Woven Green's Sound Activation & Healing Retreat, Costa Rica

  • Organizer: Woven Green
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 28-March-2020
  • Duration: 8 Days
  • Area: Costa Rica
  • Food: Raw, Ayurvedic, Vegetarian ,Gluten free ,Dairy free
  • Surrounding area: Forest,Mountain,Close To Nature


Ashley Cash and Jim of Woven Green with Dave Mascatello of Planetary Music invite you to accompany them for a one-of-a-kind transformational healing practice at their Sound Activation & Healing Retreat in Costa Rica, Finca de Vida (Farm of Life).

Special daily Woven Green sound healing workshops and meditations are introduced as well as a concert of uplifting heart-centered Woven Green music on the last night. You will hear about sound as a healing transformative device and receive activating learning and sound and energy group sessions as well as one added private sound healing gathering. This is an occasion to clear your energy fields and to allow for earth-grounded and upgraded heavenly energetic re-patterning to transform and heal you.


The Sound Activation and Healing retreat was phenomenal in every way. I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful setting at the Farm of Life, the congenial people in the group, the variety of activities, and the fresh, tasty food.

The soundscape sessions with Woven Green were the core of the healing experience. For me, they underlined the truth of the saying that music is a universal language. The daily group soundscape sessions were powerful meditative experiences; my individual soundscape session was intense and deeply restorative.

Thank you, Jim and Ashley, for a fabulous week of healing and fellowship.

Source: Website

The retreat at the “Farm of Life” offers a perfect path for healing and to experience soul solace. Set in a shamanic valley, this magical place is where time seems to take on another essence. Waterfalls, beaches, jungle hikes, yoga, spiritual ceremonies, healing food, sunsets, sunrises, are all shared by other caring, sharing, passionate seekers of their own Truth.

It provides the safe womb for spiritual re-birth and growth. All these alone are worth the journey, yet nothing can compare to experiencing the music of Woven Green. Their music opens the door to that important inner journey for those seeking a healing transformation.

The mercurial music of Jim Cash, a wizard with flute and guitar, and the ethereal voice of Ashley Cash both served to guide me on a sound inspired mystical exploration of self-knowing.

I hope that you will be inspired to follow your path to your next level of healing and awakening. My path may be unique to me, but the theme is universal.

We have all been lost, but this is your chance to find your way back home, by traveling with Woven Green to Costa Rica.

Source: Website

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  • 113911jimcash.jpg

    Jim Cash

    Core Subject: Sound Healer and Motivator

    Jim is a visionary musician, poet, award-winning songwriter, sound healer, and inspirational speaker. He brings his motivation from the natural world and from his spiritual call to help as a way-shower for the acceleration and elevation of human awareness. His works appear as a beacon of light, lighting a path of the spirit, hope, and the infinite potential of the human experience. Awakening the essential and most genuine expression of love and joy, and communing with the healing power of nature, are some of the ideas woven into Jim’s presentations, inspirational speeches, and healing work.

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    Ashley Cash

    Core Subject: Sound Healer

    Ashley is a singer, musician, sound healer, and artist. She is gifted with a crystalline vocal tone and has developed vocal precision that enables her to sing and tone in various distinct styles. Whether spreading the message of Jim’s poetry or in service as a channel for healing and enabling energies, Ashley’s voice has a way of resonating immediately with the heart. As a sound healer, she works to support clients in a peaceful and balanced state to accomplish their healing and personal alchemy. Ashley uses vocal toning, tuning forks chanting, crystal, and Tibetan singing bowls, binaural beats, pure tone sound wave frequencies, and shamanic drumming to adjust and transmit strong healing energies.


Farm of Life, Costa Rica is in the Southwest Coastal Region, near the Pacific Ocean and midway between San Isidro and Dominical in the Diamante Valley (Valley of Diamonds).At Finca de Vida (Farm of Life), specific attention has been provided to amplifying the natural healing potential of the land and creating beautiful spaces for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Allow Nature to Treat You with the aid of Healing Sounds throughout this all-inclusive 7 day/6 night retreat in Costa Rica! This resort is planned to be an uplifting, energetically transformative, and rejuvenating healing experience in the enchanting jungle setting of the Diamante Valley.

During the week, you’ll have plenty of free time to explore the 36-acre farm, and you will also have the opportunity to enjoy everyday yoga or qigong sessions as well as 3 meals a day featuring an organic blend of raw, Ayurvedic and cooked vegetarian food. Everyday eco-tours with transportation to beautiful beaches, Nayaka and Peace waterfalls, and jungle hikes where you may find monkeys or sloths! You’ll also have a chance to discover about nourishing plants and superfoods and to receive guidance on the ancient practices of sun gazing, qi gong, and yoga. Added private sessions can be reserved for massage and light therapy.

