Woman’s Initiation & Journey Into Our Cyclical Nature Retreat, Italy

  • Organizer: Federica Clemente
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 10-April-2020
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Area: Brindisi, Italy
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Dairy Free
  • Surrounding area: Close To Nature


On this retreat, we gather as women to meet our wild hearts through an intimate journey into our essence, And to gain liberation through our cyclical nature.

We gather as women to travel through the cycles of the sun, the moon, our lifetimes, and our wombs.

Federica and Julie will co-create the sessions combining their many years of experience into a powerful offering of:

  • Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork
  • Conscious Movement & Dance
  • Movement & Art Therapy
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Menstrual Therapy
  • Women’s Temple
  • Life Coaching
  • Bodywork & Massage


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    Federica Clemente

    Core Subject: Yoga Instructor

    Federica Clemente is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor, certified biodynamic craniosacral therapist, shamanic massage therapist, and Gestalt counselor.She has developed her own approach of body mind heart medicine, and body soul movement, and has been working with women on self-development and successful transition through different life phases since 2011.

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    Julie Mosmuller

    Core Subject: Co-Active Coach

    She is certified as a Co-Active Coach, Unesco Creative Movement Therapist, an Awakening Women’s Temple leader and a Madretierra Menstrual Therapist. In addition to (online and live) 1:1 sessions, She facilitate retreats, workshops and coaching training as well as monthly online gatherings and women’s circles.


This is Puglia, land between two seas, a crossroads of cultures and experiences. Be prepared to celebrate the best of each! Some highlights include centurion olive trees, quaint stone “Trulli”, medieval castles, baroque architecture, traditional music, dances and festivities, and crystalline seas.

Puglian culture is a blend of passion and simplicity, with focus on family and friendship. People take time to greet one another and pursue a friendly conversation.

During the retreat we will explore the signature energy of each phase, and create rituals to fully embody them - each of us in our own unique way. This is aligned to our nature but something we lack in our patriarchal society.

Held and supported within the power of a women’s circle, we will re-instate a connection with our fundamental nature. We will experience the following rites of passage and live each archetype to its full potential,

  • The rite of passage of menarche, celebrating our arrival into womanhood with our first bleed.
  • The rite of passage of mothering our inner girl.
  • The rite of passage of knowing our wild pleasure intimately.
  • The rite of passage of menopause, stepping into our wise woman powers with our last bleed.

So that we learn to be sovereign in our womanhood and:

  • Heal the wounds of our inner girl
  • Tap into abundance and creativity
  • Be sexual and sensual on our own terms
  • Embrace the beauty and freedom of old age
  • Day 1 (Friday) - Journey into Self
  • Day 2 (Saturday) - Journey into Inner Girl
  • Day 3 (Sunday) - Journey into Creative Woman
  • Day 4 (Monday) - Journey into Wild Woman
  • Day 5 (Tuesday) - Journey into Medicine Woman
  • Day 6 (Wednesday) - Journey into Completion

La Luna Nel Pozzo is a theater housed in a traditional stone “Masseria,” or farmhouse, from the mid-nineteenth century, a cultural center nestled among the majestic olive trees in the Puglian countryside near Ostuni.

The name expresses hope for an oasis which can nourish new art forms, creating opportunities for fruitful creative encounters, where one can find the environment and the time to realize one’s desires. 


  • Indoor shala
  • Outdoor stage: shaded wooden dance stage
  • Stone amphitheater
  • Cretan labyrinth

The package includes daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is vegetarian and primarily local! Visiting Puglia means discovering food and being enchanted by the myriad reflections of this hospitable Mediterranean landscape, rich in cultural and culinary traditions. The Puglian kitchen is famous for its wholesome ingredients, both from the sea and from the earth, simple and flavorful.

You will have the opportunity to sample many of the dishes of the Puglian tradition, dishes of Mediterranean delight. You will find the colors of the season’s fruits and vegetables, the knowledge of the pastors in the justly-renowned cheeses, olive oils from ancient trees, and artisan sourdough bread made from local, fresh stone-ground flours.

  • This is a unique opportunity to go deeper into womanhood and find happiness within a group of supporting women.
  • We love to keep the field open to co-create the journey with the participants. In the mornings and afternoons we will be playing together, but you will also have your own free time and space.
  • We will work inside, and outside in nature to connect with the elements.
  • Acceptance to join this journey is not automatic.To ensure it is right for you at this time and place, we will ask you some questions and may schedule a short conversation with you.
  • Daily embodiment practises, including: meditation, yoga, conscious movement and dance
  • Daily Women's Circles
  • 6 Nights accommodations at La Luna Nel Pozzo retreat center
  • Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Tea, fruit, and light snacks available outside of meal times
  • Transfers from / to Ostuni Train Station


  • Flights and other travel to get to Ostuni
  • Insurance
  • Rental car
  • Private sessions

La Luna Nel Pozzo


With its spaces for artistic creation and hospitality and an environment which facilitates concentrated, harmonious work, La Luna Nel Pozzo is an ideal Retreat location.The name expresses hope for an oasis which can nourish new art forms, creating opportunities for fruitful creative encounters, where one can find the environment and the time to realize one’s desires.

This center was born in 1999, of the meeting between two actors and an enchanted place. Robert McNeer and Pia Wachter, after 15 years of touring Europe with “Kismet” theater of Bari, recognized in this corner of the mythical Italian Valley, a place in which to realize their dream of cultivating theater and the performing arts in a natural environment.