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I am a mother, love to do yoga (asana, pranayama and meditation), love to teach yoga and also spend days in the ocean surfing, windsurfing and when i can i love to throw a baseball..

I Grew up in Holland, got introduced into yoga by the age of 12. 

After moving to Fuerteventura and spending more time doing yoga, especially seeing how well it affacted my life i decided to get a teachers diploma and share the lifestyle of Yoga. 

Teaching since 2014 i gained more experience with non stop yoga holidays, i taught in studios in holland, retreat centers and hostels around peru, nicaragua, costa rice, panama and colombia. 

Now i teach a mixture of Vinyasa, Yin, Restortive, Power and regular hatha yoga with a touch of therapeutics.


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50 Hrs Yoga Immersion In Fuerteventura, Spain

  • Address : Calle Poris

  • Starting : 01-October-2019

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Eline Schenk

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  • Core Subject : Anatomy, Health and Lifestyle, Sports, Anamnesis