius of 15 to 20 kilometers you can breathe in and experience Algarve’s culture, taste a variety of typical flavors, and access beaches, golf courses, markets, marinas, and cities.

Session I - Intro to Mindfulness

In this session you will be introduced to Mindfulness. In this session you'll be experientially introduced to mindful eating, and the body-scan method. In order for you to be fully engaged in the present moment through the program, each session ends with mindfulness assignments to practice up to the next session.

Session II - Perception

Perception influences deeply how we see and in consequence respond to reality. In this session we will explore how perception influences patterns of behavior, as well-paying special attention to beliefs and how they influence the decisions we make in life. Understanding the process will allow you to make changes and therefore better respond to challenging situations.

Session III - Emotions

You will learn how to be mindful of emotions by seeing their true nature. We will unveil the message behind each emotion you will understand the power they have in how we act and interact with what surrounds us, and boost your focus in the face of daily challenges.

Session IV - Stress and Response to Stress

The purpose of this session is firstly to understand the mechanism of stress, and it´s short- and long-term effects on the mind-body. Secondly is to explore transformational coping strategies to broaden your inner resources and enhance your resilience through mindfulness practice.

Silent day

The intensive session is intended to give you the opportunity to directly experiences the power of Mindfulness by combining a day where you practice all the techniques learned, preparing you for integrating them beyond the conclusion of the program.

Session V - Communication

This session is dedicated to the concept of Mindful Communication through the practice of active listening and the exploration of three types of communication. You will be able to see that by communicating mindfully one can transform difficult situations and improve relationships.

Session VI - Integrating Mindfulness into daily life

At the end of the program I will guide you as you design a clear and focused plan to integrate all the knowledge and mindfulness practices to improve your everyday goals and future objectives.

  •  8h30: Morning Meditation (30min)9h00: Mediterranean Breakfast
  • 10h00: Mindfulness Session I (2 hours)
  • 13h00 Lunch and Free time
  • 17h30: Mindfulness Session II (2hours)
  •  20h00: Dinner
  • 21h00: Evening Meditation (30min)

(Tea / Coffee & traditional biscuits is at your disposal during the day)

During the retreat in Molinum ad Mare, you will stay in vintage rural room with panoramic view of Algarve.

A unique stay at Molinum ad Mare will leave you with more than memorable experience. The windmill, or the ‘molinum’, is a historical symbol, a place worthy of time. Above all, Molinum is a place to be yourself, to experience what surrounds you and Algarve: its nature, culture, and calmness. Molinum’s personal care in combination with the rooms, swimming pools, tennis court and gardens are the key ingredients that will provide a delightful stay.

  • All meals (snacks, coffees, and teas) are included and prepared with love. This is a retreat with vegetarian or pescatarian meals. Vegan or gluten-free options are available on request. 
  • Prevent Burnout by learning to relax;
  • Reduce stress and make better decisions;
  • Reduce anxiety and negative thinking;Improve sleep quality;
  • Empower your focus by training the mind;
  • Higher energy levels;
  •  Learn powerful skills to upgrade your life.
  • 5 nights accommodation
  • Mediterranean breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Afternoon tea or coffee and traditional biscuits
  • 20 hours of Mindfulness
  • Manual of the program

Molinum and the Mill’s House


A unique stay at Molinum will leave you with more than memorable experience. The windmill, or the ‘Molinum’, is an historical symbol, a place worthy of time. It is situated in central Algarve, on top of a hill, where you can enjoy 360º views from the coast line to mountains. This being said, Molinum is a place to be yourself, to experience what surrounds us and Algarve: nature, culture and calmness. Our personal care in combination with the rustic and minimalist rooms, swimming pools, tennis court and gardens are the key ingredients that will provide a magic and delightful stay.

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 50% of the total price.
  • The deposit is refundable if the booking is cancelled 60 days before check in .
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival at the Hotel.