7 Day Organic Juice Fast With Beginners Yoga, Portugal

  • Organizer: Vegan retreat
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 31-August-2019
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Area: Portugal
  • Food: Vegetarian, Vegan
  • Surrounding area: Sea,Close To Nature


Fasting is not always a blissful experience, as you begin to detox you can experience physical as well as mental, emotional and spiritual issues. We will be there to support you through this process and by the end of the fast; you will feel better for these days you have gifted to yourself. We want to be able to offer everyone the opportunity to experience fasting and the health benefits it brings.


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    Annie Street

    Core Subject: Yoga and Detox

    Annie first began her journey in the alternative healing field in 1996 when she discovered Reiki; she became qualified in 2000 as a Usui Reiki Master. An avid traveller and student her travels took her to many different countries where she studied many diverse fields from Shamanism to Crystal healing. She has studied Lucid dreaming in Guatemala and has practiced Meditation for more than 20 years including two 10 day Vipassana courses. Whilst studying in Thailand with Master lee Wie Dee, Annie studied Psychometry, Releasing earth bound entities and Pendulum diagnosis, she also went deeper into her Reiki practice, by studying and practising Siam Reiki. In 2003 Annie studied and worked as an assistant teacher with Sharat at the Himalayan Yoga Centre in India. She qualified as a Sivananda Yoga Teacher in 2005 and has been teaching on a regular basis since then. Also a massage therapist Annie is qualified in the following disciplines, Thai Massage, Holistic Massage, Hot Stone Therapy and Indian Head Massage. As a therapist she works with love and compassion helping the client to feel relaxed and open, seeking the best ways to achieve their goals. As a teacher she guides her students with a patient and understanding attitude, her classes are full of joy and positivity, bring together all her experiences into the class.


This retreat will take place in Melo, Portugal. Mélo is a beautiful meander around the picturesque Estrela Natural Park area using tracks through olive groves and small local roads. 

We believe giving the body a break from daily life and food helps to bring about a more healthy and vibrant you. It’s a good opportunity to give up smoking, coffee, meat, dairy or unhealthy eating, and drinking habits. During fasting, we will do a gentle Hatha yoga practice suitable for beginners and those recovering from injury and back problems plus enjoyable guided meditations as well as other meditation techniques to help support your healing and transition to a healthier lifestyle. The juices and broth are all made from in-season organic fruit and vegetables.

Daily Schedule

  • 08:00 Wake-Up - Lemon Tea
  • 08.30 Juice
  • 09:00 Beginners Yoga And Meditation
  • 10:30 Juice
  • 13:30 Juice
  • 16:30 Juice
  • 19:00 Vegetable Broth ​
  • 20:00 Detox Tea And Quiet Time
  • 22:00 Dream Time Lights Out

Accommodation is in Bell tents, cabin, caravan and rooms. Unless traveling with a friend or partner the accommodation is private, this gives you the privacy you need as you process things that come up during the fast.

Our house is very basic with limited electricity and no running water. The toilets are outside as well as the shower in wooden cabins, our communal areas are rustic and we have animals.

You will have salad on the first day and melon for your breakfast on your last day. Then, for the rest of the retreat, you will have organic juice. All the ingredients for the juice and broth are organic. We use seasonal fruit and vegetables.

 * The property is vegan, whether eating in the communal kitchen or not and we ask that you do not bring meat, dairy or egg products onto the property.

The juices provided to you will be fresh and organic. When your body is being fed nothing but nutrients you don’t crave food the same because you have all you need. You won’t be hungry after the first day of juices. The yoga will be adjusted according to the level of the participants and very varied with always a piece of meditation.   You will be provided amazing organic fruit and vegetables and home grown teas. Felt light and happy leaving the retreat. The whole experience will help you to kick-start your very healthy vegan lifestyle.

  • 6 nights Accommodation
  • Daily meals.
  • Organic detox juices and teas.
  • Hatha Yoga classes.
  • Meditation sessions.
  • 2x trips to river beach ( weather permitting) 
  • 1x free Reiki session
  • Pick up and drop off to local bus or train station

Honey House


Honey House Stables is a 13 acre/ five-hectare eco-retreat centre in the centre of Portugal. We are a meat, alcohol, and drug-free environment. The property is situated on the edge of the historic village of Melo, within the Serra da Estrela National Park, there is a river that runs along the bottom of the property, and it is surrounded by stunning views of the surrounding countryside. We are completely off grid.

Our water comes from a fresh water spring within the property, which also feeds into the swimming pond and the electricity on the property is created with solar, wind and water power. We have wifi but only turn it on during certain hours; you can request to have it turned on if you need to go online outside of these hours. We look forward to sharing this beautiful and fulfilling way of life with you.