200 hours Tantra Teacher Certification Course, Thailand

  • Organizer: Samma Karuna
  • Type: Yoga TTC
  • Starting From: 09-March-2020
  • Duration: 29 Days
  • Area: Koh Phangan, Thailand
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Sea,Forest,Close To Nature


Step into the sensuous journey of spiritual healing with Tantra Teacher Training, set in the background of the caressing waves and amorous beaches of Thailand’s Koh Phangan. An effective and responsibly guided initiation to Tantra can elevate your body and mind to heightened sensual awareness.

The tantric discipline is designed to achieve a transcendental plane of soulful love and oneness between you, your partner, and the divine. In this course, progressing step by step, you will be guided through the experiential understanding of sublimation and transmutation of Energy and how to activate subtle energy channels through tantric devices like Mantras and Yantras, mindfulness in intimacy, and so on.

The focus of the course remains on bringing you up as a guide and teacher of Tantra so that you can benefit others through tantric healing. The art of teaching in tantra is based largely upon compassionate sharing and mindfulness in intimacy. Simultaneously with demonstrative segments of Tantra practice, this course runs interactive discourse sessions on Tantric sutras, supported by a thorough reading list selected from a variety of texts elucidating different aspects of Tantra and Tao-Tantra.

Making it conducive for your journey within, the living spaces of Koh Phangan by the sea provides sufficient comfort and oodles of peace. At the end of receiving 24 days of enriching instructions and going through a memorable experiential learning process, you graduate shinningly with a Tantra Teacher diploma certified by Tantra Federation!


Samma Karuna is a wonderful heart centred wellness and healing centre which offers a multitude of learning and growing experiences through classes, workshops and various types of meditation. Their friendly staff and instructors are their to help and guide you in whatever you may need. Enjoy yoga in a beautiful,open air, beach front shala, stroll through the peaceful serene zen garden, meditate in Buddha Hall, or watch the magnificent sunset over the water, whatever you choose you will find it an amazing place to clear the mind and live in the moment. Namaste


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Beautifull location, there are possibilities to start volunteering as wel in exchange for participation in the clases, ive just had an Ostheopath working on my hip his name is Juan he gave 100% attention and effort Place for spiritual development and qualified teachers !


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I've just spent the most incredible 6 days at Samma Karuna. The people here have collectively created a warm and welcoming feel to come be yourself and melt into nature. Yoga classes with a divine outlook into the ocean and horizon + other modalities are diverse and powerful to experience more of who you truly are. Sincere gratitude!


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  • 073658Ma Deva Vibha.jpg

    Vibha Deva

    Core Subject: Tantra, Meditation, Psychology

    She has been teaching Tantra widely since the year 1990, initiated by Mystic Osho in India, trained and certified through the Academy of Healing Arts, Institute of Love and Consciousness, and the School of Mysticism and Meditation Academy of Osho. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and teaches about ‘Tantra Essence’.

  • 073658bruno.jpg


    Core Subject: Tanta, Meditation

    Initiated in Tantra Meditation at Wat Ram Poeng in Thailand and participant at Osho Meditation Community in Pune, he teaches ‘Emotional Awareness in Tantra’.

  • 073658Aliona.jpg


    Core Subject: Reiki, Pranayama, Healing, Meditation

    Learned in different kind of Reiki techniques and having expertise in a number of meditation forms for acquiring mind-body awareness, pranayama, and healing, she is well-travelled and full of candor.

  • 073658Ishi-2.jpg


    Core Subject: Tantra. Tao

    Founder and a leading teacher at Samma Karuna, he has 8 years of experience in Tantra instructions, and also a Taoist instructor having been trained under Mantak Chia in Tao Garden.


Centered in Thailand’s 5th largest island- Koh Phangan, the retreat home is amidst unspoiled beauty of the sea, dreamy white sandy beaches, and lush jungle interior. Most things you are likely to hear before coming to the island are about its rave party scenes, the most famous Full Moon Party. On the program however, you are going to see more of the island's underrated quieter side- hidden beaches, viewpoints, diving hotspots, the quaint night market selling fresh hot dishes of a delectable thai food fare.

