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We travelled and lived all over the world in search of this, but it was there all along, right at home,Acasa”. Akasha Wellness Retreat is a project that values healing and connection to nature and to each other, formed by the community of people, just like us, who had the courage to explore untravelled paths. It is the only dedicated yoga retreat in Romania.

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Yoga Immersion & Detox in Transylvania,Romania

  • Address : Principala 187

  • Starting : 30-August-2019
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6 Days Restorative Yoga & Meditation Retreat, Romania

  • Address : Principala 187

  • Starting : 13-September-2019
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Transylvania Hiking the “OM” Peak & Yoga Retreat, Romania

  • Address : Principala 187

  • Starting : 01-November-2019

27 Day Akasha Multi-Style 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training, Romania

  • Address : Principala 187

  • Starting : 01-November-2019

Finest Romanian Wine Tasting & Yoga Retreat, Transylvanian

  • Address : 187 Str Principala, Sat Pestera, Com.

  • Starting : 04-October-2019

Plant Based Cooking & Yoga Retreat, Romania

  • Address : 187 Str Principala, Sat Pestera, Com

  • Starting : 27-September-2019

akasha retreat - Teacher

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Irinia Raileanu
  • Core Subject : Yoga
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Robert Mc Williams
  • Core Subject : Ashtanga | Vinyasa Flow | Nidra | Meditation | Technical Workshops
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Abby Dixon
  • Core Subject : Hatha Yoga
Irina Raileanu
  • Core Subject : Yoga Instructor

akasha retreat - Reviews

Charles Christie

I can't find the right words to describe how wonderful it is. The friendly staff are all experts at what they do and so interesting to get to know . The accommodation, atmosphere, food and scenery is incredible. Walking around and picnicking in the Carpathian Mountains was sublime. If, like me, you've not been to Transylvania before or you've not done much yoga, OMG, you're in for a treat. Source : Google .... Read More

Kathryn Dohogn

Spent a weekend with a friend at the lovely Akasha Wellness Retreat. Feels like visiting family, warm and welcoming. Food was amazing, views cannot co mpare and everyone there makes the experience something to remember. Source : Google .... Read More

Paul L

Really great experience. Food venue and hospitality was excellent. Family type atmosphere with great friendly atmosphere. Perfect to chill relax unwin d and have some laughs too. Well worth the trip and will be back again for sure. Sorce: Tripadvisor .... Read More

Ruxi K.

Have had a great week. The yoga taught by Alex and Irina was fantastic, villa is beautifully decorated, clean, spacious and located amidst stunning sc enery on top of a mountain. The other yogis were fun and great company. Excellent vegan food and massage from the in house massage therapist, Mario. Thank you Daniela and Irina for a fabulous week, looking forward to coming back! Source : Google .... Read More

Christy Morgan

Akasha is a magical place set in the gorgeous countryside of rolling hills. 5 days wasn't enough! It's an incredible value for the money, comf ortable rooms, wonderful staff, healthy vegan food, jacuzzi and hot sauna, fun and diverse yoga classes. I felt so relaxed and pampered. As someone who organizes and leads yoga retreats myself, I can totally recommend Akasha. <3 Source: Facebook .... Read More