30 Day Kalari, Meditation, and Yoga Retreat, India

Yoga Maithri Lali

  • Lali
  • Kochi Kerala India
  • Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian,Organic
  • 30 Days

3 Days Personalized Online Ayurveda, Yoga And Meditation Retreat

Plantation Villa

  • Jane Smith
  • Colombo Sri Lanka
  • Close To Nature
  • Ayurvedic
  • 3 Days

5 Days Online Yoga and Meditation Retreat With Ayurvedic Guidance

Plantation Villa

  • Jane Smith
  • Colombo Sri Lanka
  • Close To Nature
  • Ayurvedic
  • 5 Days

Transport Yourself for 6 Week To Virtual Bali Retreat

Escape Haven

  • Kelly Alexander
  • Canggu Bali Indonesia
  • Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian
  • 6 Weeks

Online Love Yoga Retreat Day : Retreat From Your Home

Lisa Valentine Yoga

  • Lisa
  • Oxford United Kingdom
  • Close To Nature
  • Vegetarian,Gluten Free
  • 1 Day

Online Yoga Retreats

In an age where stress and anxiety are your constant companions, a yoga retreat sounds the perfect getaway to renew and recharge the body, soul and mind. But maybe personal issues, family life or professional commitments are holding you back from attending your dream retreat. As an answer to all your concerns, we bring you a wide array of online yoga retreatsthat would allow you to restore your energy from the comfort of your own space. The online retreats featured at Retreat Kula are the perfect epitome of well-rounded yoga experiences that touches every aspect of your mind, body and soul.

Led by some of the best yoga instructors from around the world, the online yoga retreats are suitable for all levels to drop into a relaxed space and deepen the practice. Every program has its unique way of interaction with the participants and teachers which can either be through live meditation/yoga sessions, online group sessions or 1-to-1 coaching sessions. Some of the virtual programs may also include recorded videos and training materials that you can access at any point in time. Learn yoga asanas, meditation and pranayama techniques, improve your flexibility, release tension and calm your mind with your choice of a restorative virtual retreat. Embrace a new self and share more love, light and wisdom.

Step into a Happy, Healthy and Purposeful Life

Every yoga online program that we showcase is an opportunity to hit the reset button, bring back the focus to the present moment and learn new skills. The online retreats are carefully crafted by experienced yoga practitioners to help you spend time in mindfulness through inspiring yoga flows, energy healing, meditation, pranayama and connecting with a like-minded group.

The majority of the online yoga retreats are offered through live video sessions on platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facetime, etc. which you’ll be notified of once you sign up for a program. A virtual retreat is just what you deserve to feel joyful, lovely and in your best spirits to reconnect to your core being.

Why you should Take Part in an Online Retreat?

Easy Accessibility

The best part about being a part of an online yoga retreat is that you can access the sessions from any place and device. No need to worry about taking a leave from the office or breaking your personal schedule. You can set aside a specific time of the day to indulge in the practice. On top of that, the majority of online retreats provide meditation and asana videos which you can rewind and play at your convenience. When you feel that you have properly absorbed a lesson, you can move on to the next.

Cheaper than an Actual Retreat

While planning for a retreat at a far-off location, you need to consider your expenses which include retreat fees, transportation costs, travel insurance and much more. However, with yoga online retreats, you need not worry about the additional expenses. In fact, the only things you need to invest in are a yoga mat, some gear and props. Thus, without breaking your bank you can experience the same healing effects by participating in a virtual yoga retreat.

More Comfort

There’s nothing like the comfort of your own home, isn’t it? When you enroll for an online retreat, it gives you the opportunity to relax and unwind from the coziness of your own house. You can create your own sacred space inside your house where you can indulge in the rejuvenating practices. Even if you feel disconnected at times, you can always connect with the other participants or fellow teachers through group discussions, live video sessions and 1-on-1 sessions.

So, what’s stopping you? Take a plunge into the world of spirituality and bring back spark to your life.