Adventure options are plenty here too-- kayaking around Ang Thong, Marine Park, snorkeling, and little treks to take inside the Phaeng Waterfall National Park. The venue is thoroughly evocative of peace and meditative wisdom, you would find your days unfurling in reconnection with nature, watching glorious sunsets and sunrises over the vast seas, the awakening lectures from the teachers ringing true all around, and finding soulful companionship with your fellow learners in this environment. Let the tranquility of the sea really get under your skin in Koh Phangan!

Conducted under the tutelage of a multidisciplinary team of exceptional teachers holding different approaches to Tantra, this program is designed to bring up competent instructors who can facilitate Tantric healing. Cutting through the fog of esoterism around Tantra and Tantra-Tao in this course, the life-embracing tantric philosophical elements associated with spirituality, love, sexual union, and social life are presented in a graspable way in this course.

Participants are encouraged to build mindfulness in relationship, explore subtle energies, learn in detail about Tantric lineage and sutras, engage in mantra chanting and use of yantras as spiritual tool, develop sexual control, understanding Tantra through Tao, and master the art of instructing classes on experiential Tantra.

Here is a brief look into what the program stands for:

  • Mindfulness in Intimacy- Tantra is known to promote sexual, spiritual, and emotional interconnectedness, honoring and celebrating our bodies. Breath, meditation, mindfulness, and movement are used according to tantric codes in this segment to enhance holistic connectivity between partners and thus virtually experiencing oneness with the divinity.Tantric, Mantras and Yantras- While Tantra is the sensual art of harnessing spiritual energy within, chanting of Mantra is used to invoke divine power, and Yantra is the set of mystical diagrams regarded in Tantrism as contraptions used to entrap occult energy.
  • Transmutation of Energy through Tao and Tantric- When sexual energy is not being transmuted into creative energy and willpower, it is causing blockage and misdirection, affecting lives and being negatively. Taoism and Tantra lays out relevant directives for essential energy transmutation.
  • Tao Bodywork- Tao is the philosophy of living in harmony in accordance with balance in nature where the Yin and the Yang are counterpoising forces. The reflection of this should be found within our bodyworks too.
  • Pranayama As a Couple Activity- The yogic practice of controlling the breath is a powerful tool for creating soulful intimacy. Practicing synchronized breath circles between partners as per pranayama is followed for forming strengthened bonds.
  • Nutrition and Tantra

Healthy and nourishing food associated with different spiritual essences is provided with care. To learn about different food values and how these can affect our subtle energies, is integral to the Tantra teacher training course.

  • 07.00 to 08.00: Meditation Practice
  • 08.00 to 09.00: Tea Break (Fruit and other Refreshments Provided)
  • 09.00 to 09.20: Compassionate Sharing
  • 09.20 to 10.20: Tantra Theory (Tantra Lineages, Pranayama, Trance etc)
  • 10.30 to 12.30: Tantra Practice
  • 12.30 to 15.00: Lunch Break (Vegan Buffet Lunch Provided)
  • 15.00 to 15.20: Compassionate Sharing
  • 15.20 to 16.20: Tantra Theory (Sexual Education, Sutras, Art of Teaching etc)
  • 16.30 to 18.30: Tantra Practice

Sundays are your day off.

*The schedule structure will remain the same throughout, but the topics will change according to the program.

