• Space In Sqft : 678
  • Property Owner : PranaVeda
  • Yoga Hall Status : Available
  • Location : Singaraja Bali, Indonesia
  • Security Deposi: 30 %
  • Address : Jalan Arcana


Parahita Bali

  • Space In Sqft : 29600
  • Property Owner : Parahita Bali
  • Yoga Hall Status : Available
  • Location : Bali, Indonesia
  • Security Deposi: 30 %
  • Address : Jl. Kresna, Bona Kelod, Blahbatuh, Bona, Kec. Gianyar, Kabupaten Gianyar


Sanctuary of Wellness

  • Space In Sqft : 30
  • Property Owner : Sanctuary of Wellness
  • Yoga Hall Status : Available
  • Location : Kuta Bali, Indonesia
  • Security Deposi: 25 %
  • Address : Jalan Raya Seminyak, Gang Bima No.2 Seminyak


Tigmi Marrakech

  • Space In Sqft : 1076
  • Property Owner : Tigmi Marrakech
  • Yoga Hall Status : Available
  • Location : Marrakech, Morocco
  • Security Deposi: 20 %
  • Address : Douar Tagadert el Kadi Km 24 Route D'Amizmiz



  • Space In Sqft : 215278
  • Property Owner : dakhamat
  • Yoga Hall Status : Available
  • Location : Marrakech, Morocco
  • Security Deposi: 10 %
  • Address : M’hamid El Ghizlane Zagora


Sarabi Zanzibar

  • Space In Sqft : 121094
  • Property Owner : Sarabi Zanzibar
  • Yoga Hall Status : Available
  • Location : Zanzibar and Pemba, Tanzania
  • Security Deposi: 10 %
  • Address : Dophin Bay 1


Peacock Pavilions

  • Space In Sqft : 370260
  • Property Owner : Peacock Pavilions
  • Yoga Hall Status : Available
  • Location : , Morocco
  • Security Deposi: $1,500
  • Address : Kilometer 18, Route de Ouarzazate


Doron Yoga

  • Space In Sqft : 1800
  • Property Owner : Doron Yoga
  • Yoga Hall Status : Available
  • Location : Atitlan Solola, Guatemala
  • Security Deposi: 1000 USD
  • Address : Doron Yoga

If you want to host your own yoga retreat, you have to invest a lot of time and money to search for the host of your choice. But, not anymore! With Retreat Kula everything becomes a breeze as you get to select the host of your choice with only a few clicks.

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