8 Day Return To Temple Womens Retreat, Bali

  • Organizer: Todays Rituals
  • Type: Yoga Retreat
  • Starting From: 12-October-2019
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Area: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
  • Food: Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Organic,Raw,Dairy Free,Nut Free
  • Surrounding area: Near to Beach,Sea,Mountain,Close To Nature


To nourish yourself in a beautiful natural and spiritually inspiring environment, slow down, unwind and just be? Be delighted to enjoy an enriching experience and adventure to explore the hidden gems of Bali and the deeper layers within yourself. 

Connect with your True Nature on the Island of the Gods, Bali. Remember who you really are. Peel off the layers and dust off the dreams. Gather in sacred sisterhood to explore, embody, heal, transform and celebrate your divine & feminine essential nature, You-nique, vibrant, full potential, vital and alive.


My highlight of the week was our trip to the waterfall valley, sitting by the fire, taking a morning bath in the river and standing in the waterfall.

It was magic! All the food we had that entire week was amazingly good! Super healthy vegan and varied.

After this week I felt much more grounded and at ease. I could let go of control more and was less tense.

Actually, I can say that I feel more free and that was exactly what I needed to start my journey in Indonesia.

Source: Website

What a truly powerful and transformative experience at the Return to the temple retreat on the magical island of Bali.

Connecting with sisters from around the world diving into connection with ourselves and one another.

Embracing our shadows, honoring them, sitting with them, dancing with them and moving through them. Illuminating our truth, our power and our potential.

We can truly learn so much from the reflections of our sisters and one another. Feeling seen, heard and held to express our deepest fears and emotions.

Source: Website

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  • 164018lynn.jpg

    Lynn Vullings

    Core Subject: Instructors

    With the need to unravel herself deeper Lynn traveled the world looking for answers (isn't it funny how we go-out while we need to go-in?) By coincidence she ran into a ex-monk that eventually changed her life. This by introducing her to a temple where she meditated for 40 days long according to traditional Javanese techniques. This experience shook the foundation of her existence and made her realise the power she (and everyone else) holds within her. She started Today’s Rituals to spread more knowledge about rituals, gather like minded people and by that create community.

  • 164018eva.jpg

    Eva Aourah

    Core Subject: Instructors

    Blessed with Dutch-Indonesian roots, based in Bali, Eva travels the world as a yoga, sound and subtle energy healing facilitator. She designs retreats, ritual journeys, nature immersions, and products that inspire to connect with the elements of the Earth, vital energy, essence, and true nature. 'Bali has been her home for the past 5 years and all the places you will visit during the retreat are a personal favorite and have been portals of deep initiation in her life. She feels honored and looks forward to introducing you to this precious place of planet & some of its temple gatekeepers.


This Retreat takes place at 3 locations in Bali. There will be a pick up point in Ubud. Our private driver will bring you to our first location near Ubud. We will travel comfortably with private drivers to our other 2 locations in the North of Bali. 

Today's Rituals travel from hidden waterfalls to high mountains to mesmerizing tropical beaches. Today's Rituals have invited local teachers and temple dancers to enrich you with their wisdom and knowledge in their specific field. On top of that, you will visit several temples and receive initiations.

Day 1-3:

  • Our home for the first 3 days will be a beautiful lush retreat space just outside the hustle and bustle of Ubud, the cultural and spiritual heart of Bali. 
  • Daily we will immerse in yoga, dance, vocal, journaling and other soul nourishing ritual experiences & practices that spark our radiant essence and embodiment.
  • Balance this with a relaxing massage, downtime by the pool, afternoon nap, all possible.
  • An excursion to one of Bali’s most sacred water temples is included in these days, where we will enjoy the ceremonial bathing & blessing.

Day 4-5:

  • We will journey through the mountains to the North of Bali. We will visit healing Sulfur Water Hot Springs on our way to our next destination, a Sacred Jungle, and Waterfall Valley, where we will spend two nights. 
  • We will receive several nature initiations from this beating heart of Mama Bali, as we will immerse ourselves in the raw power of the elements. During our stay here, you are also invited to reflect and integrate the practices of the first days and really tune in to the deeper layers of yourself by entering and experiencing the healing power of silence.
  • A true Highlight of our Retreat, we will close our sacred space of 1 day Silence with a special ceremony at the Waterfall. We won’t share too many details here, but to give you a hint: ‘it is truly a magical experience not to be missed'.

Day 6 - 7:

  • Our last destination,is a beautiful retreat located on the north shore of Bali, where we will continue our nourishing temple practices, and we may now also enjoy our time by the Balinese ocean.
  • We will have a very special ritual in the day which is all about expressing our gratitude.
  • We will close the retreat with a very special Blue Lotus Ceremonial Tea with Crystal Sound Healing Journey for your integration.
  • After enjoying our breakfast on day 8 we all embark for our own departures.

Location 1:

Villa Hati Suci, nestled in the green rice fields, just outside the hustle and bustle of Ubud.


  • Saltwater swimming pool
  • 13-meter long and 1.4 meters deep swimming pool - maintained daily and a delight to swim in
  • Permaculture gardens
  • Massage area
  • Yoga shala
  • En-suite bedroom

Location 2

Here we will all enjoy a private hut with en suite outside the bathroom. Simple, yet spacious and comfortable.

Location 3

En-suite bedroom :Every room includes a ensuite bathroom. 


  • 2 swimming pools
  • Seaside and garden side
  • Air-conditioning
  • Massage area
  • Yogashala
  • Raw food restaurant

Expect yummy, healthy, vibrant meals: vegetarian, with the option of vegan & raw. Today's Rituals strive for the right balance of nutrition and deliciousness, with organic veggies from the garden. Half of the retreat is catered by an Indonesian chef, so expect creative, healthy Indonesian dishes.

The other half of the retreat is catered by Lynnie Nichols. She cooks according to holistic healing principles. The food during the retreat is truly a delight for the senses & sources our bodies with loving vital energy!  

We take you on a journey to places where you otherwise wouldn’t come. Today's Rituals have mapped out a beautiful route that will bring you to the hidden gems and secret power spots in Bali.

No big touristic attractions for you, Today's Rituals rather bring you to places where you connect with nature and recharge yourself.

We would love to share this experience with you! 

  • 8 days accommodation in a beautiful, luxurious, natural, and lush environment
  • All meals provided from dinner on day 1 to breakfast on day 8
  • All transport during the retreat
  • All rituals and excursions
  • Practical tools to integrate your experiences into your daily life
  • Sharing Circles
  • Sacred art of setting intentions
  • Dance
  • Vocal and movement practices
  • Yoga
  • Breathwork
  • Sound Healing
  • Temple blessings and initiations
  • Journal writing
  • Ceremonial tea sessions
  • Alternative forms of bodywork
  • Visit a water temple in Ubud region; a mesmerizing waterfall, tropical beaches and healing hot springs on the Northside of the island

Retreat Center


We arranged beautiful & lush retreat locations for our stays. Expect spaces that are inspired by organic shapes, that use natural materials, have a raw but luxurious feel and are a mix between Balinese and modern style.Each room accommodates up to 2 people and has all the necessary amenities.