Retreaters will be living in commune with fellow participants at a 7000 square meter campus by the beach, in a beautiful corner of the Koh Phangan Island. Alongside dorm room accommodations, there are comfortable bungalows too for a luxurious and comfortable stay. You can choose from three types of accommodations, as follows-

  • Type A - Deluxe bungalows with a mesmeric seaview and necessary amenities (USD +1150)
  • Type B - Standard Bungalows with air conditioning and basic amenities (USD +800)
  • Type C - Shared quarters one other student, with AC and basic amenities (USD +450)
  • Type D - Mixed dorm (4 beds) for male-female occupation, with AC and amenities (USD +180)
  • Type E - Mixed dorm (6 beds) for male-female occupation, without AC

A straw roofed shack in the garden within the premises serves as a yogashala. Verdant garden paths lead up to the bungalow doorways. A peaceful stone Buddha statue amidst the foliage seems to be emanating peaceful vibes throughout the space. Beyond the garden compound, the sea takes a fireglow hue during sunrise and sunset. Between the learning sessions, yogis are allotted plenty of self-practice and introspection time to culture their personally favorite hobbies or simply socialize with the other participants.

A daily nutritious diet of yogic food is recommended for the program to keep your vital energies up. Sacred nourishment in the discipline of Tantra implies food contains spiritual charges. Certain types of energies are associated with specific food. Under the supervision of the teachers, you would be served with a balanced vegetarian diet. Succulent salads, special herbs and greens, cooling drinks and herbal teas for upping your gut health. Local Thai chefs also plate up authentic Thai fares full of many gunas or qualities which are also irresistibly flavorful.

Tantra holds that your physical and psychosexual constituency in many parts are determined by the kind of food you intake. In these regards, counsel shall be available from the teachers in charge. Participants on this course also love the exclusive cooking classes held by the talented kitchen staff!

  • Decoding many mystical and often esoterically perceived notions of Tantra through effective demonstrations by learned Tantra instructors.
  • An experiential inner awakening brought about through guided meditation, Tantra and Taoist methods, and mindfully intimate sensuous partner activities.
  • Theoretical study and discourses under qualified scholars of the Tantric sutras.
  • Non-dogmatic, life-embracing approach to learning of Tantric dictums in a comprehensive program covering the seven main tantric traditions.
  • Emphasis on the pedagogy and art of teaching, selecting texts, structuring classes, and forming creative segments.
  • A learning space located close to the beach overlooking vast oceanic expanses, bringing in the positive vibes and oodles of peace
  • To become a part of a community of likeminded practitioners of the conscious life in a fun and relaxing environment.
  • Internship opportunities to teach and promote the ways of the conscious tantra enlightened lifestyle at Samma Karuna upon graduation
  • 24 days of instruction in Tantra and Tao in various sessions, unfolding through segments.
  • 24 days of blissful stays with all basic necessities taken care of.
  • Inclusive vegetarian yogic meals prepared by master chefs, 3 meals a day and vegan available on request.
  • Tantra Teaching Diploma by Tantra Federation, qualifying graduates to teach internationally.
  • Option internship opportunities for teaching at the school.
  • Dance and other cathartic meditation forms.
  • Weekend short trips in the beautiful locale of Koh Phangan.

Samma Karuna


Samma Karuna is an International School of Awakening and Healing, which is also a Yoga Retreat Centre in Thailand. Formed by a mindfulness community, people focusing on learning to live happier and more spiritually fulfilled lives, Samma Karuna engages its participants in holistic disciplines created around self-development, acceptance, and celebration of life. You can find a number of interesting programs under the supervision of Samma Karuna relating to-- Awakening and Healing, Yoga Teacher Training, Bio Development, Teacher Training in Dance Therapy, Tantra Teacher Training, and holistic Detox.

Participants and graduates of the Samma Karuna courses and programs also enjoy festivals, workshops, and conscious events for self-development organized by the institute. These action plans are created under supervision of Samma Karuna’s experienced staff and instructors, aimed at self-development for participants and foundation of a worldwide community leading on the path of a more fulfilling and joyful life.

  • To reserve your seat for the Tantra TTC, you need to pay an online deposit of USD 300.
  • If you’re not accepted for the Tantra TTC a full refund of the deposit will be issued.
  • Pay the full remaining amount in cash of the TTC fee upon your arrival.