  • Enter Paradise for a Healing Experience
  • Experience rejuvenation and relief
  • Regular performances and Workshops
  •  Eco-tours to beaches and waterfalls
  • Private Sound Healing sessions
  • Cacao & Blue Lotus Ceremonies
  • Superfoods and Organic Vegan Cuisine

All the rooms at Finca de Vida are styled to bring you closer to the universe while providing you the support of modern amenities, allowing you to relax and restore. All rooms have screened windows, flush toilets, electricity, ceiling fans, heated showers, and high-speed internet. 

Prices listed are all-inclusive and fluctuate depending on accommodations. Please record that the cost of the retreat is decreased when reserving accommodations for 2-4 guests.

The farm campus holds a spring-fed bathing pool, meditation spaces, a chemical-free swimming pool, greenhouse, organic farm, ornamental garden, and barefoot walking trails! A true heaven for natural restoration and healing!

The retreat menu comprises of fascinating tropical fruits, fresh greens, and herbs from the greenhouse and local produce! Farm of Life Chefs will serve healthy, delightful, and all-natural meals, served buffet style, featuring a combination of raw, ayurvedic, and cooked vegetarian food. All meals are free of gluten and dairy; eggs will be served on some mornings. Enjoy tropical fruit, fresh coconuts, natural spring water, and medicinal teas during the day! Smoothies, Coconut water, and coffee will be served in the mornings before yoga. Please let us know how we may meet any specific dietary requirements.

This program is one of the best opportunities for you to embrace. It offers diverse healing sessions which are conducted by professional teachers such as Jim Cach, who is one of the finest musicians, anywhere.

For the lovers of good music and nature, breaking free by Woven Green is a classic way to keep everything together. The enchanting songs of this program will infinitely lodge itself into your mind. The program will bring an energetic potential to your body that can further transform and produce balance to your inner and outer world.

The program will introduce you to the ancient practice and method of sun gazing. It will teach the policies and techniques of optimal health and how to combine a healthy lifestyle into daily practice.

It also promotes a simple raw food diet, no overt fats, green juices, colonics, regular meditation, yoga, exercise, forgiveness, healthy beliefs, affirmations, relaxation, sungazing, sunbathing, shoeless walking and/or loving service, and many more. 

  • Accommodations 7 nights at Finca de Vida
  • Round Trip San Jose Transfer: Bus leaving Aeroport Hotel in SJ at 7 am March 28th, the bus leaving Farm of Life April 4th 10 am
  • Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner – Raw/Vegan Meals, (Eggs Also Available), Ayurvedic-Gluten Free
  • Waterfalls, Beach, Farm, and Market Tours
  • Daily Sound Healing Workshops with Woven Green
  • 1 Private Sound Healing Session with Jim or Ashley Cash
  • Gigs and performances of uplifting, heart-centered Woven Green music
  • Cacao Ceremony with Ecstatic Dance
  • Superfoods Workshop including Dave Muscatello.
  • The introduction led by Sunrise sun-gazing with Brian Calvi.
  • Use of facilities at Farm of Life including Chemical-free Infinite Pool, Jungle gym & Walking trail hikes, Morning and Evening Sungazing Vortex, Wi-Fi

Finca de Vida


At Finca de Vida (Farm of Life), specific attention has been provided to amplifying the natural healing potential of the land and creating beautiful spaces for relaxation and rejuvenation. The farm campus holds a spring-fed bathing pool, meditation spaces, a chemical-free swimming pool, greenhouse, organic farm, ornamental garden, and barefoot walking trails! Each of the four edges of the farm has been fixed with quartz crystal points with coiled copper wires to increase the powerful natural earth frequencies to optimize the healing potential of the land!  Finca de Vida has also fixed a Tesla shield with a 10k range pulsing 24/7 to offset the adverse impacts of the Farm’s WiFi capabilities. A true heaven for natural restoration and healing!

  • If you cancel up to 30 days in advance of the retreat, then your place can be filled, and you will be charged only $75 administrative fee.
  • If you cancel, but your spot is not filled, then you will lose your entire amount except you choose to apply for this payment as a credit toward the following year’s retreat tuition. 
  • If you cancel with less than 30 days written note, there will be no return or credit.
  • If the retreats are eliminated by the retreat host or facilitators, all participants will receive a full return. However, any travel expenses will not be compensated.