Luxury Hiking & Yoga Retreat in Greece

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A week I won't forget for a long time - We laughed most of the day, we look and feel a lot healthier, and I have become a hiking fan. And I lost 4 kgs.


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Before coming to you I had put together a checklist of all the things I was hoping to achieve during my week, both health and weight related. The combination of the hikes, wonderful food and relaxing in your lovely house resulted in my ticking off every single item on the list. Truly a surprise which I had not expected. Thank you for an amazing week, see you again next June.


Source: Website

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Are you feeling tired and sluggish, in need of a reset? Do you want to feel invigorated and revitalized?

Join us at Nefeli Nine Luxury Fitness Retreats in Dikastika, Greece for a 6-day, 7-night escape. Stay in a beautiful villa with sea views just 45 minutes from Athens airport. Wake up to the sound of the waves lapping the shore.

Switch off and fully immerse yourself for a week of mind and body relaxation, which will include, among other, hiking through historical paths with amazing views and flora to dazzle, sunset yoga sessions, and nourishing and delicious meals eaten while overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Regardless of whether your goals are weight loss or improved physical performance, our retreats are tailored for your needs. First and foremost, we focus on your wellbeing through fun outdoor fitness and fresh restoring nutrition.

Program Description

During your week with us you will eat delicious largely plant based food. Indulge in hikes and lots of other fun exercises in amazing surroundings leaving you pleasingly exhausted at the end of the day. You will sleep well, in rooms with lovely views of the Aegean Sea. And of course, there will be some pampering massages to soothe away painful muscles.

Our ethos is to keep it simple, return to the basics, and to achieve a simpler, less complicated way to live better that you can maintain long after you leave us at Nefeli Nine.

Autumn Dates

  • September 8th -14th 
  • September 22nd - 28th 
  • October 13th - 19th 
  • October 27th - November 2nd 

Our Teachers


Emilio Devoti

Core Subject: Mobility, Gymnastics, Bodyweight Training


Core Subject: Flow Yoga


Dikastika will enchant you by transporting you through its unspoiled beauty, rural scenery and historical monuments to a glorious past. Indulge in pure luxury at this wonderful traditional villa with panoramic views on the sea from every room. 

Located very close to Marathon (yes 26 miles from Athens!) the area is rich in history… from the famous battle of the Greeks versus Persians, the birthplace of the Marathon and you can even still visit the city of Rhamnous, a well preserved and ancient citadel dating from 400BC.

During your time at Nefeli Nine we will explore these ancient wonders and get lost amid pieces of living history. 


Types: Yoga Retreat Date: From 08-September-2019 To 14-September-2019 Duration: 6 days/7 nights Area: Attica, Greece Food: Vegetarian, Vegan, Organic, Include Meat Surrounding Area: Near to Beach,Mountain,Close To Nature


Sample Programme

  • 07:00 - Wake up with tea or coffee
  • 07:15 - 08:00 Light yoga, mobility to wake up the body
  • 08:00 - 08:30  Breakfast 
  • 09:00 - Head out for a 3-4 hour hike 
  • 13:00 - Lunch time on the veranda   
  • 15:30 to 17:00 - Fitness with Emilio – HIIT, boxing, functional training, kettlebells 

Sometime after 17:00 you'll be rewarded with either an hour-long massage or a facial to soothe your tired muscles.

Between lunch and dinner, there will be a couple of hours to read a good book by the pool, take a nap, call your family, or even go for a little stroll in the area.

  • 20:00 - Dinner time 


Accommodation is in our beautiful villa on the Aegean Sea (about 45 minutes from Athens airport - we meet our clients).

There are three room categories at Nefeli Nine 

  • Master Bedroom with ensuite bathroom
  • Bedroom with en suite 
  • Bedroom with private bathroom 

Food & Accommodation Gallery


Our diet plan consists of natural, fresh, local ingredients. We avoid all processed sugars, chemicals and additives. 

Food is organic, locally and freshly sourced and guests have 3 very special meals a day.


  • Six nights in a beautiful villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea 
  • Three gourmet meals per day
  • Full-morning hikes through the magical Greek countryside. Amazing sights, sounds and smells.
  • Experienced guides and instructors
  • Morning and afternoon fitness classes
  • Two massages or spa treatments
  • Airport transfers



Nefeli Nine Villa

Nefeli Nine is located amid the raw, wild beauty of Dikastika, with expansive views on the Mediterranean. 

Very close to the historic Marathon, come and experience the true spirit of Greece, the wild olive trees perched along the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean sea, the sweet smell of Jasmine and the explosion of colour from the beautiful bougainvilleas that embellish the landscape.


Advance Payable Percentage- 10%

Why choose Nefeli Nine

Nefeli Nine provide alternative holidays for those who want to have a break that truly makes them feel better. 


Guests benefit from our bespoke exercise programme that has been conceived by fitness and nutrition experts. Hiking in the woods and by the sea, a tailored exercise routine in the morning and afternoon, and soothing massages to deal with it all.


Clients age range is anything between 18-75. The programme is cleverly structured to ensure all are equally challenged irrespective of their fitness levels, and the benefits at the end of the week are clear to see.

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