vegetarian retreats

  • 123811113830IMG_20180725_103600.jpg

    28 Days Immerse in Yoga and Spirituality With Rome, India

    : Romea

    : Kerala India

    : Near to Beach

    : Vegetarian,Ayurvedic

    : EUR 2799

    : 28 Days

    : 2019-October-15

  • 103808126-954A0803.jpg

    5 Day Explore Yourself Yoga Retreat,Costa Rica

    : Kevin Mcquillan

    : Guanacaste Costa Rica

    : Near to Beach,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian

    : USD 799

    : 5 Days

    : 2019-November-01

  • 121117SURF.jpg

    7 Day Boutique Surf, Yoga & Spa Retreat,Indonesia

    : Kelly Alexander

    : Canggu Bali Indonesia

    : Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Pescetarian

    : USD 2045

    : 7 Days

    : 2019-November-01

  • 1009224.jpeg

    7 Day Meditation & Yoga Way Of Life,Spain

    : Verónica

    : Cullera Valencia Spain

    : Near to Beach,Sea,Mountain,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Raw

    : EUR 590

    : 7 Days / 6 nghts

    : 2019-September-17

  • 11504561985295_2449566031730541_5782763006924423168_o.jpg

    3 Day Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation Retreat,Mexico

    : Jamie

    : Tepoztlan Morelos Mexico

    : Mountain,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan

    : USD 455

    : 3 Days

    : 2019-October-15

  • 09483321.jpg

    10 Day Blissful Yoga & Ayurveda Tour, India

    : Lucilla Jane

    : Kannur Kerala India

    : Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Pescetarian,Ayurvedic

    : AUD 1849

    : 10 Days

    : 2019-October-21
    To 2019-October-30

  • 050405Yoga Session.JPG

    14 Day Slimming & Meditation Yoga Retreat,Indonesia

    : Deni

    : Ubud Bali Indonesia

    : Near to Beach,Sea,Mountain,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian

    : USD 4254

    : 14 Days

    : 2019-October-01

  • 0756355.jpg

    8 Day Burnout Prevention Yoga Retreat, Thailand

    : Sascha Wondruschka

    : Phuket Thailand

    : Near to Beach,Sea,Forest,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan

    : USD 1841

    : 8 Days

    : 2019-October-01

  • 0942192.jpg

    4 Day Mangosteen's Pure Yoga Retreat,Thailand

    : Sascha Wondruschka

    : Phuket Thailand

    : Near to Beach,Sea,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan

    : USD 383

    : 4 Days

    : 2019-October-01

  • 07571214.jpeg

    7 Day Rediscover Yourself Program With Chris Mcclellan & Erin Ward,Peru

    : Kori

    : Cusco Peru

    : Mountain,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan

    : USD 2600

    : 7 Days

    : 2019-December-01
    To 2019-December-07

  • 0700045.jpg

    6 Day Conscious Creators Retreats With Ava Johanna & Kate Van Horn,Costa Rica

    : Kori

    : Nosara Costa Rica

    : Near to Beach,Forest,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan,Organic,Pescetarian,Include Meat

    : USD 2400

    : 6 Days

    : 2019-November-16
    To 2019-November-21

  • 0545178.jpg

    6 Day Yoga, Nature & Culture Holiday,Thailand

    : Peekoy

    : Chumphon Thailand

    : Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Organic,Raw,Pescetarian,Dairy Free,Nut Free

    : THB 11750

    : 6 Days

    : 2019-November-03

  • 07572610.jpg

    20 Day Yoga Therapy & Wellness Tour, India

    : Jaime Blakely

    : Rishikesh Uttarakhand India

    : Desert,Mountain,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Organic,Ayurvedic

    : USD 3320

    : 20 Days

    : 2019-November-11
    To 2019-November-30

  • 1052526.jpg

    Yoga & Sacred Spirituality On The Magical Island Of Indonesia

    : Kori

    : Ubud Bali Indonesia

    : Near to Beach,Mountain,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian

    : USD 2500

    : 6 Days

    : 2019-November-03
    To 2019-November-08

  • 045713casperia village-1.200908_0196.jpg

    Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat In Casperia, Italy

    : Lucy

    : Lazio Italy

    : Mountain,Close To Nature

    : Vegetarian vegan

    : GBP 700

    : 7 Days

    : 2019-September-12

A nurturing and delectable weekend awaits your presence. In the natural beauty, celebrate the goodness of life with pure vegetarian food and wisdom of yoga during Vegetarian Retreats. A Vegetarian Tour is an opportunity to taste the health-satiating meals in their purest form along with dedicated yoga practices for the good of the body, mind, soul, and taste buds. So, take a vegetarian holiday and pledge to live a deeply nourishing life.

Discover Best Vegetarian Retreats at Retreat Kula

Visit Retreat Kula for your favorite Vegetarian retreats. At this platform, the guests are sure to find the best vegetarian holidays at the most nurturing locations on the globe. From India to the farthest USA, we give individuals a chance to nurture their health and belly with highly-palatable vegetarian meals. Not only eat healthily but also gain the skill of preparing nutritious vegetarian food through guided cooking classes by professional chefs. So, with us, explore the world of vegetarianism and yoga and live a future that is wholesome in every sense.

Best Places for Vegetarian Retreats

On Retreat Kula, explore the best locations where you can find the finest culinary-special vegetarian getaways that invite you to indulge in pure food, yoga practices, and liveliness.

India: The land of India is a Vegetarian Paradise. Enriched with diversity in culture, ethnicity, topography-- individuals on this land are fed with a variety of cuisines prepared from organic vegetables, fruits, aromatic spices, and herbs. India popularly embraces Vegetarianism. And over the years, the popularity of yoga has developed the importance of Sattvic food among people.

USA: The vast country of USA has veggie-friendly pockets. Within it, locations like San Francisco, Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York have places that serve yogic vegetarian meals. Black-Vegetarian Society stands strong in the US. There are several ashrams in the USA offering Vegetarian retreats.

Costa Rica: Costa Rica is ripping with healthy vegetarian vacations that are absolute bliss. Bodhi Tree Yoga resort, Blue Osa Yoga Retreat and Spa are some of the excellent places to enliven the vegetarian soul in you.

Southeast Asia: The tropical climate of Southeast Asia is conducive to the blooming of vegetarian plants. Thailand, Bali, etc., are a few places where you can get delectable Vegetarian food. Consider a retreat at these locations.

Why Go to Vegetarian Retreats?

Purify internally and externally: The healthy food coupled with yoga practices internally purifies the body that further contributes to health and well-being.

Eliminate Toxicity: A vegetarian vacation in a blessed atmosphere with yogic lifestyle and diet is a chance to let go the negativity, break bad patterns, get rid of the existing toxicity, and to embrace new energy and positivity.

Health and Wellness: The best vegetarian retreats promote healthy practices for life granting you holistic wellness.

What to Expect at a Vegetarian Retreat?

Vegetarian Meals: At vegetarian retreats, treat yourself with three highly delectable and nutrient-rich meals that nourish your overall health.

Yoga and Meditation: On vegetarian vacations, people can indulge in daily yoga and meditation sessions. The Sattvic food served at the retreat helps the yogis’ move forward in their journey of yoga.

Ayurveda Massages: Individuals can expect traditional Ayurvedic massages on vegetarian holidays to heal their body and spirit.